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Naivy news letter_dec-jan 2010


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Naivy news letter_dec-jan 2010

  1. 1. Vihangam Yoga The North America Institute of December – January, 2010 VOLUME 1, NUMBER 8 From the editor’s deskGreetings dear readers! A very eventful year drawsto an end as we witnessed the global economicrecession and now slowly recuperating financialsystems. In these difficult situations people havebecome even more stressed about their professionaland personal lives. Constant anxiety keeps lingeringin the subconscious mind and serves as source fornegative energy. To face such times with poise andremain unaffected by these ebbs and flows,Vihangam Yoga presents a well structured andscientifically proven meditation procedure. Timeshave indeed been challenging but people exhibitingfortitude, resilience and composure have emergedstronger. Vihangam Yoga enables practitioners torise and see above temporary influences by helpingrealize the ultimate aim for our existence. As we stepinto the New Year, let us resolve to understandourselves better, and know who we are and why weare here. The answer lies in this month’s articleswhich talk about peace and fundamental entities. Asour community grows, we have added a new sectionto keep you informed about our global outreach anddevelopments. Again, wishing you a very happy andprosperous New Year and as always we love to hearfrom our readers, so please keep your comments, Practitioners meditating during a workshop in Dublin, OH. North America Institute of Vihangam Yoga providesfeedback, suggestions and questions flowing. free mediation sessions every Sunday through telephonic conference. For details see page 3. - NAIVY newsletter team much easily than complex lessons taught in our The concept of peace is about being unaffected by INSIDE THIS ISSUE modern-day classrooms which we completely believe storming thoughts, remaining focused, pacified and but never truly get to experience. aware in all situations. The mind is fickle, rarely does it Peace of Mind Page 1 stay at one place or point and its stabilization is The Six Fundamental Entities Page 2 For example, we all know very well that an apple from a important to sustain peace. Meditation, as taught in tree falls to the ground due to force of gravity; but we Vihangam Yoga, is the key to attaining and sustaining Vihangam Yoga around the Globe Page 2 never get to truly feel this force. However, have you peace within ourselves. Vihangam Yoga meditation Illustrations from Swarveda Page 3 noted how we feel peaceful when we visit a Holy place, technique empowers practitioners to attain peace and we do not need a proof for this as we experience this direct the flow of conscious from outwards to within Featured Ashram of the Month Page 3 peace in our heart and soul. This happens because we ourselves. have peaceful thoughts originating from our minds; similarly all the other devotees who have come to visit This is the same peace that Lord Ram had even when Peace of Mind this holy place also have similar peaceful thoughts he was subject to rigorous struggle and war during which ultimately make the entire surrounding highly fourteen years of exile. It is also the same Peace that By Pravin Bhat energized and serene. Lord Krishna gave to Arjun and hence we remember Gita as a poem of peace even though it was set in midstIf we ponder for a moment about ‘Peace of Mind’, it This means our mind through our thoughts and feelings of the great war of Mahabharata.would be helpful to understand the meaning of peace in affects the world around us in obvious and subtle ways. .different contexts. In our everyday life we hear about These thoughts have energy, and this entire universe is Sadguru Sadafaldeoji Maharaj says in Swarveda, thatpeace in many ways – universal peace, religious peace, made up of energy. To state it simply: Happy thoughts the mind is a completely different entity, is not part of uspeace in relationships, etc. So what is the difference or create a joyful world while sad thoughts create a gloomy and hence there can be nothing called as peace ofrelation between all different forms of peace and peace world. Look at how Hitler was able to raise an entire mind. It is the soul which experiences this peace withinof mind? Peace originating from the mind is the key to nation that was at unrest whereas during the same time us. Eternal peace can only be possible in the absencepeace in all its other forms. If the mind