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Making paper weight


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This presentation focuses on activity of making a paper weight using threading, using dies

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Making paper weight

  1. 1. Making Paper Weight Tools : Bench vice, Drill machine ,meter tap ,Drill bit , Hacksaw, flat file, centre punch , Threading die, Threading and tapping with dies , taps for sizes upto 6 mm ,Tap range, Required material: 6 mm bar, oil, ms flat
  2. 2.  Diagram :
  3. 3. 12
  4. 4. Paper Weight
  5. 5. Procedure :  a) Threading  1. Fit rod into the vice.  2. Use die range to thread.  3. Slowly give back and forth motion to die.  3. Use oil for lubrication.
  6. 6. B) Tapping – 1. Drill hole of proper size on the job. 2. It is important to calculate size of hole required. 3. A slight drill can be made to fit the tap. 4. Use first type of tap, it is just oversize than the diameter of hole. 5. Depth of cut is smaller with this tap. 6. Slowly second and third type of taps are used to make deep thread cut. 7. Oil is used for lubrication and cooling. 8. Care has to be taken to insert the tap co-axially.
  7. 7. Making Paper Weight  Measure the dimensions of metal block  Hold the strip in bench vice and cut according to the planned dimensions  Make the edges smooth by using a file and check all the edges are in right angle to each other as shown below
  8. 8. Making Paper Weight  Mark center on that rectangular piece  Drill hole in the center  Use tapping to mark threads on that drilled hole  Take a round bar and cut it  Use a die and do threading on bar  Now fit the round bar on the rectangular piece
  9. 9.  Paper Weight  Turning direction to fit rod  Thus in this way by doing threading using dies and taps , paper weight can be developed
  10. 10. Safety Precautions  Ensure proper tension for hacksaw blade  Always ensure the hacksaw teeth is towards forward direction  While cutting with hacksaw , put some water on blade because heat is generated due to friction  While using bench vice, the job must be hold tightly  While threading, release oil frequently  Use full length of file when making edges smooth