Danh muc hoa chat tinh khiet


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Danh muc hoa chat tinh khiet

  1. 1. DANH M C HÓA CH T TINH KHI T Tên hàng hóa Ti ng Anh Tên hàng hóa Ti ng Vi t Công th c Ch t lư ng óng góiAcetaldehyde 40% Axetandehit CH3CHO AR 500mlAcetic acid 36% A.Axetic 36% CH3COOH AR500mlAcetic acid glacial A.Axetic CH3COOH AR 500mlAcetic anhydrit Axetic anhydrit (CH3CO)2O AR 500mlAcetone Axeton CH3COCH3 AR 500mlAcetonitryl Axeton nitryl CH3CN AR500mlAcetyl acetone Axetyn axeton C5H8O2 AR 500mlAcrylamide Acrylamit C3H6NO AR 250gAcrylic acid A.Acrylic C3H4O2 CP500mlacrylonitryl Acrylonitryl CH2=CHCN CP500mlAga-Aga Aga-Aga BR 500gAlanine(DL) DL-Alanin CH3CH(NH2)COOH BR 25gAlizarin red S Alizarin S C14H7NaO7S.H2O Ind 25gAlizarin yellow R Alizarin vàng R C13H8N3NaO5 Ind 25gAluminium foil Nhôm foil Al AR 500gAluminium powder Nhôm b t Al AR 500gAluminium sheet Nhôm t m Al AR 250gAluminium chlorite anhydrous Nhôm clorua khan AlCl3 AR 500Aluminium nitrate nonahydrate Nhôm nitrat tinh th Al(NO3)2.9H2O AR 500gAlluminium oxide Nhôm oxit Al2O3 AR 500gAluminium potassium sulphate Kali nhôm sun phat KAl(SO4)2 AR 500gAluminium sulfate octadecahydrate Nhôm sunphat tinh th Al2(SO4)3.18H2O CP 500gAmido black 10B Amido en 10B C22H14N6Na2O9S2 Ind 10gSulfanilic acid A.Sunphanilic NH2C6H4S AR 100gAmmonium acetate Amoni axetat NH4CH3COO AR 500gAmmonium bicacbonate Amoni bicacbonat NH4HCO3 AR 500gAmmonium cacbonate Amoni cacbonat (NH4)2CO3 AR 500gAmmonium ceric sulfate tetrahydrate Amoni xeri sunphat (NH4)2Ce(SO4)2.4H2O AR 25gAmmonium chlorite Amoni clorua NH4Cl AR 500gAmmonium citrate tribasic Amoni xitrat (NH4)3C6H5O7 AR 500gAmmonium dichromate Amoni icromat (NH4)2Cr2O7 AR 500gAmmonium ferric sulfate dodecahydrate Amoni s t III sunphat NH4Fe(SO4)2.12H2O AR 500gAmmonium ferrous sulfate hexahydrate i Morh Mu (NH4)2Fe(SO4)2.6H2O AR 500gAmmonium fluorite Amoni florua NH4F AR 250gAmmonium hydroxit 25-28% Amoni hydroxit NH4OH AR 2500mlAmmonium hydroxit 25-28% Amoni hydroxit NH4OH AR 500mlAmmonium methavannadate Amoni vanadat NH4VO3 AR 100gAmmonium molipdate tetrahydrate Amoni molip at (NH4)6Mo7O24.4H2O AR 500gAmmonium nikelsulfate hexahydrate Amoni nikel sunphat (NH4)22Ni(SO4)2.6H2OAR 500gAmmonium nitrate Amoni nitrat NH4NO3 AR 500gAmmonium oxalate monohydrate Amoni oxalat (NH4)2C2O4.H2O AR 500gAmmonium persulfate Amoni pesunphat (NH4)2S2O8 AR 500gAmmonium persulfate Amoni pesunphat (NH4)2S2O8 CP 500gAmommnium hydrophosphate Amoni photphat monobassic NH4H2PO4 AR 500gAmmonium sulfate Amoni sunphat (NH4)2SO4 AR 500g
