The world of freedom brought by birds


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The world of freedom brought by birds

  1. 1. The World of Freedom Brought by Birds Stepped into the unstable last century, classicism and mythology started to get back with the economic crisis, so that jewelry is partial to decorous feeling. Wholesale best Swarovski crystal jewelry had not been listed into people’s daily lives. Bright color and metal have been used frequently and tremendously in jewelry design and making. And at the same time, many animal images have been applied into jewelry design such as poly, swallow and dove. Designers put more attention into jewelry that is in the image of poly because poly has exaggeratedly colored feather, which is suitable for the jewelry expectation in fashion world. And then designers can easily find inspiration from the fresh color of poly in the aspect of color using. No matter how beautiful or bright the color is, designers can make it give out its shinning to the full with the image of poly. At the end of 1800s, the image of dove had been popular with fashion world. As a symbol of peace, with the starting of war in the 1939, dove had started to appear in front of people. In that moment, dove was the best expression of people’s inner world that they hoped to live in peaceful lives. And then the image of dove has been applied in jewelry making to express the strong desire to peace, so that people choose jewelry in dove shape to express their real inner world that is hope of peace. Swallow has been popular with Eastern people for a long time because it is suitable for expressing emotion and feeling. In Eastern countries, swallow is the messenger of spring and the symbol of romance. During the Art Nouveau, artists from Europe started to draw inspiration from Eastern art, so that the image of swallow has been applied into western art especially in jewelry design tremendously. And at the same time, the swallow imaged jewelry has been popular with western people quickly. All the animal shape jewelry had been blended into more and more cultural elements in the form of shinning and sparkling way. People wear beautiful jewelry that is a special symbol of some culture to embody their real thinking about the world and life. when you buy wholesale fashion jewelry, what you should pay attention to is not only the price and quality, but also you need to have a knowledge of the culture and background story of it so that you will know about more about history or nature.