The memory of time


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The memory of time

  1. 1. The memory of time Do you still remember the time when you met each other in the first sight? Do you also remember what your facial expression is when you received the first gift from him or her? Life has a lot of unforgettable memories, but the man who can accompany you to the end sometimes maybe not the man who accompanies you in the beginning. Well, it seems a little sad to predict some uncertain factors, so remember to love the one you are with now. A ring and a necklace are both beautiful love. What the ring gives is the lifetime dependence, but the necklace seems a beautiful fairy tale. Do you mind opening the memory of time? I am wondering what is your first gift received. Looking at the cluttered desk, I want to do some cleaning up, accidentally, all things inside have been spilled on the ground. When I saw this necklace from the small bag, I remembered that it was belong to our monuments. The necklace is still shining, but our affection becomes more indifferent and distant. Once upon a time, it was my spiritual sustenance. I cannot remember on which day you sent it to me. What I merely remember is that I tell myself that I cannot lose it forever, and I know if I lose it, I will feel very sad. Sometimes if I cannot get the things well or when I feel upset, it will be my motivation because it seems you are on my side. Thinking of these things and the time we have experienced together, I decide to put this necklace on again instead of letting it is on the bottom of the desk, because I want to give us a chance to think out our relationship again. Do you also have a similar experience with me? I think we both have the same answer which is we feel no regret to meet him or her forever. A gift can be a tremendous gesture, buy a necklace for her to begin your love story. You can check out the wholesale necklace China to have your best choice. Hope you can have the fashion one rather than buy excess inventory. By the way, my necklace is from the Viennois-online. No matter what the story is, it is undeniable that it is of very high quality and good design. At last, I wish all lovers can have blessedness forever.