  2. 2. Ammonium sulfide solution Amoni sunphua (NH4)2S AR500mlAmmonium sulphite Amoni sunphit (NH4)2SO3 AR 500gAmmonium thiocyanate Amoni thioxyanat NH4SCN AR 500gAmyl acetate Amyl axetat C7H14O2 AR 500mlAniline Aninilin C6H5NH2 AR 500mlPotassium antimony(III) oxide tartrate hemihydrate tactrat Kali antimoni C4H4KO7Sb.1/2H2O AR 500gAntymoni trichlorite Antimon clorua SbCl3 AR 500gAntimoni oxide Antimon oxit Sb2O3 AR-500gAscorbic acid VitaminC C6H8O6 AR 25gBarium carbonate Bari cacbonat BaCO3 AR 500gBarium chlorite dihydrate Bari clorua BaCl2.2H2O AR 500gBarium chromate Bari cromat BaCrO4 AR 500gBarium hydroxide octahydrate Bari hydroxit Ba(OH)2.8H2O CP 500gBarium nitrate monohydrate Bari nitrat Ba(NO3)2.H2O AR 500gBarium sulphat Bari sunphat BaSO4 AR500mlBenzaldehyde Benzaldehit C6H5CHO AR 500mlBenzen Benzen C6H6 AR 500mlBenzoic acid A.Benzoic C6H5COOH AR 250gBenzoyl peroxide Benzoyl peroxit C14H10O4 AR 500gBenzyl ancol Benzylancol C6H5CH2OH CP 500mlBenzyl chlorite Banzylclorua C7H7Cl AR 500mlBismuth nitrate Bitmut nitrat Bi(NO3)2.5H2O AR 500gBismuth oxide Bitmut oxit Bi2O3 AR 500gBismuth subnitrate Bitmut subnitrat 4BiNO3(OH)2.BiO(OH) AR 500gBromine solution 3% Dung d ch Brom3% Br2 AR 500mlBoric acid A.Boric H3BO3 AR 500gBromocresol green Bromocresol xanh C21H14Br4O5S Ind 5gBromo cresol purple Bromo cresol tím C21H16Br2O5S Ind 25gBromophenol blue Bromophenol xanh C19H10Br4O5S Ind 25gBromothymol blue Bromo thymol xanh C27H28Br2O5S Ind 10gButanol(n) n-Butanol C4H10O AR500ml2-Butanone Metyl etyl xeton C4H8O AR 500mlButyl acetate Butyl axetat C5H10O2 AR 500mlButynediol(1-4) 1,4 Butyn iol C4H6O2 CP 500gButyric acid A.Butyric C3H9COOH AR500mlCadimium chlorite Catmi clorua CdCl2 AR 100gFluorexon (Calcein) Calcein C30H24N2Na2O13 AR 10gCalcium metal Canxi kim lo i Ca AR500gCalcium acetate Canxi axetat Ca(CH3COO)2.H2O AR 500gCalcium hydroxit Canxi hydroxit Ca(OH)2 AR 500gCalcium cacbonate Canxi Cacbonat CaCO3 AR 500gCalcium chlorite dihydrate Canxi Clorua tinh th CaCl2.2H2O AR 500gCalcium nitrate tetrahydrate Canxi nitrat Ca(NO3)2.4H2O CP 500gCalcium oxide Canxi oxit CaO AR 500gCalcium phosphat dibasic DCP Ca2HPO4 AR 500gCalcium sulfate dihydrate Canxi sunphat CaSO4.2H2O AR 500gCarbon disulfide Cacbon isunphua CS2 AR 500mlCarbon tetrachlorite Tetraclorua cacbon CCl4 AR 500mlCarmine Cacmin Ind 10g
  3. 3. Cedawood oil D u Ceda FMP 25mlCeric oxide Xeri oxit CeO AR 100gCeric sulfate tetrahydrate Xeri sunphat CeSO4.4H2O AR 25gCharcoal activative Than ho t tính C AR 500gChloralhydrate Cloralhydrat C2H3Cl3O2 CP 250gChlorobenzen Clobenzen C6H5Cl CP 500mlChromium chlorite Crom clorua CrCl3 AR 500gChromium nitrate Crom nitrat Cr(NO3)2 AR 500gChromium secquioxid Crom oxit Cr2O3 CP 500gChromic acid A.Cromic CrO3 AR 500gPotassium chrom sulfate dodecahydrate Phèn crôm KCr(SO4)2.12H2O AR 500gChromotropic acid A.Cromotropic C10H8O3S AR 25gCitric acid monohydrate A.Xitric tinh th C6H8O7.H2O AR 500gCobalt chlorite hexahydrate Coban clorua CoCl2.6H2O AR 100gCobalt nitrate hexahydrate Coban nitrat Co(NO3)2.6H2O AR 100gCobalt secquioxide Coban oxit Co2O3 AR 100gCobalt