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Wear right jewelry to attend wedding ceremony


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Wear right jewelry to attend wedding ceremony

  1. 1. Wear Right Jewelry to Attend Wedding Ceremony When you received a wedding invitation card, you must start to think that how to dress up and then become the most beautiful guest in wedding ceremony. With time going on, it is time to choose a suitable looking to attend important occasion. Serious church wedding, garden wedding and beach wedding ceremony are the fashion and romantic wedding forms. As long as you choose right clothes and jewelry, you must be outstanding. And there are some warm tips about dressing and choosing jewelry, and thus you don’t have to select what you need in wedding jewelry wholesale market for too much time. Church wedding Don’t wear black dress, although black skirt, it is not polite. And also don’t wear clothes with body more exposed than covered. Tips: 1. Choosing inclined shoulder clothes with crystal brooch. 2. Choosing matching jewelry in simple design and color. 3. The color of clothes and jewelry shouldn’t be over three. Garden wedding Don’t wear stiletto heels to avoid stabbing into grass land. Don’t wear hat, no matter how it is beautiful. Tips: 1. Choosing skirt in light color and with painting. 2. Matching light skirt with colorful jewelry, and flower shaped is better. 3. Hair style in sense of vintage is better. Beach wedding Don’t wear clothes in old and shabby style, it is impolite. Don’t wear dress too long, it will bring a sense of inconvenience. Tips: 1. Silk long dress and long necklace is a good choice. 2. Complicated designed dress should be matched with earrings in vintage style. 3. Having hair rolled up should be the first choice to avoided hair style breaking by wind. All the jewelry you need to wear in some formal occasions, you can find on wholesale Swarovski jewelry market. And at the same time, crystal jewelry has a good decoration result to some extent.