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Birch The Toffee Fan

  1. 1. Intro This PowerPoint will tell you what I do in my everyday life, I’m 18 years old. I go to Burslem college. I have lots of friends and a girlfriend, and I play football for a team and enjoy listening to music . Next Page
  2. 2. Mu sic <ul><li>I’m always listening to music whether its on my I pod or if I’m in the car with the radio on, and when not listening to it I’m singing. I like loads of music, Punk, Indie, Rock or even pop. I go to watch bands at the underground, The Sugarmill or sometimes I will travel out of stoke. I am in a band called angry young men, we haven't quite made it yet…but we will. My main influences are the libertines, the sex pistols and Towers of London. </li></ul>Next Page Previous Page
  3. 3. Friends <ul><li>I spend most of my time with my friends or girlfriend, I go out on most Wednesday nights to Newcastle with my friends, who I’ve known all my life. On the odd occasion I will go to Hanley on a Friday. I enjoy staying at my girlfriends watching T.V and ordering a pizza or a Chinese. I’ve been going out with her for 18 months now. </li></ul>Next Page Previous Page
  4. 4. College <ul><li>I go to Burslem college and I am doing a first diploma course in media studies, I mainly took this because I wanted to progress to photography next year as its what I have wanted to do since I left school. Hopefully I will become a photographer for the NME or Kerrang doing bands I like. </li></ul>Next Page Previous Page
  5. 5. Football <ul><li>I Play football for AFC Clayton, I founded the team with a friend 3 years ago, but I have been playing for other teams since I was 7. We play in the ansells division league 5, and are 3rd in the league. I have scored 6 this season and I play right wing back. When not playing football I enjoy watching it, I support everton but now and again I will go and watch stoke because everton can be too expensive or too far to travel. </li></ul>Next Page Previous Page
  6. 6. T.V <ul><li>I watch quite a lot of T.V really, maybe more than I should do, I watch Coronation street, Emmerdale, most haunted, Trinny and Suzannah, cartoons, and I watch films a lot, my favorites are sin city, lord of the rings, and reservoir dogs, my favorite director has to be Quentin tarantino. </li></ul>Next Page Previous Page