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Manukau matters issue 9 2006


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Manukau City council city-wide newspaper

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Manukau matters issue 9 2006

  1. 1. – TE KAEAEA MANUKAU CATWALK CREATIONS PAGE 2 MATTERS M S 5 NOVEMBER 2006 ISSUE 9 EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES AT COUNCIL PAGE 4 MANUKAU LEISURE TO BECOME COUNCIL MANUKAU LEISURE AT A GLANCE CONTROLLED • Four leisure facilities: – Moana-Nui-a-Kiwa ORGANISATION – Otara – Lloyd Elsmore Park Leisure Centre – Manurewa Aquatic Centre/ Ngaa Mahi a Rehia. SAME ORGANISATION, leisure facilities and this will ensure the organisation to reduce overhead costs • Five recreation and community DIFFERENT MANAGEMENT we will make the most of this investment,” as some of these costs will no longer be centres: STRUCTURE — THAT’S THE Mr Taylor says. recoverable from Manukau Leisure. - Allan Brewster Recreation WORD FROM MANUKAU CITY This means Manukau Leisure remains Free swimming pool access will remain, Centre COUNCIL FOLLOWING ITS a core part of the council’s services to as will free access to pool facilities for – Clendon Community Centre/ DECISION FOR MANUKAU ratepayers. disabled residents. Te Matariki LEISURE TO BECOME A “Although similar models are common A Board of Directors will be appointed, – Howick Recreation Centre COUNCIL-CONTROLLED in the United Kingdom, this is a fi rst in bringing commercial, community and – Manurewa Leisure Centre ORGANISATION (CCO). New Zealand for a CCO providing leisure industry experience to the company, as well – Pakuranga Youth Centre services,” he says. as having good networks within these areas. • Two swimming pools: Swimming pools, fi tness centres, child- “Through the CCO, council will be able A Statement of Intent, which will be – Papatoetoe Centennial Pools care facilities and community halls will still to fi nd ways to improve the services we negotiated annually together with a – Totara Park Swimming Pool be in council ownership and control. The offer, without further increasing the burden Contract of Service, will set the direction • Twenty-one community halls difference will be that they will be within a on ratepayers. Leisure is a highly dynamic for the company and identify what service • Manukau Leisure also manages: limited liability company — Manukau Leisure market, requiring a fl exible and responsive levels must be delivered. It will also contain – Childcare Services at Manurewa Limited — 100 per cent owned by council. governance structure. Manukau Leisure the requirements for reporting to council. Community Arts Centre (Nathan “Through a CCO, our staff will have more needs to be able to make the most of The company will also brief the Community Homestead) fl exibility to offer innovative services to opportunities to grow and increase revenue Boards every six months. – Te Puru Fitness Centre Manukau residents, and they will be able through initiatives such as sponsorships and The council will remain the owner of all (profi t-share with the Te Puru to focus solely on the business of leisure,” joint ventures.” Manukau city’s leisure facilities, which will Charitable Trust) Director Strategy Grant Taylor says. Council’s analysis identifi ed opportunities be leased to the company. – A total of 174 staff providing “Council has a commitment to a for revenue to increase by $600,000 recreation programmes and healthy city, and the leisure services we and for modest cost savings on existing services including qualifi ed provide must refl ect this commitment. Our services, Mr Taylor says. The creation of the childcare staff. ratepayers also have a big investment in our CCO will put pressure on the remainder of NEWS, VIEWS, INTERVIEWS, ENTERTAINMENT, PUBLIC NOTICES, JOBS... ALL INSIDE YOUR MANUKAU MATTERS
  2. 2. – FASHION’S BEST KNOWN STAPLE, ‘THE TE KAEAEA ‘LITTLE BLACK DRESS’ LITTLE BLACK DRESS’ HAS PROVED TO BE A MANUKAU MATTERS WINNING FORMULA ONCE AGAIN BY TAKING – Manukau Matters/Te Ka eaea is TRIUMPHANT AT OUT BOTH THE VILLA MARIA CULT-COUTURE 2006 PREMIER AWARD AND THE NIU FM published twice a month by the Manukau City Council and delivered to CULT-COUTURE OBVIOUSLY ORGANIC CATEGORY LAST more than 100,000 households, rural SATURDAY NIGHT (14 OCTOBER). delivery addresses, and other locations within the city boundaries. Hamilton designer Donna Campbell’s aptly titled ‘Little Black Dress’ – Manukau Matters/Te Ka eaea helps is a fi gure-hugging, fi nely woven garment. council inform residents and ratepayers The judges in the event, hosted by Manukau City