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Jada Baybeeee

  1. 1. Home About Music Family Friends
  2. 2. Home About Music Family Friends My names Jada, I’m 16 and from Stoke-on-Trent. I study at Burslem college doing media & design. I’m about 5ft 9 I have brown hair and brown eyes with tanned skin. My main interests are fashion, music and shopping, The same as every girl really. I love all my friends to bits, their amazing. I also love the summer time =) I do not want to spend all my life in Stoke, or England so I plan to move away once I’ve finished Uni. Hopefully ill end up somewhere hot!!
  3. 3. Home About Music Family Friends I absolutely love music! Its controls my moods Alicia Keys Jaheim Jay-Z Kano Taio Cruz Lil Wayne Joe Budden Kelly Rowland J Holiday Diplomats Beanie Sigel Amy Winehouse
  4. 4. Home About Music Family Friends My family
  5. 5. Home About Music Family Friend s My closest friends