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Essayonofwhitehairsandcricket.manwani criniti.


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Published in: Education
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Essayonofwhitehairsandcricket.manwani criniti.

  1. 1. “Of White Hairs and Cricket” is a story about coming of age. Do you agree? Essay Plan: ● Introduction ● 1st p: Innocence,not realizing about coming of age and not giving it importance. ● 2nd p: Knowing and understanding life. Realizing coming of age is a thing and is important. ● Conclusion: we agree Of White Hairs and Cricket is a story about coming of age. Coming of age is a very important stage in an adolescent's life and can be very painful. In this story coming of age is present and is a major theme in the story. In the story, the narrator is a fourteen year old kid that lives with his papa, mama and mamaji. “Every-single white-hair-out”, he spends each Sunday plucking his father’s white hairs out, which made his father look younger although he doesn't understand it. “... now Daddy did not take us for cricket on Sunday mornings.”, the narrator’s dad is getting old and does not have as much energy as he had before, so he cannot play cricket anymore. He is not aware of death so he does not know his father will die someday. After fighting with his dad, the narrator goes to Viraf’s house. When he is there he entered the room where his friends father was resting, but sick, he didn’t understand that his father was getting old, until he saw the specularity between his father and Viraf’s father who was very sick. After he saw Viraf’s father he noticed Viraf’s father wrinkles, “I noticed the lines on his brow, like Daddy’s, only Daddy’s were less deep.” After that he leaves Viraf’s house in two different ways. He goes out of Viraf’s house literally “I sneak through the veranda and down the stairs without a word”. But metaphorically he leaves his childhood behind. When he reaches his home he sees the tweezers laying on the table and that’s when he has an epiphany and realizes he wants to be with his dad. To sum up,the boy realizes coming of age is difficult, it could be painful and it takes your innocence and you start thinking about things that you hadn’t thought of before. As once our teacher said “When you lose innocence, you start suffering”. Good ideas!! Work on my comments so I can give you a good mark! Mark: 7