Council, were about council decisions, activities, impressed with her use of traditional raranga harakeke fl ax fi bre projects and events. It is a cost- and Maori weaving techniques. The garment is an outstanding effective way of providing important example of fashion design and construction, cultural fl air and statutory information such as public originality, as well as creativity and innovation. notices concerning planning and Event organiser, council’s Art Events Manager Chantelle resource consent issues. Whaiapu, was thrilled with the entries. – Manukau Matters/Te Ka eaea also “This year we had entries from as far afi eld as the West Coast. contains articles of interest to Manukau The imagination, fl air and creativity involved were amazing.” residents, promoting the city’s resources, attractions, facilities and community events. CONTACT US AT EMAIL manukaumatters@ manukau.govt.nz EDITORIAL 262 5223 EVENT LISTINGS www.manukau.govt.nz and select ‘calendar of events’ under the ‘most popular’ banner. DISTRIBUTION 262 5104 POST Manukau City Council, Pvt Bag 76917, Manukau City COUNCIL URGES RATEPAYERS: (attention Manukau Matters) “CHECK FOR RATES REBATES DESIGNED BY ELIGIBILITY” Scenario Communications Limited All ratepayers are urged to check to see if they are eligible for EDITOR Jenna Moore a rates rebate under the Government’s recently amended Rates CHIEF WRITER Vienna Richards Rebate legislation. To date, more than 2000 people have received rebates for WOULD YOU LIKE A DIGITAL this year’s rates but council Manager Financial Policy, Planning VERSION OF MANUKAU MATTERS? and Investments Bob Trautz says there are potentially thousands In addition to your printed copy, we can more ratepayers eligible for a full or partial rebate who have yet send you a PDF version. Email us at to inquire or fi le an application. manukaumatters@manukau.govt.nz “It’s not a diffi cult process. People can go online and check for themselves whether they qualify. The calculator is simple to use and while people might not qualify for the whole $500 WANT TO CONTACT rebate, they may qualify for a partial rebate, depending on their COUNCIL, OR YOUR individual circumstances,” Mr Trautz says. ELECTED COUNCILLOR? While the maximum rebate is $500, and the income threshold Council’s main administration phone is $20,000, ratepayers earning up to $30,000 or more might also number is 263 7100 (business hours). qualify for a partial or full rebate. This is because rebates are Use the Call Centre on 262 5104 calculated on a sliding scale balancing the actual amount of the (24 hours) for assistance with: graffi ti, rate demand against income and the number of dependents the roading, signs, refuse disposal, traffi c, ratepayer has. For example, a ratepayer with three dependants street lighting, environmental by- on an income of $30,000 and a rates total of $1850 will still laws, noise complaints, dog control, qualify for a partial rebate. statistical information, LIM reports, Check online at www.manukau.govt.nz, or call the Manukau land rates and kerbside recycling. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: ‘LITTLE BLACK DRESS’ BY DONNA CAMPBELL, City Council Call Centre on 262 5104 for more information and an The council’s website has contact ‘A SINGER’S DREAM’ AND ‘ON THE STREETS’ application form. details for all elected Councillors and Community Board members, at: www.manukau.govt.nz and click on INNOVATIVE READING PROGRAMME A GREAT INVESTMENT IN FAMILIES ‘Your Council’, then News of the positive effects of a family just been released, that confi rms its reading programme recognises that, and select ‘Mayor and literacy programme in which parents benefi ts in economic, education and it’s one reason for the successful results. Councillors’ for their as well as children improve their reading social terms. “I have always believed we need to contact details or has been welcomed by Manukau Mayor “This is excellent news,” says Sir Barry. target parents as well as children in order ‘Community Boards’ Sir Barry Curtis. “Intergenerational family learning caters to help ‘at risk’ families. COMET has proven to see the lists of The Manukau Family Literacy to a large number of people who would not that even hard-to-reach parents can be community board Programme, developed by COMET (City normally be part of mainstream education. helped. The fl ow-on effects in the wider members. of Manukau Education Trust) with support “Different cultural groups respond to community, through higher incomes as from AUT, targets parents and children to education differently, just as individuals do. well as greater literacy, will be tremendous improve their literacy skills. It focuses on Some learn best from doing, others from and must be recognised and applauded.” NEXT ISSUE Sunday 19 Nov 2006 Maori and Pasifi ka families. theoretical means such as reading, while Contact COMET on 09 968 8773 or visit ISSN 1177-522X A Price Waterhouse Coopers report others from learning alongside their families their website www.comet.org.nz on the programme’s achievements has where they feel most comfortable. COMET’s
