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Where can you get a bluechew erectile dysfunction tablet prescription


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Discover the benefits of BLUECHEW tablets for erectile dysfunction. They have the same ingredients as viagra and cialis and are prescribed to you via the internet. You will receive a monthly shipment with your prescription.

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Where can you get a bluechew erectile dysfunction tablet prescription

  1. 1. BLUECHEW TABLETS Where do you buy Bluechew online?
  2. 2. BLUECHEW contains the same ingredients as Viagra and Cialis, However, you can get your prescription without leaving your house. BlueChew is an online subscription service that ships physician-prescribed chewable sildenafil and tadalafil ED tablets— the same active ingredients as Cialis or Viagra—directly to your door
  3. 3. BlueChew gives you two prescription options based on your needs: the sildenafil chewable takes about 20-30 minutes to kick in and lasts for four to six hours, while the tadalafil chewable gets the job done all night long, lasting 24-36 hours.
  4. 4. Ordering Bluechew First things first, you have to fill out a 20-question health assessment on Bluechew’s website to make sure that you’re not at high risk for any side effects. They have doctors in Chicago that look it over, and if you're approved, they give you your prescription. You also get assigned a specific doctor from Bluechew in case you have any concerns or questions. Within 24 hours I got an email saying I was approved. 3 days later, the Bluechew arrived. Easy enough! Below is a picture of what the packaging looks like (I chose the Sildenafil kind). It comes from "custom medical group" in Chicago IL and it doesn't have “BONER PILLS” emblazoned across the side, so don’t worry.
  5. 5. The tablet itself is about the size of a dime. It's not the tastiest thing in the world, but it's not bad either. It kind of reminds me of a chewable vitamin or candy if you've ever had those before. It's less of a pain to take then a pill, and if you look at the ingredients on the safety packet you can see it has a bit of sugar and flavoring in there. Chewing also makes it take effect much faster in comparison to ED pills you swallow, since it's absorbed quicker into the bloodstream. With Viagra for example, I had to wait about 30 minutes after taking it to get an effect, but with BlueChew I can easily get 100% hard after 15 minutes. It might not seem like that much of a time difference, but if sex happens spontaneously the 15 minutes faster is definitely a perk.
  6. 6. How Does Bluechew Work? That being said, it works in the following steps: ● In as less as 30 minutes after consumption, the body will feel a sense of arousal. As well as an increase in blood flow. ● This will cause one’s fatigue to diminish and cause a sudden increase in sexual desire. Symptoms of erectile dysfunction will slowly vanish through this period and one will be in the mood to have sexual intercourse. ● The body will be able to have an enjoyable experience with their loved one. However no further benefits will are achievable by the body that provides long-term solutions against erectile dysfunction. With that said however, it is still quite powerful at what it aims to deliver. But one should know exactly what they are getting into before they get their hands on it.
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