sulfate heptahydrate Coban sunphat CoSO4.7H2O AR 100gCongo red Congo C32H22N6Na2O6S2 Ind 25gCopper metal powder ng b t Cu AR 500gCupruos chlorite ng I clorua CuCl AR-500gCupper II chlorite dihydrate ng II clorua CuCl2.2H2O CP 500gCupper II chlorite dihydrate ng II clorua CuCl2.2H2O AR 500gCupric nitrate trihydrate ng II nitrat Cu(NO3)2.3H2O CP 500gCupric oxide powder ng II oxit b t CuO AR 500gCupric sulfate anhydrous ng sunphat khan CuSO4 AR 500gCupric sulfate pentahydrate ng sunphat tinh th CuSO4.5H2O AR 500gCrystal violet Crystal tím C25H30ClN3 Ind 25gCyclohexane Xyclohexan C6H12 AR 500mlCyclohexanol Xyclohexanol C6H11OH AR-500mlDextrin Dextro (C6H10O5)n.xH2O AR 500gSodium dimethyldithiocacbamate Natri dimetylthiocacbamat C5H10NNaS2.2H2O AR 100gDibutyl phtalate i Butyl phtalat C16H22O4 AR500ml1,2Dichloro ethane 1,2 icloetan ClCH2CH2Cl AR 500mlDichoromethane Diclometan CH2Cl2 AR 500mlDiEthanolamine Dietanolamin HN(Ch2CH2OH)2 AR 500mlDiethylamine Dietylamin (C2H5)2NH AR 500mlDiethylene glycol DEG C4H10O3 AR 500mlDimethylformamide Dimetylfocmamit (CH3)2HCON AR 500mlAcid chrom blue black A.Crom xanh en C16H9N2Na3O12S3 AR 10gDimethylsulfoxide i Metyl sunphoxit C2H6OS AR 500ml2,4Dinitrophenyl hydrazin 1,2Dinitrophenylhydrazin C6H6N4O4 Ind25gDioxan(1-4) 1,4 §ioxan C4H8O2 AR 500mlDiphenylamine iphenylamin C12H11N AR 100gDithizone ithizon C13H12H4S AR 5gEosin Y Eosin YEriochrom black T ETOO C20H12N3NaO7S AR 25gEthanol absolute C n tuy t i C2H5OH AR 500mlEthanolamine Etanolamin OHCH2CH2NH2 AR 500mlDiethyl ether Ete etylic (C2H5)2O AR 500ml
  4. 4. Ethyl acetate Etyl axetat CH3COOC2H5 AR 500mlEthylene diamine Etylen iamin (NH2CH2)2 CP500mlSodium(di) Ethylenenediaminetetraacetate salt Na2EDTA C10H14N2Na2O8.H2O AR 250gSodium(di) Ethylenenediaminetetraacetate salt Na2EDTA C10H14N2Na2O8.H2O CP 250gEthylene glycol Etylen glycol (C2H2.OH)2 AR 500mlFluorosilicic acid A.Flosilisic H2SiF6 CP 500mlFormaldehide Focmalin HCHO AR 2500mlFormaldehide Focmalin HCHO AR 500mlFormic acid A.Focmic HCOOH AR 500mlFushin bazic Fucsin bazo C20H20ClN3 AR 25gFumaric acid A.Fumaric CP100gFurfural Fufural C5H4O2 AR 500mlGelatin Gielatin BR 500gGibberellic acid GA3 BR1gGiemsa stain Giemsa BR 25gGlucose Monohydrate ư ng gluco C6H12O6.H2O AR 500gGlycerine Glyxerin C3H8O3 AR 500mlGlycine Glyxin NH2CH2COOH BR 100gGlyoxan Glyoxan C2H2O2 AR 500mlPotassium gold cyanide Kali vàng xyanua K2AuCN6 AR1gHeptane(n) n-Heptan C7H16 AR 500mlHexametylenetetramine Urotropin C6H12N4 CP 500gHexane(n) n-Hexan C6H14 AR 500mlHydrazine sulfate Hydrazin sunphat NH2.NH2.H2SO4 AR 100gHydrobromic acid A.Bromhydric HBr AR500mlHydrochloric acid A.Clohydric HCl AR 2500mlHydrochloric acid A.Clohydric HCl AR 500mlHydrofluoric acid A.Flohydric HF AR 500mlHydrogen peroxide Oxi già H2O2 30% AR 500mlHydroxylamine hydrochloric Hydroxylamin NH2.OH.HCl