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Netherlands to help promote Vietnam tourism image abroad. Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi won the PATA gold award 2010. Contest to seek new slogan for National Tourism Campaign. International Tourism Festival to be held with Hanoi’s millennial years. Vietnam Water Puppetry.....

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Travel weekly magazine 02-09-2110

  1. 1. Of fic ial M ed ia Pa r tn er fo r: 01 Sep, 2010 02 10-11 International sailing festival promises more than tourism benefits 27 Andara Resort & Villas Phuket to host Charity Fashion Show Relax... 44-47 How to Be Safe in a Foreign Country
  2. 2. Off icia lM ed ia Pa rtne r fo r: 01 Sep, 2010 02 10-11 International sailing festival promises more than tourism benefits Dear Travel Weekly readers! 27 Andara Resort & Villas Phuket to host Charity Fashion Show Relax... 44-47 How to Be Safe in a Foreign Country Welcome to the 33 Issues of Travel Weekly! First of all, on behalf of all the members at Travel Weekly Magazine I would like to say thank you very much for supporting and sharing with us your ideas since the early days of our magazine. Born to bring our readers useful and up-to-date information about Travel Busi- Contact us ness in Vietnam and around the world to your desktop every Thursday, today, Editor-in-chief Travel Weekly becomes a part of your daily works for all travel executive as Anh. Nguyen Hoang well as travel lovers those who cares about the tourism industry. M: +84 904 230 230 E: We understand that saving a tree is the responsibility for everyone who inter- News ested in the environmental disaster as what the Business Travel operators call Hang. Bui Duc “Responsible Travel”, therefore, towards the eco-friendly environment, Travel M: +84 979 051 210 Weekly call our each issue is Eco-Friendly Magazine because we design and E: “print” and/or publish our magazine in PDF format which allows us to send Advertising you immediately via e-mail as well as distribute our magazine to global read- Quyen. Nguyen Tu ers. Moreover, at our website, there is even a better way to read our magazine M: +84 987 622 113 without download which let you choose the first read and then deciding to keep E: it on your computer for store or further review. Sales Duong. Nguyen We do hope that everything we do is just to give you everything in travel news M: +84 904 884 099 for your works and your care. We are looking forward to receive your supports E: and share with us in the coming time. Thank you for travelling with us! Design Kien. Nguyen Trung Minh. Truong Hoang Editor-in-Chief Phuong. Nguyen E: Anh. Nguyen Hoang Add: #130 Pho Duc Chinh Str., Ba Dinh District, Hanoi – Vietnam Tel: +84 4 3715 3558 - Fax: +84 3715 3560 Email: Website:
  3. 3. Thursday 02.09.2010 VIETNAM NEWS 02 FEATURES 02. Netherlands to help promote Vietnam 03 10 - 11 tourism image abroad International sailing 03. Vietnam ceramic products to be held festival promises more in Binh Duong 04 than tourism benefits 04. Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi won The first international sailing festival titled “the Queen the PATA gold award 2010 05 of Green Sea” to be held later this year in the Central Coastal province of Binh Thuan has the potential to 07. Contest to seek new slogan for Nation- boost socio-economic development in general, not just al Tourism Campaign 06 the tourism sector. Come and enjoy the fantastic event. 08. Work starts on Ocean Window Spa & Resort 07 12. Developer inks multiple hotel man- agement deals 08 15 . Five travel operators win the Friends of Thailand Award 09 1,000 YEARS OF THANG LONG - HANOI 10 16. Received over 554,000 entries 27 11 Andara Resort & Villas studying about Hanoi’s thousand years Phuket to host Charity 18. International Tourism Festival to be 12 held with Hanoi’s millennial years Fashion Show The Andara Resort & Villas in Phuket is to host a fashion INTERNATIONAL NEWS 14 runway show to benefit the children’s education charity. As according to Tom McNamara, Founder of the Phuket 23. Phuket leads Thailand’s tourism back Has Been Good To Us Foundation, said “Education is to boom levels 16 a gift that stays with you forever. You can’t sell it and nobody can take it away from you. It is the best way for 24. The future of tourism in South Africa us to give back to this island that has been so good to beyond 2010 17 us.” Let’s join and support this meaning event. 25. Abu Dhabi hotel sector saws a 16% rise in July 19 26. IHG named Australasia’s most sustain- able hotelier 22 28. Private Spa Wellness Centre opens in Bali 23 AVIATION NEWS 24 35. Hainan Airlines offers Dalian-Singa- pore air route 25 44 - 47 37. Air New Zealand set to lead aviation How to Be Safe in a recovery Foreign Country 40. Europe’s most punctual airlines 27 While being in a foreign country may be fun, there is al- revealed ways danger abroad, just as there is danger at home. All 29 visitors from any country should learn what the dangers DO YOU KNOW are in foreign countries and how to protect themselves no matter how sure they are that they are safe. Keep in 42 - 43. 10 culture and customs of Spanish 30 mind the following pointers to make your next foreign to know when travelling & living in Spain trip as safe and as hassle-free as possible. (Part 2) 32 BUSINESS ADVICE MEDICAL TOURISM 34 48 - 49. The Truth about Managing Your 37 Patients’ Expectations DESTINATIONS 44 50 - 53. Vietnam Water Puppetry 50
  4. 4. 2 VIETNAM NEWS Netherlands to help promote R epresentatives from travel agencies, hotels and restau- rants and experts from the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV) gathered in Vietnam’s northern province Vietnam tourism image abroad of Lao Cai on to discuss measures to promote Sa Pa tourism services and products abroad. The participants cited cultural identities, natural conditions and agricultural cultivation methods, as well as the State man- agement as major factors in efforts to promote the trademark. They agreed that it is necessary to define unique souvenir products of Sa Pa. Sa Pa is one of Vietnam’s top holiday and relaxation destina- tions a t the height of 1,600 meters above sea level, the aver- age temperature of the area is 15-18°C. It is cool in summer and cold in winter, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) said. Sa Pa also has many natural sites such as Ham Rong Moun- tain, Silver Waterfall, Rattan Bridge, Bamboo Forest and Ta Phin Cave, Fansipan Mountain, Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range. It is especially home to various families of flowers of captivating colors, which can be found nowhere else in the country. The participants cited cultural identities, natural conditions and agricultural cultivation methods, as well as the state man- agement as major factors in efforts to promote the trademark. They agreed that it is necessary