Preparing brick works


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This presentation is about preparing brick works

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Preparing brick works

  1. 1. Vigyan Ashram, Pabal
  2. 2. Use of tools - Khore Palm bobRight angle Ghamela
  3. 3. Measuring tape Trowels bucket
  4. 4. Procedure :First step is to finalize the construction place vaaLU isamaoMT Bricks
  5. 5. Cement + sand mixing Mix Sand , Cement and Water Mmix well the cement sand mixture
  6. 6. Laying Bricks  As per the given video, lay the bricks Please click here for the video link From this video link, we will know how to lay bricks and cement them by using the bonding techniques The next job is to sprinkle water on it for few days
  7. 7. Strength increases with curing : Time required for curing Strength of concrete 0 Days 50 % 1 Days 61 % 7 Days 85 %