AR 25gHydroxylquinoline(8) Hydroquinolin C9H7NO AR 25gIndigocarmine Indigo cacmin C16H8N2Na2O8S2 Ind 25g3Indol acetic acid IAA CP 1gIndole-3- butyric acid IBA C12H13NO2 CP 1gIodine I t J2 AR 250gIron powder reduce S tb t Fe CP 500gIron(III) chlorite hexahydrate S t III clorua tinh th FeCl3.6H2O AR 500gIron(III) nitrate nonahydrate S t III nitrat Fe(NO3)3.9H2O AR 500gIron(III) oxide S t III oxit Fe2O3 AR 500gIron(II) sulfate heptahydrate S t II sunphat FeSO4.7H2O AR 500gIron(III) sulfate hydrate S t III sunphat Fe2(SO4)3.xH2O AR 500gIron(II) sulfide S t sunphua FeS CP 500gisoAmyl acetate izo Amyl axetat C7H14O2 CP 500mlAlizarin yellow GG Alizarin vàng GG C13H8N3NaO5 Ind 25gLactic acid A.Lactic C6H6O3 AR 500mlDodecanoic acid A. odecanoic C12H24O2 AR 500gLead(II) acetate trihydrate Chì axetat bazo Pb(CH3COO)2.3H2O AR 500gLead(II) acetate bazic Chì axetat Pb(CH3COO)2.PbOH AR 1000gLead(II) nitrate Chì nitrat Pb(NO3)2 AR 500g
  5. 5. Lead(II) oxide Oxit chì vàng PbO AR 500gLead(II,IV) oxid Oxit chì Pb3O4 AR 500gLead dioxide Chì ioxit PbO2 AR 500gLead(II) sulfate Chì sunphat PbSO4 AR 500giso Amyl ancol izo Amyl ancol C5H11OH AR 500mlLithium chlorite monohydrate Liti clorua LiCl.H2O AR 500gLithium hydroxide monohydrate Liti hydroxit LiOH.H2O AR 500gLithium sulfate monohydrate Liti sunphat Li2SO4.H2O AR 100Lysin carbonate Lysin AR 5gMagnesium Powder Magiê b t Mg CP 500gMagnesium chlorite hexahydrate Magiê clorua MgCl2.6H2O AR 500gMagnesium oxide Magiê oxit MgO AR 500gButanol(iso) iso Butanol C4H9OH AR 500mlMagnesium sulphate heptahydrate Magiê sunphat MgSO4 AR 500gMalachite green Malachit xanh C48H50N4O4.2H2C2O4 Ind 100gMaleic anhydrite Anhydric maleic C4H2O3 AR 500gMalic acid A.malic AR 25gManganese carbonate Mangan cacbonat MnCO3 AR 500gManganese chlorite tetrahydrate Mangan clorua MnCl2.4H2O AR 500gManganese nitrate solution50% Mangan nitrat dung dÞch50% Mn(NO3)2 CP 500mlManganese(IV) oxide(powder) Mangan ioxit MnO2 AR 250gManganese sulphate monohydrate Mangan sunphat MnSO4.H2O AR 500gD-Manitol D.Manitol C6H14O6 AR 100gMercaptoacetic acid A.Thioglycolic C2H4O2S AR100mlMercury Thu ngân Hg AR 250gMercury(II) acetate Thu ngân axetat Hg(CH3COO)2 AR 100gMercury(I) chlorite Thu ngân I Clorua Hg2Cl2 AR 250gMercury(II) chlorite Thu ngân II clorua HgCl2 AR 500gMercury(II) iodide Thu ngân iot ua HgJ2 AR 100gMercury(I) nitrate dihydrate Th y ngân I nitrat Hg2(NO3)2.2H2O AR 250gMercury(II) nitrate monohydrate Thu ngân II nitrat Hg(NO3)2.H2O AR 500gMercury(II) oxide red Thu ngân oxit HgO AR 100Mercury(II) sulfate Thu ngân II sunphat HgSO4 AR 250gMethaacrylic acid A.Metacrylic C4H6O2 CP 500mlMethanol Metanol CH3OH AR 500mlMethyl amine Metylamin CH3NH2 AR 500mlMethylene blue Xanh metylen C16H18ClN3S.3H2O AR 25gMethyl ethyl keton Metyl etyl xeton C4H8O AR 500mlMethyl methaacrylate Metyl meta