to define unique souvenir products of Sa Pa. The SNV experts will closely cooperate with the local side to work out the measures so that the promotion program can be carried out soon, an official from SNV said. Lao Cai welcomed 700,000 tourists, including 326,000 foreign ones in 2009. The province aims to receive 820,000 visi- tors, including 330,000 foreign tourists and earn revenues of Terraced rice fields in Sa Pa VND700 billion this year. International puppetry New resort planned for Japanese art of flower arrangement festival to host in Hanoi Binh Dinh province showcased in Vietnam Twelve international art troupes and A new resort project is being five Vietnamese puppetry troupes planned for Vietnam’s central Binh will attend the Second International Dinh province. The VND2.27 trillion Puppetry festival in Hanoi from 4-9 Trung Hoi Resort project will be September. It also is one of many developed on 106 hectares in the activities to celebrate the 1,000th Nhon Hoi Economic Zone, includ- anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi ing a four-star hotel, camping area, and is expected to promote Viet- sports facilities, a maritime ecotour- nam’s puppetry arts to international ism area, entertainment and F&B friends. The winning troupe is ex- outlets and a public baths. Con- pected to receive a gold cup worth struction will take place in three US$1,000. phases, eventually finishing in 2020. Savico start Vietnamese Days in construction on China to be held Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, will be on Mercure Son Tra Resort The Vietnamese Days in China taking place from 29 August – 3 show at the Ho Chi Minh City Youth Culture House on 12-13 Saigon general Services Joint Stock September and at the Vietnam Women’s Museum in Hanoi Co. (Savico) officially kicked off September is to offer more oppor- tunities for Vietnamese firms to set 16-19 September. the construction project of Mercure Son Tra Resort this morning on Son up, promote investment and coop- The event is organised by the Japanese Cultural Exchange Tra peninsula, Da Nang City. The erative ties with major groups from Centre to mark the 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi. Mercure Sontra Resort is a high- China and Asian countries. The Flower arrangements by Professor Sasaki Yasihito, Japan’s class hotel-tourism-resort complex event includes a Vietnam-China top Ikebana artists, will be on display. economic forum, a trade and invest- to be constructed with total area of Ikebana artists say that using a plant’s stems, leaves, and 57,651 square metres, including a ment forum, a business-to-business meeting and a photographic exhibi- flowers to make special designs shows nature’s beauty and four-star hotel with 120 rooms and vitality as well as human emotions. 22 high-end resort villas. The proj- tion called “Vietnam – its land and people”. Japanese Ikebana appeared 550 years ago and has virtually ect is likely to cost $20 million. become a “religion” over the centuries. Thursday 02.09.2010
  5. 5. VIETNAM NEWS 3 Vietnam ceramic products to be held in Binh Duong A festival highlighting Vietnamese ce- respectively produced by Trung Thanh ramic products will begin in the southern and Minh Cuong ceramic companies. province of Binh Duong on National Day (September 2) to mark the 1,000th anniver- Producers said that these are special sary of Hanoi. products that mark great progress for the ceramics industry, so there will not be Nineteen pottery villages and 50 ceramic fixed prices. companies including 19 from the Binh Duong Province’s Ceramics Association By August 26, 19 craft villages and 50 ce- will take part in the festival in Thu Dau Mot ramic companies registered to join the fes- Town. tival. The organizing board has registered ten products as establishing Vietnamese The festival will introduce Vietnam’s most records in various categories. special ceramic products and winners in the following categories: the biggest, the Binh Duong Ceramics Association chair- best gilded, most difficult to shape, the man Ly Ngoc Minh said that in preparation most beautiful pattern, and the most unique for the first Vietnam ceramics festival, firms sacred object. have tried to make unique products to show the vitality of this traditional trade. The most special item will be a three-piece set from Minh Long Ceramic Company 1: Minh said that the ceramic trade is facing a Van Lang gem bowl, Vietnamese soul cup, slowdown not only in Vietnam, but in many and golden lotus cup. Dozens of craftsmen countries. Recently famous ceramic brands created these items over five years. like Royal Doulton and Westwood (UK), Rosenthal (Germany), and Thun (Czech Another notable product is the Quoc Binh Republic) have gone bankrupt. Many Thang Long bronze drum, which was ceramic factories in Japan and China have made within two years by craftsmen from closed. Cuong Phat Company. This company will also showcase unique ceramic products He said that the number of ceramic firms in created through a new burning technique. Binh Duong has fallen from 500 to 120, but only 70 of them are still operating. “How- Some ceramic items that hold historical ever, it is miraculous that 20-30 companies meaning will be introduced, like the Heav- account for 70-80 percent of the country’s en and Earth jar and Ancient Thang Long, total ceramic export revenue,” he added. Thursday 02.09.2010
  6. 6. 4 VIETNAM NEWS Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi won the PATA gold award 2010 The Sofitel Legend Metro- we have an obligation to the first spa to be opened in pole will glitter again at the think about today, tomorrow the hotel’s 108-year history. PATA Gold Awards 2010 and yesterday. The PATA ceremony, taking place on Award persuades us that The Sofitel Legend Metro- 17 September in Macau, we’re on the right track.” pole Hanoi’s themed suites accepting the gold award in indulge the property’s the Heritage category. The refurbishment main- connections to legendary tained the original architec- people like Charlie Chaplin, The award lauds the hotel ture since 1901, enhanced Somerset Maugham and for its refurbishment of one with the development of Graham Greene, each of of Southeast Asia’s most new facilities, the creation of whom stayed at the hotel. treasured properties. Sofitel themed suites and a range Located in the historic, relaunched the Metropole of guest’s experience ac- 1901-built wing, each of in 2009 as the hotel group’s cording to the way of living these suites is imbued with first Legend property. heritage within the spirit of colonial-era aesthetics. centennial establishment. “The challenge for any hotel The restoration began in “When you’re in the Graham in the Heritage category 2004 and was revealed as a Greene suite, it’s not that dif- is achievement of a very “fait accompli” last year with ficult to imagine him sitting delicate balance between the launch of Sofitel Legend. here, churning out the 500 celebration of historical words he was reputed to do charm, and satisfaction of to- The new facilities include, every day like clockwork,” morrow’s expectation,” said Angelina, a chic Italian res- said Speth. “Being able to Kai Speth, General Manager taurant that raised the bar on imagine that - to fall into that of the Sofitel Legend Metro- sophisticated nightlife in Ha- time warp, if you will - is ex- pole Hanoi. “Where so many noi. The hotel also opened actly the kind of spell we’re hotels are only thinking Le Spa du Metropole last trying to cast.” about today and tomorrow, year. Remarkably, this was Thursday 02.09.2010
