Trends of social media 2014


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Trends of social media 2014

  1. 1. to meet you! What if..? the future in social media marketing for 2014 Ioana Barbu Digital Marketing Manager & Strategist @ymagine
  2. 2. ….we start thinking different? and we start acting to but also so market faster & wisely, in the 3.0 digital world of online decisions, conversations & purchases? ….we start thinking different?
  3. 3. ….your social media actions shift over night into a consumer oriented, loyalty system?
  4. 4. …you will finally really knew every individual from your fanbase, his relation with your brand & how to motivate him favorably?
  5. 5. …you’ll have a customized and extremely targeted communication with every layer from your customers funnel?
  6. 6. Let’s see why, and how: In 2014 and forward, social media must take a big step forward towards marketing efficiency. Intelligence in digital marketing will make the difference.
  7. 7. Consumers1
  8. 8. “It’s not about what you sell me, but about what you solve me”
  9. 9. understanding & profiling consumers is essential
  10. 10. “Where are my customers?” location based marketing brings retention
  11. 11. being fast, open and holding the answers is an engagement must
  12. 12. Experiences2
  13. 13. interest based communities create meaningful digital relationships Communities bring us together, around common interests, movements, actions
  14. 14. gamification engages users and generates valuable insight GAMIFICATION using game-thinking and mechanics in non-game contexts
  15. 15. online training makes learning faster, smarter and more accessible
  16. 16. social media and advertising go mobile
  17. 17. the content key is building social stories, not just digital product presentations PEOPLE NEED STORIES TO BELIEVE IN & TO BUILD FROM
  18. 18. reacting to the consumer’s real-world life makes you top of mind
  19. 19. Intelligence3
  20. 20. C.R.M. needs to grow in social media
  21. 21. retargeting will work better with social media
  22. 22. digital communication needs to shift towards intelligent, online inbound marketing
  23. 23. And your social media presence will impact your market success. All of these trends are the reality of tomorrow’s success in social media.
  24. 24. 1 2 3 We > provide online, interactive & relevant software platforms & research intelligence for your digital success We > develop social media experiences that meet & answer your marketing goals We > find, understand your consumers and produce engagement in most relevant social media for you This is why…
  25. 25. Ioana Barbu Digital Marketing Manager & Strategist @ymagine The future in social media is find out more on .ro