acrylat C5H8O2 CP 500mlMethyl orange Mtyl dacam C14H14N3NaO3S AR 25g4-Methyl-2-Penthanol Metyl isobutyl cacbinol C6H14O AR 500mlMetyl isobutylketone Metyl isobutyl xeton C6H12O AR-500mlMethyl red Metyl C15H15N3O2 AR 25gMethyl thymol blue Metyl thimol xanh C37H44N2O12S AR 5gMethyl violet Metyl tím C25H30ClN3 Ind 25gMurexide Murexit C8H8O6S6 Ind 25gNafthalene Naftalen C10H8 AR 250gNaphtol(1) anpha Naptol C10H8O AR 100gNaphtol(2) beta Naftol C10H8O AR 100g
  6. 6. Naphthylacetic acid(1) NAA C12H10O2 AR10gNickel(II) chlorite hexahydrate Niken clorua NiCl2.6H2O AR 500gNikel nitrate Niken nitrat Ni(NO3)2 AR 500gNickel(II) sulfate heptahydrate Niken sunphat NiSO4.7H2O AR 500gNinhydrin Ninhydrin C9H4O3.H2O AR 5gNitric acid Axit Nitric HNO3 AR 2500mlNitric acid Axit Nitric HNO3 AR 500mlNitrobenzen Nitrobenzen C6H5NO3 AR 500mlNaphthylamine(1) Naftinamin C10H9N CP50gOctan(iso) iso Octan C8H18 AR500mlOctanol(1) 1-Octanol C8H18O AR 500mlOleic acid Axit Oleic C18H34O2 AR500mlOxalic acid dihydrate Axit Oxalic H2C2O4.2H2O AR 500gParafine liquid Parafin l ng CP 500mlParaformaldehide Para Focmaldehit (CH2O)n AR 500gn Amyl ancol n-Amyl ancol AR 500mlPeptone Pepton BR 500gPerchloric acid A.Pecloric HClO4 AR 500mlPetroleum ether 30-60 Ete d u h a 30-60 AR 500mlPetroleum ether 60-90 Ete d u h a 60-90 AR 500mlPhenaltroline(1-10) monohydrate 1-10 Phenaltrolin C12H8N2.H2O AR 5gPhenol Phenol C6H5OH AR 500gPhenolphtalein Phenolftalein C20H14O4 AR 25gPhenol red Phenol C19H14O5S Ind 25gPhosphoric acid Axit Photphoric H3PO4 AR 500mlPhosphorus red Photpho P AR 500gPhthalic anhydrite AP C8H4O3 AR 500gPicric acid A.Picric (OH)C6H2(NO3)3 AR 25gHeliotropin C8H6O3 LR 500gPolyethylene glycol 4000 PEG4000 CP 500gPoly vinyl pyrolidone PVP CP 250gPotassium bicarbonate Kali bicacbonat KHCO3 AR 500gPotassium hydrogen phtalate Kali hydrophtalat C8H5KO4 PT 100gPotassium bisulphate Kali bisunphat KHSO4 AR 500gPotassium bromate Kali bromat KBrO3 AR 500gPotassium bromate Kali bromat KBrO3 CP 500gPotassium bromide Kali bromua KBr AR 500gPotassium cacbonate hemihydrate Kali cacbonat K2CO3.1/2H2O AR 500gPotassium chlorate Kaliclorat KClO3 AR 500mlPotassium chloride Kali clorua KCl AR 500gPotassium chromate Kali cromat K2CrO4 AR 500gPotassium cyanide Kali xyanua KCN AR 500gPotassium dichromate Kali icromat K2Cr2O7 AR 500gPotassium hexacyanoferrate(III) Kali feryxyanua K3FeCN6 AR 500gPotassium hexacyanoferrate(II) trihydrate Kali feroxyanua K4FeCN6.3H2O AR 500gPotassium fluoride dihydrate Kali florua KF.2H2O AR 500gPotassium flosilicate Kali flosilicat K2SiF6 CP-500gPotassium hydroxide Kali hydroxit KOH AR 500gPotassium iodate Kali iodat KIO3 AR 100g