  7. 7. VIETNAM NEWS 5 Thursday 02.09.2010
  8. 8. 6 VIETNAM NEWS The Japanese capital of Tokyo will celebrate Vietnamese culture titled “Hello! Vietnam” fes- tival with performances by popular artists from both countries. Visitors will have an opportunity to get better understanding of Vietnamese musi- cal instruments and traditional culture, taste Vietnamese food and buy traditional Vietnam- ese handicrafts. Come and enjoy! ‘Hello! Vietnam’ festival to be take place in Japan A festival, entitled “Hello! Vietnam” will singers Ho Quynh Huong and Nam take place at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo on Cuong from Vietnam, artists from Japa- 18-19 September. nese Idoling, Gypsy Queen and Rap DG Samurai groups. According to Iwao Matsuda, former Japanese senator and Co-Chairman Visitors to the festival will have an op- of the festival’s organising board, portunity to get better understanding the board set up a club of fans of the of Vietnamese musical instruments Vietnam Festival to attract participants and traditional culture. They will also in the event. The club now has about have the chance to taste Vietnamese 1,000 members, to join the club you food and buy traditional Vietnamese can register at handicrafts. Ambassador Nguyen Phu Binh said There will be 40 food stalls and 20 that the Vietnam Festival has become booths displaying Vietnamese special an annual event since the success of fine arts and handicraft products dur- the first festival in 2008. The festival ing the two-day event. Other member has won great applause and received countries of the ASEAN have also special attention from the Japanese registered to showcase their products people. at 15 stalls at the festival. The Hello! Vietnam festival this year The organising board expected that will include performances by popular the Hello! Vietnam 2010 will attract artists from both countries, including about 100,000 people. Thursday 02.09.2010
  9. 9. VIETNAM NEWS 7 T he Vietnam National Administration of Tourism has launched a national con- test to find a new slogan and logo for the 2011-2015 period. VNAT announced the contest to replace the cur- rent campaign “Vietnam - the Hidden Charm” that has been the campaign since 2005. Entries Contest to seek new are open to locals, foreigners and organizations and can be in English or Vietnamese. Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong, deputy head of the slogan for National VNAT Marketing Department, told the Daily that along with the logo and slogan, the contestants could provide marketing ideas to promote the Tourism Campaign new image as well as the brand name of the country’s tourism. The board of examiners will select the 10 best works for the final round. The first prize is VND50 million, VND30 million for second and the third prize VND20 million. There will also be seven consolation prizes. Entries can be sent from now through Decem- ber 15. The winners will be announced at the end of December. The contestants can send the works to slog- or 80 Quan Su Street, Hanoi. Thursday 02.09.2010
  10. 10. 8 VIETNAM NEWS Work starts on Ocean Window Spa & Resort Ocean Window Spa & Resort is located at tions to ensure that all villas overlook the as ideal places to organize conferences, lots D12A-B-C Long Beach, North of Cam sea. seminars and major events. Ranh peninsula resort, Cam Hai Dong Commune, Cam Ranh District, Khanh Hoa 4159-square-metre spa area is located Shopping zone occupies the area of Province. Built on an area of 34,2 hectares, beside the lake, next to the high-rise 3263m2 with various stores, supply dif- Ocean Window Spa & Resort main items building supplies many services, such as: ferent kinds of goods, including: Jewelry, includes the 5 star hotel, spa, restaurant sauna, massage, physical therapy, health beach clothes, fine art crafts and souve- and bar, conference center, shopping care and beauty care. nirs... center, sports club, beach, etc... Restaurants and bars are built on an area Ocean Window Spa & Resort also de- Ocean Window Spa & Resort is a hotel- of 1148m2, including the Asian restau- signed with tennis courts, golf court, complex includes a high-rise building and rants, European restaurants and Vietnam- fitness center and areas for table tennis, 178 villas lie along the coast with over 500 ese restaurants. In addition, there are aerobic or billiards. five-star rooms. also bars serving in swimming pools and beaches. The project started construction on 18th All hotel-rooms in the high-rise building August with the total investment of 1,000 are designed with sea-view. The villas are With the total area of 6780m2 and the billion VND. As expected, Ocean Window arranged in different angles and divided capacity of 800 people, meeting and event Spa & Resort will be completed and put into many 3-metre-high layers of construc- rooms are also sea-view designed, serve into operation in 2013. Thursday 02.09.2010
  11. 11. VIETNAM NEWS 9 nection road to Tham Luong Depot Station and one-kilometre overhead road. Hai highlighted the important role the proj- ect plays in the city’s socio-economic devel- opment as it is the nation’s most populous city and constantly plagued by traffic jams. The project was expected to be finished and put into operation in 2016 with designed speed of 80 kilometres per hour. The total in- vestment capital for this project was posted at US$1,25 billion or VND23,67 trillion, in which $195 million was loans and non-re- fundable ODA of EUR85,75 million. The project will have additional investment HCMC to start work on supplied by the Clean Technology Fund. German Ambassador Rolf Schulze and 11-kilometre metro project ADB Country Director Ayumi Konishi both pledged to work closely with domestic agencies to speed up the preparatory steps Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai to the destination station in Thu Thiem new for signing the credit and consultancy con- launched the construction of Ho Chi Minh urban area. tracts. City’s Metro line No.2 on August 24, which will eventually link Ben Thanh market in the The metro has total length of 11.3 kilometres, Previously, HCM City had started construc- city centre and Tham Luong in district 12. including 9.3 kilometres