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Prepare rcc columns


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This presentation describes about RCC columns

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Prepare rcc columns

  1. 1. Vigyan Ashram, Pabal
  2. 2. Use of material - Cement Sand gravel Water Wooden plates
  3. 3. 8mm torshan bar(Tor iron bar) 6mm bar interval of 1 “Binding tar
  4. 4. Use of equipment & tools - Khore Palm bobRight angle Claw hammer Ghamela
  5. 5. Gunny bag cloth Measuring tape Trowels Hacksaw Pliers
  6. 6. Procedure : 3000 mm 600 mm
  7. 7. 150 x150 mm Binding with Wires
  8. 8. 3000x150x150 mm
  9. 9. 6 mm ring frame Welding machine Hacksaw ra^D saaMgaaD a saacaa8mm torshan bar Rod size ra^D saaMgaaDa ra^D saaM Cutting Welding zovaNao R.C.C. column Taklao saacaa curing R.C.C. column kaZNao R.C.C. colum n R.C.C. column curing Wet Gunny bag cloth 2 hrs.water Concrete water kaorDo imaE Cement Sand gravel Flow Chart -
  10. 10. Precautions :  1. Tor iron bar should be 10-15 cm. long than column height.  2. Square frame should be joined at an interval of 25mm. (1”)  3. Square frame must be rectangular and must be connected from outside of all 4 rod.  4. Make all concrete required in one batch.  5. Put some concrete in mould (wooden plates connected in right angles to each other ).  6. Weight for at least 2 hrs. start curing .