  7. 7. Potassium iodide Kali io ua KI AR 500gPotassium methabisulphite Kali metabisunphit K2S2O5 AR 500gPotassium nitrate Kali nitrat KNO3 AR 500gPotassium nitrite Kali nitrit KNO2 AR 500gPotassium permanganate Thu c tím KMnO4 AR 500gPotassium peroxodisulfate Kali pesunphat K2S2O8 CP 500gPotassium(di) hydrogen phosphate Kali photphat dibasic K2HPO4 AR 500gPotassium dihydrogen phosphate Kali photphat monobasic KH2PO4 AR 500gPotassium disulfate Kali pyrosunphat K2S2O7 AR 500gPotassium sodium tactrate tetrahydrate Natri tactrat Kali KNaC4H4O6.4H2O AR 500gPotassium sulfate Kali sunphat K2SO4 AR 500gPotassium thiocyanate Kali thioxyanat KSCN AR 500gPropanol(iso) IPA C3H8O AR 500mlPropionic acid A.Propionic C2H5COOH AR 500mlPyridine Piriddin C5H5N AR 500mlPyridine Piriddin C5H5N CP 500mlPyridylazo(2-4)-2-Naphtol PAN C15H11N3O Ind 5gPyridylazo(2-4)Resocinol PAR C11H9N3O2 AR 10gPyrogallic acid Pyrogalon C6H3(OH)3 AR 100gResocinol Resocxinol C6H6O2 AR 100gSodium rhodizonate Natri rodizonat CP 5gSalixylic acid A.Salixilic C7H8O2N2 AR-250gSlicagen indicator Silicagen i m u AR 500gTungstosilicic acid hydrate A.Tungstophotphoric H4SiO4(W3O9)4H4O40SiW12 AR 100gSilver nitrate B c nitrat AgNO3 AR 100gSiver sulfate B c sunphat Ag2SO4 AR 100gSoda lime Vôi xô a AR 500gSodium metal Natri kim lo i Na CP-500gSodium acetate anhydruos Natri axetat khan NaCH3COO AR 500gSodium acetatet trihydrate Natri axetat tinh th NaCH3COO.3H2O AR 500gSodium azide Natri azit NaN3 AR 100gSodium benzoate Natri benzoat NaC6H5COO AR 250gSodium hydrogen cacbonate Nabica NaHCO3 AR 500gSodium bisulphate Natri bisunphat NaHSO4.H2O AR 500gSodium hydrosunphite Natri bisunphit NaHSO3 AR 500gSodium bisulphite Natri bisunphit NaHSO3 AR 500gSodium borohydrite Natri bohydrua NaBH4 AR 100gSodium cacbonate anh Natri cacbonat khan Na2CO3 AR 500gSodium chlorate Natri clorat NaClO3 AR 500gSodium chloride Natri clorua NaCl AR 500gSodium chromate Natri cromat NaCrO4.4H2O AR 500gSodium citrate Natri xitrat Na3C6H5O7 AR 500gSodium dichromate Natri dicromat Na2CrO7.2H2O AR 500gSodium dithionite Natri hydrosunphit Na2S2O4 CP 500gSodium lauryl sulphate Natri lauryl sunphat C12H25NaO4S AR 250gSodium 1-dodecanesulfonate Natri laurylsunphat C12H25NaO3S CP 500gSodium fluoride Natri florua NaF AR 500gSodium fluoaluminate Na3AlF6 CP 500gSodium fluosilicate Natriflosilicat Na2SiF6 AR 500g
  8. 8. Sodium hydroxide Natri hydroxit NaOH AR-SD-500gSodium hydroxide Natri hydroxit NaOH AR-XL-500gSodium hypochlorite Natri hypoclorit NaOCl CP 500mlSodium hypophosphite Natri hypôphôtphit NaH2PO2 CP 500gSodium disulfite Natri metabisunphit Na2S2O5 AR 500gSodium molipdate Natri molipdat Na2MoO4 AR 500gSodium nitrate Natri nitrat NaNO3 AR 500gSodium nitrite Natri nitrit NaNO2 AR 500gSodium oxalate dihydrat Natri oxalat Na2C2O4.2H2O AR 500gSodium peroxide Natri peroxit Na2O2 AR 500gSodium(di) phosphate dodecahydrate atri photphat dibasic tinh th N Na2HPO4.12H2O AR 500gSodium dihydrogen phosphate anh Natri photphat dibasic khan NaH2PO4 