underground with tion on metro No 1 – Ben Thanh-Suoi Tien ten underground stations of Ben Thanh, Tao with total length of 19.7 kilometres. The As planned, the metro No 2 will be located Dan, Dan Chu Workplace, Hoa Hung, Le project was supposed to be completed in in an area of 26 hectares on the northern part Thi Rieng, Pham Van Hai, Bay Hien, Nguyen late 2014. of Tham Luong Channel, Dist 12, HCM City, Hong Dao, Ba Queo and Pham Van Bach. In with the departure of Tay Ninh Coach Station addition, there will be a one-kilometre con- Vietnam’s bamboo honoured in the world The Phu An Bamboo Village – a bamboo eco- into Asia’s bamboo reserve, said Dr. Gabriel logical reserve which is considered the larg- de Taffin, regional director of the French Ag- est of its kind in Southeast Asia – has been ricultural Research Centre for International announced as one of 25 winners of the United Development (CIRAD) in Southeast Asia. Nations Development Programme (UNDP) According to Hanh, bamboo grows fast, is Equator Prize 2010. used for different purposes, and is particu- Dr Diep Thi My Hanh, who chairs the project larly useful in absorbing carbon dioxide and on “Phu An Bamboo Ecological Museum and fighting climate change. Botanical Reserve” in the southern province Apart from protecting the biodiversity of of Binh Duong said on 24 August: “This is the bamboo, the Phu An Bamboo Village is a cen- first time a project on Vietnam’s bamboo has tre for research and technological transfer on been honoured in the world.” the applications of bamboo in life and envi- The Phu An Bamboo Village is a cooperation ronmental protection, Hanh said. project between Binh Duong province and Dr. Hanh now researches the applications of Ho Chi Minh City National University , France bamboo in absorbing heavy metal present ’s Rhone Alpes Region and Pilat Natural Park in soil, bamboo fibre in replacing compos- of France. It has an initial investment of nearly ite material, and cellulose from bamboo as 675 million EUR. water-resistant material, and production of Six years after implementation, the ecologi- biological clothes or nylon bags. cal reserve in Binh Duong province has a col- The Equator Prize is an award for initiatives lection of about 130 species of bamboo be- in natural resource conservation that meets longing to 17 varieties. Among them are rare the goal of poverty reduction, community and precious varieties of each region in the development, gender equality, focusing on country such as ivory bamboo and yellow- women, environmental protection, and serv- striped bamboo. ing sustainable development. The 10ha reserve also includes a museum Equator Prize 2010 winners will be celebrated made from bamboo displaying equipment, at a high level event at the American Museum instruments and works made from bamboo of Natural History on September 20, 2010. materials such as music instruments, and a Representatives from winning communities research area for scientists and students who will also participate in the Community Sum- want to learn about bamboo and growing and mit dialogue space, to be held in conjunction developing this tropical tree. with the United Nations General Assembly in The Phu An Bamboo Village is likely to turn New York. Thursday 02.09.2010
  12. 12. 10 VIETNAM NEWS International sailing festival promises more than tourism benefits Thursday 02.09.2010
  13. 13. VIETNAM NEWS 11 T he first international of Tourism in the central coastal prov- sailing festival to be inces. held later this year in the central coastal prov- The festival was also an opportunity to ince of Binh Thuan has diversify tourism products, introduce the the potential to boost beauty of the Vietnamese coast to inter- socio-economic devel- national visitors, and boost the image of opment in general, not Vietnam in general, he said. just the tourism sector. Roi Shuhami of, a The event, held by the Binh Thuan pro- web platform of Yachting websites in 30 vincial People’s Committee in collabora- countries including Vietnam , said the tion with several agencies including the festival would bring more business op- Vietnam National Administration of Tour- portunities, more jobs, more revenue ism and the Ministry of Trade, will take and more foreign investment into the place in the popular beach resort town of country. Mui Ne on December 8-11. “When the country has a yachting indus- It is expected that 20 countries will par- try, there will be boat yards that will cre- ticipate in the festival, herald the de- ate more jobs,” the Israeli national said, velopment of a yachting industry in the adding that the global yachting industry country. generates revenues of over 15 billion USD a year. Lam Quang Hien, director of the prov- ince’s Department of Culture, Sports and “The festival will also bring to Vietnam Tourism, said the event would attract many tourists and many of them are rich visitors to Binh Thuan and introduce a businessmen who can be potential in- new entertainment product to tourists. vestors.” The organizer expects representatives of around 150 yachting companies to With a long, beautiful coast like Vietnam, come. Turkey now has a yachting industry that has created 50,000 jobs in the industry it- Director of the Dan Han International self and 70,000 jobs in supporting indus- Entertainment Company, one of the or- tries, Shuhami said. ganisers, Mai Quoc Viet said the festival, intended to be an annual event, would Turkey earns annual revenues of 3 bil- comprise three main activities: sailing lion USD from the yachting industry and exhibition, concerts and international about 5 billion USD in foreign investment conferences on marine economy and has come in through investors who came tourism. to know Turkey through its international sailing festival, he added. In a letter sent to the organisers, Hoang Tuan Anh, Minister of Culture, Sports and Further information about the festival in Tourism, said the festival was one of many Mui Ne can be obtained at www.interna- activities celebrating the 1,000th anniver- sary of Hanoi as well as the National Year Thursday 02.09.2010