is at peace so Mahatma Gandhi was able to raise a nation filled with of mind itself i.e. when mind is completely dissolved atwill be the individual and if the individual be at peace so love and affection. its source.will be the environment around him/her. A few mightargue about how just thinking about peace or practicing We can struggle through life to barely get by and make Thus, it is by Vihangam Yoga meditation technique thatsomething like meditation where one does not perform it from one challenge to the next, one disappointment to we can all slowly tame and conquer the mind andphysical actions could achieve major results. Well, there the next, or temporary happiness to the next; or we may experience greater peace within our soul. ■are proven rules which can be applied in our daily lives systematically gain control over mind to attain peace. Page – 1, Volume 1, Number 8, Dec–Jan 2010
  2. 2. In the gross body the soul experiences different worldly Vihangam Yoga Around The The Six Fundamental Entities pleasures, which are short lived and invariably followed By Late Dr. Rjaeshwar Prasad by miseries. It indulges itself in various actions to fulfill Globe its desires. Each desire feeds and multiples on other The basic eternal existences are six in number. They desires. The Atma in the subtle body takes another birth Vihangam Yoga Channel on YouTube are, Paramatma or Parama Purusha (the Supreme in one of the millions of species depending on the This month, Vihangam Yoga Channel was Being), Akshara Brahma (the Cosmic Executor), Atma desires and tendencies of the previous lives. The launched on YouTube. The channel (the Soul), Nitya Anadi Sadguru (the Eternal Spiritual process is repeated ad infinitum and the soul finds itself features Guide), Prakriti (Nature) and Kala (Time concept). As shackled in the endless chain of births and deaths. The videos from Vihangam Yoga events around the they are eternal, there was never a time when they did soul forgets its real nature and identifies itself with its globe and amritvaani of Sadguru Swatantradeo Ji not exist and there will never be a time when they will body. When it finds the miseries of its unbearable and Maharaj on different occasions. cease to exist. The first four of the above entities are- craves to find a way out, another, conscious entity, the conscious or sentient while the last two, viz. Prakriti and Eternal Sadguru, begins to guide it on the path of Vihangam Yoga on your Mobile Phone Kala are insentient. The conscious beings are those, salvation. Vihangam Yoga is now available on your mobile which possess the faculties of knowledge, desire and action. Of the two insentient entities, devoid of these 4. The Eternal Sadguru phone. To receive latest updates about spirituality faculties, Prakriti is inert and Kala is neither conscious The Eternal Sadguru is the messenger of Paramatma. and events Vihangam Yoga events seekers may Brahma Vidya (the Divine Wisdom) emanates from Him nor inert. A brief description of each of these entities is subscribe by clicking here (available in India and he is the Lord of the spiritual domain. In the presented. only). beginning of the creation, he is sent by the Supreme 1. The Supreme Being (Parama Purusha) Being into the world with the light of spiritual knowledge. Vihangam Yoga in Australia The Supreme Being is omniscient, omnipotent and the His only mission is to awaken the suffering souls of the Workshops conducted in Sydney, Australia by Mr. base of everything that exists. He has been described world from the sleepy state of ignorance by shedding M.M. Prasad and Mr. Lalit Gunjan Singh. The as Sat-chit-ananda i.e. one who is eternally existent, upon them the divine light. He liberates the craving and message of Vihangam Yoga was well received infinitely conscious and supremely blissful. He is the deserving souls from the bondage of Prakriti and and more than 87 participants were intiated into subtlest of all the subtle and pervades every substance, enables them to enjoy the nectarine bliss of the Vihangam Yoga every soul and the entire universe. The universe exists Supreme Being. When humans become too much in only one-fourth of Him. The remaining three-fourths is engrossed in the allurements of Prakriti and tend to Vihangam Yoga in South East Asia pure nectarine bliss. deviate from the true path of spiritualism, the Eternal A series of four workshops were conducted by Mr. 2. Cosmic Executor (Akshara Brahma) Sadguru appears in the world in a human form to Lalit Gunjan