Develop a mobile marketing strategy


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Develop a mobile marketing strategy

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Develop a mobile marketing strategy

  1. 1. Sieu thi dien may Viet Long - Mobile Marketing
  2. 2. Agenda: The following is agenda: 1.Quick Intro • Client Team • Kona – Terms – Mobile Universe 2.Responsibilities / Deliverables 3.Review “Blueprint” Process 4.Goals of Engagement / Expectations 5.Overall Mobile Channel Objective 6.Channel Discussions Next meeting we will cover specific programs / campaigns that we should consider leveraging a mobile solution. In addition to a continuation of review of mobile channels and how they apply. Notes of each session will be distributed to participants the next day for review.
  3. 3. About UsFounded in 2005 in Overland Park, KSIncorporated in early 2006ApTxt original product offeringMember - Mobile Marketing Association
  4. 4. TerminologySMS – short message serviceMMS – multimedia message serviceStandard SMS – no additional fees associatedPremium SMS – additional fees billed to wireless accountWAP – wireless access protocol (“mobile web”)Mobile App – downloaded “rich” client (“Citi Mobile”)Opt-In / Opt-Out - permission based marketingDRM – digital rights management (Ringtones)Mobile – simple the mobile phone numberBlueTooth – wireless personal network communication
  5. 5. Mobile Universe - Worldwide Over 3 Billion Worldwide Subscribers Projected 3.9+ billion wireless subscribers by 2010 -50% of the worlds population( Bauer 2005) Today over 350 Billion text messages sent every month
  6. 6. Mobile Universe – US TodayOver 260 Million US Subscribers Over 15 billion text messages A MONTH in the US (est.30% are commercial)Mobile phone penetration is at 75% of the US population
  7. 7. Mobile Channel Opportunity Mobile phones offer a reach never seen before by any othermedium More people have mobile phones than landline phones Mobile phone penetration is greater than cable TV, home internetaccess, and Home Computers 89% of Major Brands Planning to Market via Mobile Phones by2008
  8. 8. Mobile Channel Obstacles Mobile is highly concentrated on 13-34 years olds. Highest participating group 13-24 ages. Limited success with groups 34+ to date SMS “Text” Marketing most accepted form Biggest obstacle is fear of “spam” or unwanted messages 2nd largest obstacle is fear of excessive fees from their carrier Mobile Search / Advertising Relatively small number of mobile web surfers Low number of quality mobile web “wap” sites to support mobile search No true ROI proven yet for mobile advertising Mobile Web Data plans are still only purchased by approximately 30% of mobile users Over 2500 handsets and different browsers makes web development costly Mobile Applications / TV / Video Custom applications require downloads and a very high majority (90%+) of mobile subscribers never download custom applications High cost of development and support for mobile applications
  9. 9. What is Kona Doing? Guide Client through mobile channel Blueprint process Knowledge transfer of best practices, industry trends, success/failures Deliver 2008-2009 Mobile Strategy Plan
  10. 10. Client Responsibilities Provide input as it relates to market demographics, services provides, goals established for Mobile Channel Provide direction to specific channels/opportunities to consider or disregard Provide direction on strategic and tactical planning items Execute a Mobile Channel Strategic Plan!
  11. 11. Blueprint Process Identify key “channels” for strategic consideration. Application to Client’s current programs/campaigns How could it be leverage for new programs SWOT Analysis of each Channel Channel Recommendations Priority Setting: High, Medium, Low Ranking: Top - Low Does it pass the sensibility test? Channel Vendor Identification Priority Setting: High, Medium, Low Ranking: Top – Low Strategic input for 2008 / 2009 Plans
  12. 12. Expectation Setting Personally what do you expect to get out of this exercise? What defines success for this project? What key objectives are most important to you? High Level Comprehensive Plan? Highly specific detail plan? Plan to leverage with other plans?
  13. 13. Expectation Setting (cont) How do you want to be perceived? Innovative – Cutting Edge - High Tech Conservative How risk tolerant are you for the mobile channel? High risk = try new things that likely will fail? Low risk = must have known ROI How important is the PR / Recognition aspect your mobile offerings? Major part of our marketing strategy Nice but not key goal Just provide great service for our prospects/customers
  14. 14. Objectives: Definition of specific objectives of this strategy that must accomplish. 1.Define key channels to leverage 2.Per key channel what is strategic solution 3.Per key channel what is tactical implementation 4.Per key channel top vendors / solutions 5.Timeline for key channel
  15. 15. Mobile Channel: The following are key channels that are being considered as part of this strategic plan: 1.Mobile Search 2.Mobile Advertising / Sponsorships 3.Mobile Promotions / Polls 4.Mobile Alerts / Notifications 5.Mobile Web (WAP) 6.Mobile Games / Social Networking 7.Mobile TV / Video
  16. 16. Channel Worksheet: We will create a worksheet as we go through each channel. The following are key data points of the process: 1.SWOT 2.Rank – how high is of importance 3.Size – is this a niche or a mass market 4.Competition – any of your competitors in this channel? 5.Blueprint – how it would be leveraged 6.To Market Time: a month, 3 months, a year? (see worksheet document for actual data capture)
  17. 17. Contact Info: Tom Walls – President 913.239.0750 x111