  14. 14. 12 VIETNAM NEWS Developer inks multiple hotel management deals Vietnamese American Hotel and Resort Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of the U.S. investment firm ITC Spectrum LLC., signed hotel management agree- ments with three world leading hotel operating companies in Quy Nhon City, Vietnam. The three partners of VAHR are Marriott Interna- tional, Ritz-Carlton, and Outrigger Hotels and Resorts Asia, a subsidiary of Honolulu-based Outrigger Enterprises Group. Marriott International, Ritz-Carlton, and Outrigger will manage three resort projects inside what is called the US$250 million Vinh Hoi Bay Golf Resort, a 325-hectare oceanfront, fully-integrated, mixed-use development which will initially include the three projects. They include the Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott prop- erties, a championship 18-hole golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones II, residential villas, a retail vil- lage, an arboretum and other recreational amenities. The Outrigger Vinh Hoi Bay Resort and Spa with 210 rooms and 46 private villas will start construction in mid-2011, and is expected to open for business at the end of 2013. The 100-villa Vinh Hoi Bay – A Ritz-Carlton Reserve, and the 320-room JW Marriott Vinh Hoi Bay Resort & Spa are expected to begin construction in early 2012 and be completed in 2014. Later phase of the development will feature three additional resorts, more residential properties, an equestrian center, a marina and other amenities. Vinh Hoi Bay Golf Resort is 25 kilometers north of Quy Nhon City in Binh Dinh Province of, and 20 minutes away from Phu Cat Airport in the central province. Tran Duc Canh, Chairman and CEO of Vietnamese- American Hotel and Resort, said in Quy Nhon, “We are very pleased to have these prestigious American brands be a part of the Vinh Hoi Bay development. Speaking for Marriott International, Mr. Edwin Fuller, President and Managing Director, Lodging Inter- national, said, “We are delighted with this visionary opportunity to further expand our lodging portfolio in Vietnam. These resorts will rank among the best, most luxurious properties in Asia and we are hon- ored to participate in the emergence of Vietnam as world-class resort destination.” Quy Nhon City is located in the middle of Danang and Nha Trang on the central coast. Its origins date back to the 11th century and the Champa kingdom for which its legacy – Cham culture’s temple com- plexes – can be seen throughout Quy Nhon. Thursday 02.09.2010
  15. 15. VIETNAM NEWS 13 to celebrate 1000th anniversary of Hanoi The Ha Thanh Food Festival 2010, which will open on Octo- ber 6 at West Lake Water Park, is a major event being held over the course of 10 days to cel- ebrate the one thousandth anni- versary of Hanoi. It Deputy Director of the Hanoi Tourism Corporation, Tran Thi Bach Yen, said “The festival aims to honour 1,000 years of Hanoi and to popularise the cultural and spiritual values of Hanoi’s and other regions’ foods,” said a representative of the festival’s organisation board. “The festival will show images of the traditional trades and lives of people in the past. Images from Dong Xuan, Dong Ba and Ben Thanh markets were selected to represent the northern, cen- tral and southern regions,” said Yen. During the event, visitors will have a chance to discover Viet- nam’s culture through essential foods and drinks, representing cuisines from all corners of the country. The event will also showcase images of the flower village, old scholars and traditional games, along with three paintings and photo exhibitions with the themes: Hanoi Moments, Hanoi in my Heart and Hanoi Streets. Thursday 02.09.2010
  16. 16. 14 VIETNAM NEWS Phu Quoc district is formed by Phu Quoc Island - the biggest island in Vietnam – and 21 surrounding islands with the approxi- mate total area of 600 square kilometers, the same as Singapore. Forty-five domestic and foreign-invested projects have been granted licensed with a total investment capital of nearly US$ 3 billion dollars. Another eighteen projects have also given approval in principle. Famous destinations such as Bai Ong Lem, Bai Dat Do, Bai Sau, Bai Trem are center of majority tourism de- velopment projects. These are foreign in- vestments in high-end villas, resorts, hotels, golf courses and apartment for lease such as Berjaya Long Beach resort, Veranda and Phu Quoc Island Miramar. The biggest project was licensed in Phu unveils new master plan to 2030 Quoc is the British Virgin Island Starbay with the initial investment capital of US$ T 1.65 billion which was raised to US$ 1.8 he adjusted master plan to devel- By 2030, Phu Quoc will become a special billion last year. The project will develop op Phu Quoc to 2030 was revealed economic and administrative center of Dai Beach resort in an area of 540 hectares by Vietnamese government. Under Vietnam as well as a major tourism destina- of Dai beach located in the island’s Ganh this new master plan, all projects tion with many domestic and international Dau commune. When finishing, which is in the island district must be reviewed. Any resorts and entertainments. It is estimated expected within 12 years of development, on-going projects and future developments that Phu Quoc will welcome five to seven the resort will include luxury villas, two golf are considered inappropriate with the new million domestic and international tourists courses, deluxe beach-front hotels, condos, plan will be temporarily stopped until in- per year. The plan turns the Island district water lagoons as well as other entertain- vestors alter their investments to cope with into a forest and marine preservation center ment and commercial facilities. the new plan. and urban developments. Thursday 02.09.2010
  17. 17. VIETNAM NEWS 15 Five travel operators win the Friends of Thailand Award The Tourism Authority of Thailand’s HCMC Every year, Thailand welcomes around Office has announced five Vietnam travel 14 million international tourists, includ- agencies that have won The Friends of ing 30,000 from Vietnam, according to the Thailand awards. Tourism Authority of Thailand. The five are Saigontourist Travel Service, The Friends of Thailand awards are de- Vietravel Marketing and Tourist Company, signed to honor individuals, organizations Tan Dinh Trade and Travel Service Com- and tourism companies in recognition of pany (known as Fiditourist), Ben Thanh their contributions to the tourism develop- Tourist, and TST Tourist. ment of the “Land of Smile”. The interna- tional press award is for articles that intro- Vietravel, one of the five award winners, duce and promote images, country, people says that over the past ten years, the num- and new tourist destinations in Thailand. ber of tourists traveling to Thailand under its arrangement has leapt over 20 times. Its The Friends of Thailand was launched by average tourism growth for the Thailand Tourism Authority of Thailand in 1996 and sector is 25-35%. every two years, the awards are presented to contributors to Thai tourism. The 2010 In the first six months of the year, the num- award ceremony will be held in Bangkok ber of people booking Thailand tours at in late September. Vietravel was nearly 15,000, and the tour operator expects to arrange tours to Thai- land for a total of 25,000 tourists, up 20% from last year. Foreign visitors to Vietnam rise sharply The number of foreign visitors to Vietnam in August rose by 38 percent from a year ear- lier, reaching more than 430,000 despite the off-season. According to the General Statistic Office, most of Vietnam’s major tourist markets still maintain high growth, with Cambodia topping the list (247 percent), followed by China (101 percent), Australia (over 77 percent) and Thailand (over 74 percent). Since the beginning of the year, the country has welcomed 3,3 million international visi- tors, a year-on-year increase of 35 percent. South Korea, China and Cambodia remain the largest markets of Vietnam. Annually, the country receives 400,000 Korean tourists. In July, the Southeast Asia country received 36,827 tourists from the East Asian nation, up 3,9% on month and 54% on year. The experts forecast that the number of foreign tourists to Vietnam would continue to increase from now to the end of the year due to various important celebrations in the country including the 1000 th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi and the 2010 International Yacht Festival in Mui Ne, the southern province of Binh Thuan. As part of the tourism stimulus programme which a sales campaign will be launched in Ho Chi Minh City with estimated discounts of 10-50 percent. Thursday 02.09.2010