Singh, Mr. Gopal Rishi, Mr. Naresh That which creates, sustains and dissolves the universe salvage the souls Agarwal and Mr. Prakash Tripathi in Singapore. is Akshara Brahma. All the physical forces as well as The Sadguru has no worldly desires, has nothing to get These workshops have started a new furor in mind and Pranas (the life forces) originate form Akshara from the disciple, and hence he comes to the world to global outreach of Vihangam Yoga. In last few Brahma. All activities in the world are solely due to it. It fulfill his mission of helping the aspirant to choose the months 247 blissful souls got initiated into is thus the preserver of the world. When the Akshara correct path and then guide him through the practice of ‘Vihangam Yoga family’ in Singapore. Brahma withdraws its forces, all the motions cease and yoga. He is there to guide the souls to reach the the universe collapses to a point, the cosmic egg of Supreme Soul, the abode of eternal bliss. San Jose Yoga workshops in full swing modem science. That is what we call dissolution. NAIVY conducts meditation, pranayama, and 5. Nature (Prakriti) It functions under the command of the Supreme Being All the insentient objects in the universe are composed yoga sessions in different states in USA. In the and is confined to one-fourth of Him, where the creation, picture below, Mr. Rajkumar Gupta guides of one basic substance called Nature or Prakriti. Prakriti regulation and dissolution of the universe take place. consists of three gunas - Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas, participants in San Jose. Workshop details on 3. Soul (Atma) whose characteristics are illumination, activity and page 3. Though bliss is not the intrinsic quality of a Soul, it inertia or sluggishness respectively. Each guna is possesses the other two qualities like those of the present in active or dormant form in all the substances Supreme Being, viz. eternal existence and created. The gunas of Prakriti are analogous with the consciousness. However, the consciousness of a soul is fundamental particles of atom. limited whereas that of the Supreme Soul is unlimited. While modem science is ignorant as to the agency While the Paramatma remains in one and the same responsible for big bang in the cosmic egg, the Indian form with its consciousness not undergoing any change, Rishis say that it is the Akshara Brahma who imparts the consciousness of a soul attains different levels. vibration in Mool Prakriti and thus starts the creation of The Atma is capable of associating itself with the universe. All parts of our bodies are manifestations Paramatma. In the association of Paramatma the souls of Prakriti, except mind and Pranas, which originate consciousness increases infinitely and at the same time from Akshara Brahma. it experiences a supreme bliss of His. It thus acquires all 6. Time (Kala) the qualities of Supreme Being. This is the super Given two events, we can always say whether one of Forthcoming Workshops in USA conscious state of Atma. In this state there is likelihood them occurred earlier, later or simultaneously. The that a soul may delude itself to be identical with the concept, on which the chronological order of events is Supreme Being. This deluded state of the soul is called based, is called Kala (Time). Time is an abstract entityDate Venue, Time, Contact its Kaivalya state. and is conceived only through the changes that takeDec 19th 2009 Bharatiya Temple 955, Haslett Rd, MI 48840 - 1000-1200hrs A soul is always a soul it never becomes Brahma. A place around us. The Prakriti (Nature) undergoes a Brijesh Dutta 630-276-6864. piece of iron fallen in fire becomes red and starts continuous transformation or change right from the glowing like it. But soon as it is taken out of fire, it moment of the creation of the universe till its dissolution.Dec 20th 2009 Fremont Temple, 3676, Delaware Dr. gradually loses its qualities of fire and becomes an iron These changes indicate the incessant flow of time. The Fremont, CA, 94538 - 1600-1800hrs piece again. Kaivalya state meets with a similar fate. As birth and death, inhalation and exhalation and all the Rajkumar Gupta 408-770-0423. soon as the ego of I am Brahma crops up in the soul, it experiences of pleasure and pain occur in the domain of no longer cares to remain in the zone of nectarine bliss time. The soul becomes free from the wheel of time onlyDec 27th 2009 5807 Sylvia Rd, Dublin, OH 43016 when it is liberated from the bondage of Prakriti by the and tends to move towards the zone of creation. 1600-1800hrs technique of Vihangam Yoga under the guidance of a Vijay Kumar 614-787-0693. Sadguru. ■ Page – 2, Volume 1, Number 8, Dec– Jan 2010