  3. 3. NEW COMMUNICATION TOOL FOR THE CHRISTMAS IN THE CITY Christmas is just weeks away and Manukau city is getting into the spirit of the season. HEARING AND SPEECH IMPAIRED With a generous helping of free events, you’ll want to get out and celebrate with family If you are someone, or know someone, building, they can dial the Relay Service who and friends. who is deaf, hearing-impaired, deaf-blind will place the call for them and act as their Events begin in Howick with Turning on Christmas Lights at Stockade Hill on Friday or speech-impaired and need to conduct ears and voice.” 17 November, followed by Otara’s Turning On Christmas Lights at Ferguson Oaks a week business with Manukau City Council, you’ll Users are able to draw on the technology later. We then start on the Santa Parades and Carols by Candlelight around the city, be pleased to know that the council’s Call to get in touch with anyone except including the very fi rst Xmas by Jandalight sponsored by Niu FM Radio Network. Centre uses New Zealand Relay, a telephone emergency services. All calls are strictly The following Christmas events details are as provided to Manukau Matters at time of facility destined to make life much easier. private and are erased once they are deadline. Organisers of any events not mentioned here are welcome to provide details The service works by using a relay fi nished. to manukaumatters@manukau.govt.nz not later than midday Thursday 9 November, for assistant (similar to using an interpreter) Council’s Call Centre welcomes any calls inclusion in Issue Ten, published on 19 November. to speak words typed on a textphone (TTY) from people using the relay service and, like or via the internet by a deaf or speech- NZ Relay service, the centre operates 24 CALENDAR OF EVENTS impaired person. hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days Senior Planner for Diverse Communities, a year. FRIDAY 17 NOVEMBER SATURDAY 9 DECEMBER Raewyn Stone, says Manukau City Council For more information, visit www.nzrelay. Turning on Christmas Lights Christmas Lunch is committed to providing equal access to co.nz 7.30pm, Stockade Hill, Howick for Orere Pt Senior Citizens council services and facilities, and ensuring Please note: Do not use NZ Relay to dial 12noon, Orere War Memorial Hall inclusive communications. She says that emergency services. In an emergency, FRIDAY 24 NOVEMBER Clevedon Santa Parade the Relay Service helps to reduce social please contact Emergency Services directly: Turning on Christmas Lights Main roads, Clevedon, afternoon isolation and enables self reliance for those • Deaf Emergency Fax 0800 16 16 10 7pm, Ferguson Oaks, Otara using the service. • Deaf Emergency TTY 0800 16 16 16. Niu FM’s Xmas by Jandalight The Deaf Association of New Zealand’s SATURDAY 25 NOVEMBER 6.30pm—8:30pm, Botanic Gardens, Manukau Coordinator, Jo Smith, says Further information on emergency services: Howick Santa Parade Manurewa there are different ways of communicating Police 1pm through the resource. Callers can use a TTY www.police.govt.nz/generalinfo/calling111.php SUNDAY 10 DECEMBER to type a message and the relay assistant Fire WEDNESDAY 6 DECEMBER Papatoetoe Carols by Candlelight will voice it to the hearing party or vice www.fi re.org.nz Papatoetoe Santa Parade 7pm, Allenby Park, Papatoetoe versa; Voice Carry-over, which allows the Ambulance 7pm, Main roads, Papatoetoe (Children’s entertainment begins at 4pm) deaf caller to speak directly to the party www.stjohn.org.nz/tips/dial111.aspx they are calling and the relay assistant will THURSDAY 7 DECEMBER TUESDAY 19 DECEMBER type the hearing person’s voice response Mangere Bridge Santa Parade Mangere Bridge Carols by Candlelight back to the caller; or Hearing Carry-Over, Coronation Road, Mangere, afternoon 8pm, Naomi and Bill Kirk Park, Coronation where the person who is speech-impaired can listen directly to the person they want Street. Please bring a candle and be to communicate with and the relay assistant prepared for wet or cold weather. will voice the caller’s typed responses. Ms Smith says that if a deaf person needs to contact council about a rates rebate, for 30 YEARS OF