  18. 18. days to come 1,000 years of Thang Long - Hanoi studying about Hanoi’s thousand years Received over 554,000 entries An essay contest about Hanoi has received over 554,000 entries and the most outstanding ones will be awarded during the cel- ebration of the 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi in Octo- ber. Launched in November 2009, the contest has drawn a large num- ber of participants from across the country and overseas. Historical Prof. Le Van Lan said that the entries presented carefully research and study through documents. They are works in history, geography, people and customs and habits of the land of 1,000 years of culture. Essays of contestants showed their feelings and love with the Hanoi capital city. Henrri Guillon is the first foreigner from France to have submit- ted his essay, one hundred-year-old Vu Duy Binh from Hanoi is the oldest entrant and Vu Ngoc Ha from Chu Van An primary school is the youngest. After gathering all entries in localities, the contest’s organizing board will select excellent works with good presentation to be awarded on the anniversary of 1,000 years of Thang Long – Ha- noi. The organizing board will award a special prize worth VND 20 mil- lion for an excellent group, a special prize worth VND 10 million for an individual, and numerous prize worth from VND1 million to VND 10 million. Thursday 26.08.2010
  19. 19. days to come 1,000 years of Thang Long - Hanoi Various art and cultural activities to mark Hanoi’s 1,000th anniversary N umerous art and cultural activities have been held in Ha- ese groups to take part in the second International Puppetry Fes- noi to celebrate the capital city’s millennium birthday on tival in Hanoi from 4-9 September. Of the 12 foreign groups, the 10 October. The Thang Long Art Ornamental Plant Asso- puppeteers from Egypt, Israel and Cuba are visiting Vietnam for ciation opened two exhibitions of ornamental trees and stones at the first time. Ly Thai To and Indira Gandhi parks on 25 August in Hanoi. The festival’s opening ceremony will be held at the Hanoi Opera At Ly Thai To Park, near Hoan Kiem lake, in central Hanoi, over 550 House and the winner of the gold cup will also receive an award ornamental trees of various species and nearly 100 works of art of 1,000 USD. made of stone are on display. Many of them have been kept and cared for by their families over many generations. Later, from October 6-11, the Ha Thanh Culinary Festival will be held at Ho Tay (West Lake ) Park as one of the major activities to The exhibition at Ly Thai To Park will run until September 20 and mark the city’s birthday. The festival will attract tourist and travel the one in Indira Gandhi Park will close on 30 October. agencies from all 63 cities and provinces across the country as well as foreign embassies and enterprises in Vietnam. The fes- According to Luu Minh Tri, President of the Thang Long Art Or- tival will take place on a 8ha site with separate areas for cuisine, namental Plant Association, a larger exhibition will be held at the Hanoian culture and folk games. Hanoi Museum from 25 September – 30 October. There will be 130 stalls selling special dishes from every part of Twelve groups of puppeteers from overseas will join five Vietnam- Vietnam, with a special focus on traditional Hanoian dishes. Thursday 02.09.2010
  20. 20. days to come 1,000 years of Thang Long - Hanoi VIETNAM NEWS International Tourism Festival to be held with Hanoi’s millennial years Bonsai art exhibition to welcome Hanoi’s millennial years T he Thang Long-Hanoi International Tourism Festival, part of a program during the National Tourism Year 2010, will take place at Bao Son Paradise Theme Park in Hanoi from October 2-5 to mark the 1000th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi. “Themed ‘Thang Long- Hanoi-convergence of 1000 years’, this will be the biggest event held to welcome the 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long – Hanoi and the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam Tourism Industry,” said Deputy Director of the Hanoi city Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Mai Tien Dung, at a press conference on August 24. The upcoming event, with various artistic and cultural ac- tivities, will see the participation of local people, domes- tic and foreign travel agencies, businesses and organisa- tions. The opening ceremony will be broadcast live on VTV channels on October 2nd. Hanoi and Vietnam’s tourism potentials and products will be promoted during the event. The festival is a good chance for domestic travel agencies to seek business op- 550 bonsai trees are on display at a bonsai art exhibition which portunities with foreign partners. opened in Hanoi on August 25th to mark the 65th August revolution- According to the organising board, the festival, the most ary (Aug.19) and the National Independence Day (Sep.2). important event of the 2010 National Tourism Year hosted The bonsai tree by painter Xuan Cuong at the foot of a century-old by Hanoi municipal People’s Committee, is expected to tree with big roots clinging to a stone is a base for branches to rise draw around 30,000 visitors per day. There will be about up and spread out in a certain position. 376 pavillions displaying Vietnam and other countries’ The other bonsais create people the feeling of warmth, happiness tourist products and a wide range of cultural and culinary and abundance. activities during the festival. At the exhibition, there are also 100 works made with different kinds The festival will recreate the daily life of Hanoians at the of rare stones. end of the 19th century and the early 20th century. They The exhibition will be open through September 20th 2010. will also exhibit the life and work of many famous craft villages like Quat Dong Embroidery, Bat Trang Pottery or Ha Thai Lacquer. Thursday 02.09.2010