AR 500gSodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate photphat monobassic Natri NaH2PO4.2H2O AR 500gSodium(tri) phosphate dodecahydrate Natri photphat Na3PO4.12H2O AR 500gSodium(tetra) diphosphate decahydrateNatri pyrophotphat Na4P2O7.10H2O AR 500gSodium selenite Natri selenit Na2SeO3 AR 50gSodium silicate nonahydrate Natri silicat tinh th Na2SiO3.9H2O AR 500gSodium stanate trihydrate Natri stanat NaSnO3.9H2O CP 500gSodium sulphate anh Natri sunphat khan Na2SO4 AR 500gSodium sulfide nonahydrate Natri sunphua Na2S.9H2O CP 500gSodium sulfite anhydrous Natri sunphit Na2SO3 AR 500gSodium sulfite anhydrous Natri sunphit Na2SO3 CP 500gSodium(di) tetraborate decahydrate Natri borac Na2B4O7.10H2O AR 500gSodium tetraphenyl borate Natry tetraphenyl boron C24H20BNa AR 10gSodium thiosulfate pentahydrate Natri hyposunphit Na2S2O3.5H2O AR 500gSPAN 80 SPAN80 C22H44O6 LR 500mlStarch soluble Tinh b t tan (C6H10O5)n AR 500gStearic acid A.Stearic C18H36O2 AR 500gStrontium chlorite hexahydrate Stronti clorua SrCl2.6H2O CP 500gStrontium nitrate Stronti nitrat Sr(NO3)2 AR-500gStrontium sulphate Stronti sunphat Sr(SO4) AR-500gStyrene Styren C8H8 CP 500mlSuccinic acid Axit Sucinic C4H6O4 AR 500gSuccinic anhydric Anhydric succinic C4H4O3 CP 100gSulphamic acid A.Sunphamic H2NSO3 AR 100gAmidosulfuaric acid H3NO3S AR100gSulfosalicylic(5) acid dihydrate A.Sunphosalixylic C7H6O6S2.H2O AR 100gSulphua powder Lưu huỳnh b t S CP 500gSulfuaric acid Axit Sunphuric H2SO4 AR 2500mlSulfuaric acid Axit Sunphuric H2SO4 AR 500mlTartric acid A.Tactric C4H6O6 AR 500g1,1,2,2Tetrachloroethane 1,1,2,2 Tetracloetan C2H2Cl4 AR100mlTetrahydrofural Tetrahydrofural C4H8O AR500mlThionyl chlorite Thionylclorua Cl2OS CP500mlThioure Thioure (NH2)2CS AR 500gThymol Thymol C10H14O AR 25gTin granular Thi c h t Sn AR 500gTin(II) chlorite dihydrate Thi c II clorua SnCl2.2H2O AR 500gTin(IV) chlorite pentahydrate Thi c IV clorua SnCl4.5H2O AR 500g
  9. 9. Tin(IV) oxide Thi c oxit SnO2 AR 500gTin(II) sulfate Thi c sunphat SnSO4 AR 500gTitanium(II) oxide Titan oxit TiO2 AR 500gTolidine(o) Tolidin C14H6N2 AR 25gToluen Toluen C6H5CH3 AR 500mlToluidine(o) Toluidin C7H9N CP 500mlBromoform Tribrom metan CHBr3 AR 100mlTributyl phosphate Tributtyl photphat C12H27O4P CP 500mlTrichloroacetic acid Tricloaxetic Cl3CCOOH CP 500gChloroform Triclometan CHCl3 AR 500mlTriethanolamine Trietanolamin (C2H5OH)3N AR 500mlurea Ure NH2CONH2 AR 500gXylene Xylen C6H4(CH3)2 AR 500mlXylenol orange Xylenol dacam C31H30N2Na2O13S AR 5gZinc granular K mh t Zn AR 500gZinc powder K mb t Zn AR 500gZinc acetate dihydrate K m axetat Zn(CH3COO)2.2H2O AR 500gZinc chlorite K m clorua ZnCl2 AR 500gZinc oxide K m oxit ZnO AR 500gZinc sulphate heptahydrate K m sunphat ZnSO4.7H2O AR 500gZirconium oxide Zirconi oxit ZrO2 AR 100gZirconium oxi chlorite Zirconi oxyclorrua