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Surprises brought by antique bazaar


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Surprises brought by antique bazaar

  1. 1. Surprises Brought by Antique Bazaar Many people’s first impression of Portobello bazaar came from the movie Notting Hill. In that movie, people can see that Portobello Market has a rolling road and terrain. The first part is antique bazaar, and the second part is foods market and the last part is old things as well as second-hand goods, plus fashion clothes bazaar. If you need to have a travel it, you can take off from the metro station of Notting Hill Gate, and then go straight along East, you will see the main street of Portobello soon as well as the antique bazaar. And every Saturday morning, vendors will put their entire antique and treasure jewelry on the two sides of the Portobello main street. And then you can have enough time and chances to have a look at antique, silver products, furniture, jewelry and accessories, watches and paintings, all of things have the attraction to make you fondle admiringly. And what make you feel surprising is that the bazaar never fades, because anytime is busy season. So no matter when you come here, you can get a rich visual dinner and broad your mind much more. Of course you cannot get wholesale cubic zirconia jewelry from here. And the vendors have a big space and enough freedom to change, so what you like but you didn’t buy, when you come here again, may you find that you have lost what you like forever. And of course for most of people, the biggest interesting point is the uncertainty which can bring you constant new surprises for your every travel. Other than the Notting Hill bazaar, the Bond Street in London is also popular with people all the time. And behind Bond Street, there is an ancient building built in 1990s. And then the old building had been rebuilt in 1977. Now what you can see is the new looking, and the building has been treated as the best antique bazaar. There are over 200 holders to sell antique get together, and what they sell is fine and delicate. From BC 40 to last century, all the collections you can find from here. And the sellers are old birds in antique industry. The antique they are selling includes silver products, antiques, vintage style fabrics and wood suitcase. They all seem to have a high price, but in fact, the price is reasonable. If you want to buy sincerely, it is possible to get a discount which is like discount jewelry online to some extent.