  21. 21. Ha tho usa nd noi yea rs o f ci H anoi, 1000 years old capital with vili a long-standing history, diverse and national character-rich cultural zat traditions, is a worthy tourism center of Vietnam. Hanoi has always been the place which attracts the most ion both domestic and international tourists. The coming event – Thang Long Hanoi thousand years of civi- lization - holds in next October will be one important event of Hanoi and Vietnam travel. Getting out the noisy beat of a new industry city, Hanoi will seem to back in magnanimous history. A lot of Vietnam traditional festival will be held: “Ao Dai” festival, “Den Do” festival… Tourists will have chances to see the pure beauty of Vietnam- ese woman in traditional costume, the Vietnam national spirit through special kungfu, drum performances and hundreds of other surprises. Have you ever been in Hanoi, Viet- nam? Whether you did or not, the enthusiastic atmosphere in national festival will hit you hard. All history places: Sword Lake, museums… have been decorated to welcome the event and you, absolutely. This time of the year is the time Hanoi becomes the most seductive in “hoa sua” fragrancy. Hanoi – Vietnam thousand years of civilization is the important event of the Vietnamese race. Tourists will see there a new wonderful face of Hanoi. The event is the big chance for Vietnam to introduce all the inter- national friends the beauty, history and culture of Vietnam. Thursday 02.09.2010
  22. 22. VIETNAM NEWS Thursday 02.09.2010
  23. 23. VIETNAM NEWS Thursday 02.09.2010
  24. 24. 22 INTERNATIONAL NEWS China, Japan and Korea aim to welcome 26 million tourists by 2015 The tourism heads of China, Japan and South Korea aim to welcome 26 million people to their three countries by 2015. A total of 13.5 million people traveled among the three East Asian countries in 2009, and their earlier goal of 17 million “inter-visitations” in 2010 is expected to be achieved. “It is significant that the three countries set a target and confirmed what must be done to that end,” Land, Infrastruc- ture, Transport, and Tourism Minister Seiji Maehara said after signing the statement. According to Kyodo News, the target was announced in a joint statement from the trilateral meeting in Hangzhou, which brought together Chinese National Tourism Admin- istration (CNTA) Chairman Shao Qiwei, Japan’s Minister for Land, Infrastructure, Transport & Tourism Seiji Maehara, and South Korean Culture, Sports & Tourism Minister Yu In Chon. “Although allowing foreign travel agencies the business may bring some challenges especially at the initial state, in the long term it will benefit China’s tourism industry,” the China Daily quoted the CNTA Chairman as saying, adding that China was “preparing to revise laws” in relation to this. The number of Japanese tourists to China increased 23% to 2,17 million tourists in the first seven months of this year, while South Korean visitors to China climbed 27% to 2,35 million, according to official data. The Hangzhou event marked the fifth trilateral ministerial tourism meeting between China, Japan and South Korea. Orion to waive single Taiwan to welcome supplements cross-Strait medical Orion Expedition Cruises has an- tourists nounced that it will waive the single The first large group of cross-Strait supplement surcharge applied on medical tourists from mainland all sailings from 16 September to 21 China will arrive in Taiwan on 19 December 2010. Five cabins will be September for a six-day visit. The reserved for single occupancy on group, from Jiangsu province, will voyages including the Kimberley, undergo health checks and sight- Forgotten Islands, Papua New Guin- seeing tours during the visit, which ea, Great Barrier Reef, Australian has been arranged by Shin Kong East Coast, Tasmania, New Zealand Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital in Sub-Antarctic and New Zealand Taipei and the Jiangsu China Travel Fjordland itineraries. Service (JSCTS). Accor reports strong first-half figures Cambodia plans The European hotel giant posted longest Mekong bridge a net profit of EUR12 million for A delegation from Cambodia will the six months of 2010, from the travel to Japan in November to EUR150 million net loss it regis- select a company to build the Neak tered in the same period last year. Loeung Bridge, which will span the The group’s consolidated revenue Mekong River, providing quicker climbed 4,7% yearly to EUR2,85 connections on the route between billion. The group has also reduced Phnom Penh and Vietnam. The its net debt by EUR600 million to bridge, to be located in Cambodia’s EUR650 million in 2010, as part of its southeastern Kandal province, will 2010-13 asset disposal plan. Hotels be the country’s longest and most revenue for the first half of 2010 expensive bridge on completion in totaled EUR2,72 million, an increase 2015. Construction is expected to of 5.1% like-for-like. start next year. Thursday 02.09.2010
  25. 25. INTERNATIONAL NEWS 23 Phuket leads Thailand’s tourism back to boom levels Phuket is leading Thailand’s dramatic patterns to the resort island destination.” market, which is a good sign given that it tourism recovery in 2010, though the true is traditionally low season on the island,” impact of a shift in its tourist profile is yet The favourable forex for proximal tourists Chairman and CEO of Minor Group Inter- to be seen. has translated to a jump in airline passen- national Bill Heinecke said. ger traffic of 1.74 million in the first half of Passenger traffic through Phuket Interna- 2010 compared to last year. “Following recent events and low season tional Airport increased 28 percent in the demand...we are delighted to see that we first half of 2010 compared to the same Year-on-year data over the past five years have better results than last year. period in 2009, according to a report from revealed that passenger volumes had hit C9 Hotelworks. Driving the tourism surge the boom levels of 2007. With regards to the fourth quarter, we to the pre-economic crisis levels of 2007 have already seen positive signs for was a shift in tourist profile. The tourism boom has the hospitality strong bookings coming in for October, industry bullish after recent local and in- November and December, so we remain “Market dynamics are evolving with a ternational incidents had stymied growth. positive that there will be 15 percent year- game-changing shift in tourist profile from on-year growth.” a historical Eurocentric dependence on Hotel occupancies rose from 61 percent long haul European visitors to short haul in the first half of 2009 to 70 percent in the The political crises in Bangkok during Asian travellers,” C9 Hotelworks Manag- same period of this year, Mr Barnett said. April and May caused a 38 percent drop ing Director Bill Barnett said. in the second quarter of 2010, but their ef- However, this came at a cost of aver- fect on the hotel industry was offset by the “Driving this trend is the weakening of the age room rates, which were down nine tourist high season and increasing direct euro and pound sterling which have jolted percent. “The latter part of this year’s third international flights, Mr Barnett said. market sentiment and transformed travel quarter is seeing positive pick up in the Thursday 02.09.2010