  3. 3. Featured Ashram of the Month – Sarnath Ashram An Encyclopedia of Spirituality – Swarved The great glory of Brahma Vidya Vihangam Yoga finds its mention in all the spiritual scriptures like Vedas, Upanishads, Geeta, Bible and Quran, but is least understood and practiced. During recent times, Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj has revived the same supreme knowledge by creating an encyclopedia of spirituality – the Swarved. This book was written by him on his path of spiritual exploration. Here are a few instances describing the divine abodes of Vihangam Yoga. How yoga helps in sustaining the peace? Budhi chit mann bhav mein, Vishay uthe nahin koi|Sarnath, located just 12 km from the Hindu holy city of Varanasi, is the site of the Yog shanti sukh mool hai, mook dhong bhram soy||deer park where Gautama Buddha first taught the Dharma after his enlightenment. Swarveda 05/06/39The Maharishi Sadguru Sadafal Deo Ashram, located in Sarnath is nearest to the Purport: The root of all happiness- the peace in Yoga is the state where there is no attachment to any subject in mind, intellect and chitta. ThisSwarveda Mahamandir in Varanasi. Accessible by land, rail and air transport, state is achieved only when the spiritual consciousness is raised andSarnath is well connected for spiritual seekers to experience the city and enjoy a turned inward. A natural peace develops with the detachment from outerrich flavor of spirituality. Sarnath Ashram is one of the centers of Vihangam Yoga world and the controlled mind is not influenced by the change in subject.where meditation brings energy and nuclear power of spirituality in its deepest The ritual of practicing silence known as Maun Vrat in true sense is the silence and control in all sense organs and not the silence of mouth asform. usually practiced in ignorance.The nearest airport to this ashram is Varansi International Airport while Sarnath Praakrit durgun naash hai, sadgun shudh vikash|Railway Station is located within the town. The ashram has modern Saadhan saral upaay se, taahi kahat abhyaas||accommodation facilities for guests and seekers. It also serves as a centre for Swarveda 05/06/29‘prachar’, meditation, spiritual workshops and an administration office to monitor Purport: The change in external subject causes non-peaceful state of mind. The human mind is more influenced because of the bad virtuesdevelopments of the Swarveda Mahamandir project. (durguna)- lack of purity or Sadguna. The practice of meditation is the journey of leaving the durguna and developing the Sadguna which Please join us on our weekly telephonic workshop every Sunday, 10AM EST eventually develop a natural state of peace. from anywhere in the USA. Aatam gyaan mayukh ko, antar mukh dridha shaant| Yukti yog abhyaas hai, uday kala nij kant|| Telephonic workshops feature pranayama and mediation sessions Swarveda 05/06/24 Dial 1- 605-715-4920 and access code 269844# when prompted Purport: When the consciousness of soul turns inward, it naturally establishes sense of peace and with the controlled flow ofTopics for our forthcoming weeks are: consciousness; soul aims for the union with god- the abode of ultimate  December 20th 2009: Sadguru and God peace with the practice of Vihangam Yoga.  December 27th 2009: Swarveda and Other Scriptures  January 3rd 2010: Importance of Parents in Life Ever wondered why a blessed human life is full of sorrows?  January 10th 2010: My World and the World Manav uttam deh ko, paa kar lakshay na jaan | Heen mukhy udeshya se, so dukh jeevan maan ||Free Weekly Yogasana and Meditation for San Jose Residents:NAIVY presents free Yogasana, pranayama and meditation workshops in San Purport: Even after being blessed with human birth and being superiorJose. Workshops are conducted every Sunday from 04.00 pm to 05.30 pm at the to all living creatures on this planet we have not yet understood the prime motive of the life. Swarveda says life devoid of ultimate aim isresidence of Mr. Raj and Mrs. Rekha Gupta. For further information please contact meaningless and sorrowful.Mr. Raj Gupta at or (408) 770-0423. || Jai Sadgurudeo || For information on our forthcoming workshops and more, please write back at Watch the latest on Vihangam Yoga activities in the USA at For all of Vihangam Yoga activities, visit Page – 3, Volume 1, Number 8, Dec– Jan 2010