Mobile Bay Job Seekers Pamphlet


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Mobile Bay Job Seekers provides career counseling, support, guidance and information for people seeking career development assistance. tnformation about The non-profit organization can be found at

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Mobile Bay Job Seekers Pamphlet

  1. 1. Employers… On the Web:If you’re hiring, let us connect youwith qualified, focused jobcandidates ready to work.Our job seekers define their skillset and develop clear objectives.They know what it takes to be a“good fit” and how to help yourcompany succeed.Contact us today! Social Networking: Connect with us here…We offer: …or by email at Qualified Local Candidates Cost-Effective Job Listings Candidate Web Profiles Career Transition Support Networking Opportunities Partnership Opportunities Mobile Bay Job Seekers Career Development News Phone: (251) 281-8305 Job Search Seminars Advertising Opportunities Design Services Provided by: ViewMARK Communications
  2. 2. Job Seekers…If you’re unemployed or seeking Many of the services provided by oura career change, let us help you community-based organization are free.rediscover your strengths andachieve career success. …Join Today! www.mobilebayjobseekers.comOur Services:Counseling Support NetworkingMobile Bay Job Seekers Joining the Mobile Job The best jobs today areprovides group and Seekers Network gives you found through referrals andindividual counseling. Join access to progressive career networking. Mobile Baywith other professionals to development support Job Seekers sponsorsnetwork and share ideas. services. We’ll help you seminars and networkingLearn how to identify your rewrite your resume, use events to help you meetskills, present yourself in a social media in your job like-minded professionals.job interview, and market search, and achieve the Learn to make job contactsyourself effectively. salary you deserve. that last. Mobile Bay Job Seekers is a community-based organization dedicated to providing professionals and workers of all skill levels with guidance, support, networking and information necessary essential career development and employment in today’s job market. Contact Mobile Bay Job Seekers at or on the web at