GREAT example, then “instead of going into the READING Manukau’s City Centre Library celebrated its 30th birthday on Friday 20 October. Library NOT LONG TO GROW staff and customers got together for a special Australasia’s largest horticultural event, morning tea to celebrate the occassion. The Ellerslie International Flower Show is The birthday cake was cut by Gwen Read, happening at the Auckland Botanic Gardens former Manager of City Centre Library and Manurewa from Wednesday 15 November now part-time Librarian, and loyal library until Sunday 19 November. For more member Patricia Eckhoff, both of whom have information visit: www.manukau.govt.nz been with the library since day one. PATRICIA AND GWEN CUT THE BIRTHDAY CAKE NEW MANGERE WARD FIREWORKS COUNCILLOR ELECTED COURTESY Newly elected Mangere Ward Councillor and Ratepayers. Last year council was inundated Sylvia Taylor will fi ll the seat left vacant by Her listed interests include working with with noise calls about fi reworks on the resignation of James Papali’i in August youth, combating graffi ti and crime, seeking the days leading up to and after Guy this year. fewer liquor outlets, and developing tourism Fawkes. Indeed, council received more Mrs Taylor defeated seven other in Mangere. complaints about this event than any contenders for the Mangere Ward with 3110 Ms Taylor has run for Council previously other. Unfortunately, calls to council’s votes, 464 votes clear of her nearest rival, in 2004 and she also stood in the general Call Centre seeking assistance from Labour’s Maria David. She will be sworn in election for the National Party in Mangere Noise Control will not help. This is as a councillor at the full Council meeting on in 1999 and 2002. because fi reworks don’t constitute 23 November. Electoral Offi cer John Skelton says voter an ongoing disturbance, so noise A resident of Mangere Bridge for the turn out for the by-election was 26.88 per offi cers cannot be called out to homes last fi ve years, Mrs Taylor’s supplied cent. This compares with 36.60 per cent to rectify the problem. So, the message candidate statement noted that she is in the Mangere ward for the 2004 local is, if you have fi reworks left over from currently chairperson and acting manager authority elections and 30.34 per cent for Guy Fawkes night, please be considerate of the Disabled Citizens Society and has a the last by-election in Mangere in 2003. to your neighbours when deciding where professional background in commercial Please see the public notice on the back and when to let them off. and industrial real estate. She is also page for a full list of the results. deputy chair of Mangere Bridge Residents
  4. 4. EMPLOYMENT PUBLIC NOTICES OPPORTUNITIES AT COUNCIL For these and other employment opportunities at council visit: www.manukau. govt.nz and select ‘Jobs at council’ under the ‘most popular’ banner. Customer Services Officers Te Matariki Clendon Community Centre Library Declaration of result of election Proposed Lease of 24R York Mangere Ward Councillor Road, Papatoetoe This is an excellent opportunity for people with a passion Sunnyside Tennis Club Incorporated to deliver quality customer services in a new and exciting Under Section 86 of the Local Electoral Act 2001 I hereby declare environment. We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated the result of the election held on 25 October 2006 for one Notice is given of the intention to people to work as customer services offi cers at Te Matariki Councillor representing the Mangere Ward. grant to the Sunnyside Tennis Club Clendon Community Centre and Library — Manukau’s fi rst centre a lease of part of the land known as to deliver integrated library and leisure services. Ideally you will Candidate Votes received Sunnyside Domain pursuant to the come from a customer-focussed background and have excellent 1. TAYLOR Sylvia 3110 Reserves Act 1977. level of computer literacy and numerical skills, as you will be 2. DAVID Maria 2646 Any queries relating to the proposed responsible for cash handling, facility and programme bookings, 3. SAFFI Edward 1081 lease, or requests for plans showing and telephone inquiries. We are looking for someone who works 4. ALP Kelvyn 956 the area to be leased, may be directed well in a team and requires minimal supervision. Experience from 5. HAKAORO Hakaoro 587 to Edward Woo, Property Manager, working in a library or recreation background will be a bonus. 