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  1. 1. CYBORGS -By P.Gopala Krishnan(GK), S.Vignesh(SV), 2nd Year CSE, MEC. Email:
  2. 2. ABSTRACT Humans have limited capabilities Humans sense the world in a restricted way Can we use technologies to upgrade humans? The paper emphasizes on the use of the cyborgs to make the lives happy
  3. 3. CONTENTS Introduction Definition Types of cyborgs Fictional behaviour Cyborg proliferation in society Advantages Disadvantages
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION Kevin Warwick has taken the first steps on this path In the years ahead we will witness machine with an intelligence more powerful than that of humans It will be robot dominated world with dire consequences for humankind
  5. 5. DEFINITION A cyborg is a cybernetic organism,humanpart machine The cybernetic pioneer prof.Kevin Warwick, the worlds leading expert in cybernetics is upgrading the human body starting with himself
  6. 6. TYPES OF CYBORGS Individual cyborgs  cyborgs is used to refer to a man or woman with bionic or robotic implants  Today,the C-LEG system is used to replace human legs that are amputated because of injuries or illness
  7. 7. First cyborg
  8. 8.  Social cyborgs More broadly, the full term “CYBernetic ORGanism” is used to describe larger networks of communication and control A corporation can be considered as an artificial intelligence that makes uses of replaceable human components to function
  9. 9. CYBORG PROLIFERATION IN THE SOCIETY Medicine Military Marine cyborgs Sports & Steroids Blood doping Prosthesis
  10. 10. MEDICINE In medicine there are two important different types of cyborgs Restorative technologies Enhanced technologies
  11. 11. MILITARY Military organisations research has recently focused on the utilization of cyborg animals for inter species relationship for the purposes of a supposed a tactical advantages
  12. 12. MARINE CYBORGS The term cyborgs not only applies to the humans,but to animals as well Some of the best examples of such animals cyborgs one from the ocean,but such research is relatively new
  13. 13. STEROIDS The most commonly used steroids in sports is Anabolic steroids Anabolic steroids increases the amount of testosterone in the body promotes the musle and bone in the body
  14. 14. PROSTHESIS The most common forms of prosthesis an enhancements we see in the sports today are TOMMY JOHN Surgery PROSTHETIC Legs
  15. 15.  ADVANTAGES prolongs life enables one to lead a normal life Give a part of the body back Improves the quality of life DISADVANTAGES Training is needed for doctors They are all Expensive Pyschological problems Feeling different to everyone else The risk of rejection Pain during operations
  16. 16. CONCLUSION The idea is that in the future we may have more and more artificial body parts arms,legs,hearts,eyes and so on..
  17. 17.  ANY QUERIES?