  26. 26. 24 INTERNATIONAL NEWS A critical legacy for the nation is establishing and embedding Destination South Africa as one of the most inspiring, inviting,g and enjoyable tourist destination in the world. South Africa must ensure that the 2010 FIFA World Cup’s spotlight on Des- tination South Africa continues to shine long after the games conclude. This can only be achieved through effective, enduring, industry engaging promotion of the destination.” Critical to maintaining momentum of interest in the destination after the games, is achieving unprec- edented levels of exposure by the leaders of the travel trade from across the world. As a result, the tourism sector of South Africa is excited to announce that, for the first time in the history of South Africa as a premier tourism desti- nation, over 350 of the world’s travel trade decision makers will be visiting South Africa this coming October as delegates of the nation’s most impor- tant Mega-FAM Trip - The Travel Corporation’s (TTC) 2010 International Sales Conference. At the start of each decade, with great anticipation and excitement, TTC brings together its globally leading key personnel and sales managers, en- compassing its different brands and businesses from around the world. Held with great insight and impact in Beijing in 2000, the 2010 conference des- tination will be held in Cape Town. The 2010 conference will take the form of an incen- tive trip for over 350 of the company’s top perform- ing personnel (30 percent executives, 70 percent sales), all A-List business leaders and vital deci- sion makers for destinations seeking to compete and win on the global tourism stage. At present, 50 percent of attendees currently sell Destination South Africa, which translates to po- tential for 100 percent destination growth from this conference through direct exposure to this new The future of tourism sales destination for the remaining 50 percent not yet selling Destination South Africa. in South Africa Delegates represent the following priority travel trade source markets - all of which are important to Destination SOUTH AFRICA: the USA (over 100 del- beyond 2010 egates); Australia (over 80 delegates); Europe - in- cluding UK, Italy, France, Greece, and Switzerland (over 50 delegates); Canada (over 40 delegates); T he year 2010 represents a golden opportunity for South Africa as a nation Asia - including China, Japan, and Singapore (over to win not just on the football field as host nation of the 2010 FIFA WORLD 20 delegates); and NZ (over 10 delegates). CUP but on the global tourism stage. The reality, however, is that the end , The 2010 TTC Conference will act as an extended, of the 2010 Games do not mark the end of the work, they mark the beginning. extensive exposure of South Africa through the And for Destination South Africa, the tourism industry is firmly in extra time. keyhole of Cape Town and the Western Cape. As stated by Mr. Jabu Mabuza, chairman of South African Tourism: “2010 is a In addition to business discussion and debate with year of immense importance for South Africa. some of the world’s most powerful business think- Following six years of commitment and significant investment by all South Afri- ers and sellers in the travel and tourism sector, del- cans towards delivery of a successful 2010 FIFA World Cup - the best World Cup egates will have several opportunities to see, taste, ever in the opinion of FIFA and the millions of people who took part across the touch, hear, and feel Destination SOUTH AFRICA. nation and the world - South Africa has proven how truly alive with possibility Together, the events of the TTC 2010 Conference this nation is. provides an unprecedented opportunity for the global travel trade leaders to see, first-hand, the But for South Africa, success in 2010 is about more than the games. It is about the value of promoting and selling Destination South legacy, which the games leave behind. Africa. Thursday 02.09.2010
  27. 27. INTERNATIONAL NEWS 25 Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi hotel sector saws a 16% rise in July Abu Dhabi saw a 16% rise in the num- apartments achieved a healthier 72% oc- Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which is ber guests staying in the emirate’s 116 cupancy rate against their hotel counter- shaping up to be an thrilling finale for the licensed hotels and hotel apartments last parts which managed 54%. F1 season. month compared to July 2009. “Growth in what is traditionally a slow “In addition we have a strong business Guest numbers rose to 137,714 with the summer month for Abu Dhabi is immense- tourism line-up with a highlight being numbers of nights stayed totaling 376,439 ly encouraging,” said His Excellency this November’s staging of the inaugu- – a 24% increase on July 2009. The aver- Mubarak Al Muhairi, Director General, ral World Green Tourism Summit Abu age length of stay also increased by 6% to ADTA. “Our guest performance this year Dhabi which has a powerful international stand at 2.73 nights. has now gone over the million mark leav- speaker and exhibitor line-up.” ing us well placed to meet, if not exceed, The figures, just released by Abu Dhabi our 2010 target of 1.65 million. Some 1,074,293 guests have stayed in Abu Tourism Authority (ADTA), make July the Dhabi’s hotels and hotel apartments from ninth consecutive month of double-digit “We are confident because of what lies January to July end this year – a 16% in- guests growth for the emirate with, for the ahead in the coming months for Abu crease on the same period last year. Food first time, international market growth of Dhabi with the October launch of Ferrari and beverage revenues have grown 14% 29% outstripping domestic growth, which World Abu Dhabi which we believe will over the same comparative period and turned in a 4% increase. have strong regional and international now account for 35% of all hotel revenues. appeal and November’s staging of the The UAE still accounted for the largest number of guests in July with some 63,027 staying in the emirate’s hotels while the UK came in as the largest international market with some 7,101 guests – a 27% rise on July 2009. Saudi Arabia also turned in substantial growth of 47% with some 4,682 guests from the Kingdom staying in Abu Dhabi’s accommodation during the month while guests from France increased 36% to 2,070. Additional room capacity continued to drive down overall occupancy levels which are 13% lower than July 2009 with average room rates down by 23%. Hotel Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi Thursday 02.09.2010