6. PEARSON Nigel 429 Telephone (09) 262 8900 Ext. 5130. The 40-hour position is from Monday — Friday. The 20-hour 7. TURNER Fia 276 Any person or organisation wishing position might include some Saturday hours. The centre serves a 8. REREKURA Sam 200 to object to, or make submissions on, vibrant and diverse community, with a strong emphasis on youth the proposed lease may do so in writing services. If you have a “can do” attitude then this is an excellent Informal 26 directed to the Chief Executive Offi cer, opportunity for you. Blank 50 Manukau City Council, Private Bag 76917, Manukau city, Attention: Edward Woo, 1 x 40hrs — 8.00am—5.00pm I therefore declare Sylvia Taylor to be elected. not later than 6 December 2006. 1 x 20hrs — 3.30pm—7.30pm Vacancy Number: MM 3581 John Skelton Applications close: 16 November 2006, 12 noon Electoral Offi cer Pacific Island Advisory 25 October 2006 Committee (PIAC) Notice of meeting Project Manager’s Assistant Community 16 November 2006 Mangemangeroa Valley Reserves Revised Are you interested in working with senior library managers Draft Management Plan Commencing at 6.00pm to help position Manukau Libraries for the future? We are Totara Room, level 3, Civic Centre seeking a highly skilled and experienced person to provide In accordance with Section 41 of the Reserves Act 1977, council 31-33 Wiri Station Road, Manukau project and senior administrative support to the Manukau has revised the 1995 draft management plan for Mangemangeroa For more information contact: Libraries Leadership Team. The library is currently undergoing Reserve in Howick. Whilst Mangemangeroa Reserve itself Faama Viliamu, PIAC Coordinator a period of intense project work resulting in the need for high remains the central subject of the management plan, the scope Call 262 8900 ext 8469 level management support. If you have initiative, excellent of the revised plan has been extended to include all reserves on or email: fviliamu@manukau.govt.nz communication, and superb administrative skills, apply now. both banks of the Mangemangeroa Creek between Sandspit and This position is for a period of one year fi xed term. Hayley Lane. Interested persons or organisations are now invited to make Brainwave: Catch the Wave Vacancy Number: MM 3569 submissions on the draft plan. Nurturing healthy, happy, Applications close: 9 November 2006, 12 noon To receive a copy of the draft plan, contact Malcolm Page, whole children Senior Parks Planner at: • Manukau City Council, Private Bag 76-917, Manukau city This conference hosted by MC Bernice Recreation Programmer — Fitness • Telephone 262 5243 Mene will include inspirational speakers Permanent, Part-time (32.25hrs) • Fax 262 5171 Mick Brown and Thelma Chapman. Howick Recreation Centre • Email mpage@manukau.govt.nz Ophir Cassidy from Brainwave will We are looking for an enthusiastic person who has a relevant present the scientifi c fi ndings of the fi tness qualifi cation, or who is currently in training, to work The closing date for submissions is Friday 22 December 2006. Trust with a ‘question and answer’ part-time in our busy Fitness Centre. Applicants must have a session to follow. current fi rst aid certifi cate, be adaptable and enjoy working with people of all ages. Administration and computer skills would be Pontoon at Half Moon Bay boat ramp 17 November 2006 an advantage. back in action this weekend 10am—12noon Mangere War Memorial Hall Vacancy Number: MM 3582 Repairs to the damaged pontoon at the Half Moon Bay boat Applications close: 9 November 2006, 12 noon ramp are on track for completion the fi rst week of November. RSVP by 3 November 2006 to: Any inquiries regarding the boat ramp should be directed to Sally Vernon Manukau City Council’s Call Centre, 262 5104, and not the Call 021 2 043 813 Customer Support Offi cer Bucklands Beach Yacht Club. or email: sallyvernon@gmail.com Permanent, Part-time (11.5hrs) Lloyd Elsmore Park Leisure Centre For more information visit: We require a positive, friendly person with excellent customer www.brainwave.org.nz service skills to work weekends in our reception area. Candidates For more details on these vacancies, or to view the should have a good working knowledge of computer systems, full list of employment opportunities at Manukau City great communication skills and must enjoy dealing with customer Council, you can visit www.seek.co.nz/manukau; email a request for a inquiries and requests. position description to jobs@manukau.govt.nz; or phone 09 262-8907. Please quote the vacancy number with all requests or inquiries and with Vacancy Number: MM 3576 your application. Manukau City Council is a progressive organisation Applications close: 16 November 2006, 12 noon with a leading role in the Local Government sector and a commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi.