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Manukau matters issue 3 2006


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Manukau City council city-wide newspaper

Published in: News & Politics, Travel, Sports
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Manukau matters issue 3 2006

  1. 1. 6 AUGUST 2006 ISSUE 3 MANUKAU TE REO SWIM BOOKLET PAGE 3 MATTERS M S STREETS AHEAD TRAVEL AS ART THE BANNERS BRIGHTENING UP COUNTDOWN TO MANUKAU BEST STREETS MANUREWA’S NEW TRANSPORT AND GARDENS AWARDS COMPETITION. INTERCHANGE ARE INSPIRED BY A STORY OF HOW THE AREA GOT Get ready to accentuate all that’s beautiful and positive about the ITS NAME. street where you live, because pride in your environment could help you win a share of $11,000 in prizes. Two sets of banners have been designed by local All streets in Manukau city are automatically entered in the artist Terry Koloamatangi Klavenes to hang off competition. Judging is not until later in the year but now is the time light poles at the interchange. to begin the groundwork that will see frontages at their best when the Where buses arrive, the set of banners are judges come around. inspired by the story of brothers Tamapahore The competition is sponsored by Manukau City Council and Enviro and Tamapahure. In an act of spite Tamapahure Waste, and organized by council’s Manukau Beautifi cation Charitable set adrift the kite belonging to his brother. Trust [MBCT]. MBCT Chief Executive Graeme Bakker says streets and In remembrance local Maori named the area Te gardens will be judged according to the pride taken in looking after Manurewa o Tamapahore each property. Each city ward and zone is judged independently. (the drifted away kite of “The key thing is street frontage and tidiness and we’re encouraging Tamapahore), which was people to work together,” he says. “We’re looking for creativity in eventually shortened to whatever form that takes. what is known today as “If people only grow grass, then we’ll be looking for well-looked-after Manurewa. grass,” he says, “and if they’ve grown prize winning roses, we’ll ask how The banners at the they compare with others.” train station use the idea From Monday 20 November to Monday 4 December judges will be walking of movement and travel. the streets. However, one of the fi rst tasks before winners can be decided, is Reference is made to the grid, bringing more judges on board. an element used in mapping “We’d like to rebuild numbers to about 100 so call us if you’re interested,” and navigation. The white dots says Mr Bakker. that move across the face of the Volunteer judges will be honoured at a special social event in October and do not banners suggest a stream of stars require green fi ngers or gardening experience. or a distant fl ock of migratory “You just need to be interested in gardening and what looks good, as well as having birds in mid-fl ight on their journey a little time.” to new shores. The mayoral awards ceremony for competition winners will be held in February 2007. The new interchange sees buses and trains arrive at the same central location behind Southmall shopping centre. More than 200 park n’ ride spaces are also provided. New and improved bus services have been introduced to link better with rail services, with the aim of encouraging more people to use public transport. To check train and bus timetables visit or call 09 366 6400. HOW YOUR RATES ARE SPENT PAGE 2 NEWS, VIEWS, INTERVIEWS, EVENT LISTINGS, ENTERTAINMENT, PUBLIC NOTICES, JOBS... ALL INSIDE YOUR MANUKAU MATTERS
  2. 2. WHY MANUKAU HOW YOUR RATES ARE SPENT FROM ROADS TO PARKS, REFUSE TO LIBRARIES, COUNCIL FUNDING IS SPREAD ACROSS A MATTERS HUGE RANGE OF ACTIVITIES TO KEEP THE CITY RUNNING SMOOTHLY. THIS GRAPH SHOWS WHERE SOME OF THE COUNCIL’S MAJOR EXPENDITURE WILL GO FOR 2006/07. Manukau Matters is published twice a month by the Manukau City Council KEY and delivered to more than 100,000 Major Capital Works 06/07 Transport includes households, rural delivery addresses, Passenger transport, roads. and other locations within the Forecast 06/07 Community Services includes city boundaries. Transport 104,207,000 Community development, housing for the Manukau Matters helps council Community Services 3,948,000 elderly, Memorial Gardens, Citizens Advice inform residents and ratepayers about Safe City 231,000 Bureaux, advocacy programmes for health, council decisions, activities, projects City Form & Environment 14,494,000 halls and events. It is a cost-effective way Corporate & Support Services 26,740,000 Safe City includes of providing important statutory Thriving Economy 1,442,000 Health and safety, community safety, information such as public notices Leadership & Governance 3,580,000 emergency management, better concerning planning and resource Leisure & Recreation 26,193,000 environment consent issues. City Form and Environment includes Manukau Matters also contains Managing growth, city beautifi cation, articles of interest to Manukau heritage, consents, stormwater, solid waste residents, promoting the city’s Corporate and Support Services includes resources, attractions, facilities Just some of the major capital works projects in Manukau city costing Human resources, information technology, more than $1million that are forecast for 2006/07 and community events. properties maintenance, fi nances, staff, Waiouru Peninsula to SH1 connection $16,957,000 support services CONTACT US AT Ormiston road reconstruction and bridge $10,295,000 Thriving Economy includes EMAIL manukaumatters@ Cavendish Liverpool-Nesdale Road connection $8,980,000 Education and employment advocacy, town Parks development $5,259,000 centres and business precincts, business EDITORIAL 262 5223 Road pavement renewals $8,553,000 initiatives, tourism, events EVENT LISTINGS Housing for the elderly renewals $2,754,000 Leadership and Governance includes Library Collection Renewals $2,701,000 Council Controlled Organisations (CCOs), DISTRIBUTION 262 5104 Footpath replacement $2,425,000 democratic services POST Manukau City Council, Sportsground renewals $1,696,000 Leisure and Recreation includes Pvt Bag 76917, Manukau City Stormwater improvement projects $1,650,000 Libraries, parks, swimming pools, recreation (attention Manukau Matters) Manukau rail link $1,631,000 centres, arts, grants (local and regional) DESIGNED BY Scenario Communications Limited EDITOR Jenna Moore THE BIG REVEAL TELEPHONE CHIEF WRITER Vienna Richards INTRODUCING THE NEW-LOOK SURVEYS IN HOWICK AND MANGERE LIBRARIES. MANUKAU CITY WANT TO CONTACT COUNCIL, Howick and Mangere libraries were closed Not all telephone surveys are thinly OR YOUR ELECTED recently to allow for the completion of disguised marketing ploys. COUNCILLOR? renovations, but they are now back in Manukau City Council is supporting business and boasting improved facilities two surveys in the city that will help guide Council’s main administration phone and collections for casual browsers and avid local and central government policies and number is 263 7100 (business hours). readers alike. planning for the region. Use the Call Centre on 262 5104 The fi rst is the council’s annual “Citizens (24hours) for assistance with: graffi ti, Howick Mangere Perception Survey”, which collects a roading, signs, refuse disposal, traffi c, Patrons of Howick Library are spoilt for Located in the west wing of the Mangere range of information, including the use of street lighting, environmental by- choice. The stunning refurbishment, Shopping Centre, the Mangere Town Centre council facilities. People will be asked to laws, noise complaints, dog control, breathtaking sea views, approximately Library has been transformed for extra rate the performance satisfaction of the statistical information, LIM reports, 65,000 books and up-to-the-minute online comfort, and with a burst of colour and facilities they use. The data collected is land rates and kerbside recycling. technology provide a relaxing, comfortable vibrancy. Bold feature walls and artwork used to advise council on what’s happening The council’s website has contact haven for booklovers. portraying one of Mangere’s most famous in the city and where there could be details for all elected Councillors and Within the revamped walls you’ll fi nd sons, boxer David Tua, now greet visitors improvements. Community Board members, at: books, magazines, internet, email, word on arrival. The second survey is a collaborative processing, online databases, Maori and Library Manager Roslynne Palmer is effort with the Ministry of Social Chinese collections, ESOL books and tapes, encouraging locals to visit the facility and Development. The “Quality of Life” survey DVDs, video games and music CDs. check out what is on offer. takes about 20 minutes to complete but “The renovations have created a lovely “We’re looking forward to greeting new gives council and the ministry essential ambience,” says Library Manager, Bryony visitors and welcoming regulars back,” information on what is going well, and where Sykes. “We’ve arranged comfortable seating she says. there are gaps, in services facilities and so people can take their time, look out The library is proud to be the home other programmes that affect the quality of towards the sea and enjoy their visit.” of two special and substantial collections life of Manukau citizens. Along with the décor, the books on Maori and Pacifi c Island materials. So, if the phone rings collection has been upgraded making space It also boasts comfortable lounge seating, and you agree to give for more titles and resources; a strong a collection of 40,000 items including some of your time children’s section has seen many young talking books, videos, CDs, DVDs, and has to participate in the families returning to the library. Maori books on sale, ensuring there is survey offered, you’ll NEXT ISSUE Sunday 20 August 2006 plenty to interest both young and old. make a contribution to the betterment of the city.
  3. 3. PHOTO: IMAGE OF EFRAIMA HUUTI A MYSTERY AT TATTOONESIA, MOOREA, 2005, BY STEVEN BALL SOLVED AFTER HALF A DECADE LISTED AS “MISSING IN ACTION”, A BRONZE PLAQUE COMMEMORATING A SIGNIFICANT GIFT TO MANGERE HAS BEEN FOUND. The plaque commemorates a donation of land to the people of Mangere in 1923 by one of the community’s pioneers, Samuel Ward House. The area is known as House Recreation Ground and now accommodates the Metro Theatre/Mangere East Hall. Manukau Parks Operations Manager PU PUHI Robert Findlay says the plaque went missing MIRUMIRU fi ve years ago when a car ploughed into the wall that held it. In the confusion that BLOW BUBBLES THE LIVING ART OF PACIFIC TATTOO followed, the plaque was set aside and knowledge of its whereabouts was lost. With the help of noted Maori artist Terry Klavenes, a te reo booklet has This stunning exhibition at Mangere Arts tattoo cultures in the Pacifi c” says curator However, it has now re-surfaced as been developed for Manukau Swim Centre documents ta moko, tatau, tatu and Steven Ball. a reminder of an interesting piece of Schools for use by Kohanga Reo and tattoo within communities living in New The exhibition premiered at the 2005 local history. kindergartens. Incorporating simple Zealand and the Pacifi c. Tattoonesia tattoo convention in Moorea, Mr House, an entrepreneurial orchardist commands, this resource has been The focus is on telling Pacifi c stories and Tahiti, has shown at Milan and Auckland and market gardener, was a founding designed to make learning that much exploring areas of social discourse within city, and will also be exhibited in director of Turners and Growers. He also easier for pre-school children. these cultures. Amsterdam and London. served on several local bodies including the Five hundred packs, including an “All the artists were chosen because The Living Art of Pacifi c Tattoo is open Mangere East Electricity Board. He lived individual reader and flash cards with of their commitment and passion for now, and will feature at the arts centre at 159 Robertson Rd, Mangere, from about commands, are available to groups documenting living tatau and ta moko until Friday 25 August. 1908 and public records show he bought the when they enrol in a Swimsation Swim property in 1911. School programme at Manukau City He married Emily Quarry and their Council pools. children — two daughters and one son If your early learning centre is — were born at the home. The address was planning to spring into swim lessons also the location of his several businesses, and wants to help tamariki gain including seven glasshouses, a sawmill and confi dence in, on and under water, give some small cottages, providing work our swim school tutors a call at one for about 17 staff. of three swim schools that operate in In addition Manukau city. to the reserve, Moana-nui-a-kiwa Leisure Centre Mangere’s 275-8979 House Papatoetoe Centennial Pool Avenue 278-4167 is named Manurewa Aquatic Centre — after him. Ngaa Mahi a Rehia 269-0937 HOWICK BOATIES’ VIEWS SOUGHT FOR BOAT RAMP BALANCE BOATIES’ VIEWS ARE BEING SOUGHT ON POSSIBLE MOVES TO LIMIT ACCESS TO THE PUBLIC BOAT RAMP AT HOWICK BEACH. Installation of a gate at the Rangitoto View ensure that boaties’ views are heard. Road access to the beach has resulted in a Biran Singh, Parks Operations Team decrease in antisocial behaviour in the area, Leader, Eastern Wards says: “We appreciate prompting calls from residents for a second the residents’ views on antisocial behaviour gate at the Beach Road entrance. but we also know that boat owners might The Howick Community Board has been want to be out with the early tides. We are asked to consider a new gate that could be also talking to the local coastguard, for opened at 7am, and locked at 9pm during whom 24 hour easy access to the beach NZ daylight saving time or 7pm during NZ is vital. In addition we are investigating standard time. Outside of these times there alternative measures such as Crime Watch would be no vehicle access to the boat ramp patrols and neighbourhood support.” or the beach. Responses should be sent in writing to: Some neighbouring residents back the Trudy McNie, Manukau City Council plan but both the Howick Community Board Private Bag 76917 or via email to and Manukau City Council are keen to get by wider public input, and especially want to 11 August 2006.
  4. 4. PUBLIC NOTICES & SITUATIONS VACANT Schedule of Meetings for August 2006 Otara Catchment — Transfer of Aquatic Life Section 26ZM Conservation Act 1987 Public Notice is hereby given in terms of the Local Government Offi cial Information and Meetings Act 1987 of an amendment to Manukau City Council notifi es its intention to seek the consent the August 2006 schedule previously notifi ed. of the Minister of Conservation to transfer and release White amur, Ctenopharyngodon idella, and Silver amur, • The Botany Community Board meeting, to be held at 6.30pm Hypophthalmichthys molitrix from a fi sh farm near Warkworth on 7 August 2006, will now be held in the Conference Centre, into the following fi ve storm water ponds within the Otara Creek Botany Downs Secondary College, 575 Chapel Road, and not catchment, Manukau city: the Panasonic Performing Arts Centre. Customer Service Advisors • The Papatoetoe Resource Consents Hearings Committee Pond Map reference Species Part-time, Botany Library scheduled to be heard on 14 August 2006 is postponed until Preston Road Reserve pond R11 790686 white amur We are seeking exuberant, energetic further notice. Cyril French Park pond R11 806702 both species and fun-loving people to staff our • A meeting of the Clevedon Resource Consents Hearings Santa Maria ponds R11 801699 both species award winning library located in the Committee will be held on 14 August 2006 in the Totara Room, Jerpoint Drive Reserve pond R11 815694 both species Botany Town Centre. You must have a Civic Centre, Manukau city commencing at 9.30am Multose Drive pond R11 818689 white amur commitment to delivering extraordinary • A meeting of the Botany Resource Consents Hearings customer service, be IT savvy and have Committee will be held on 22 August 2006 in the Puhinui Room, A copy of the Environmental Impact Assessment report may the ability to develop in-depth knowledge Civic Centre, Manukau city commencing at 9.30am. be viewed during ordinary offi ce hours at the Department of of products and services. We want ideal • A meeting of the Botany Resource Consents Hearings Conservation’s Auckland Offi ce at the corner of Karangahape people for Botany’s ideal library. Committee will be held on 29 August 2006 in the Puhinui Road and Liverpool Street, Auckland. Room, Civic Centre, Manukau city commencing at 9.30am. Any person or persons may make a submission in writing Vacancy Number: 3459 • A meeting by the Commissioners will be held on 30 August to the Director-General of Conservation c/o The Conservator, Applications close: 2006 in the Puhinui Room, Civic Centre, Manukau city Department of Conservation, PO Box 68908, Newton, Auckland, 10 August 2006, 12noon commencing at 9.30am. no later than 28 days from the fi rst publication of this notice. Submissions should include a contact name and address and should include the grounds for support or objection to this Library Assistant application for consent. This is the second publication of this Tues to Sat, Highland Park Library An Opportunity for Community Organisations to Lease Space in Te Pupu Tahitanga Ki Otara notice, fi rst published in the NZ Herald on 15 July 2006. Are you enthusiastic, customer focussed Wardens’ Office, Bairds Road, Otara and passionate about working in public libraries? You will have good Expressions of interest are invited from community organisations communication and computer literacy Social Investment Funding available for that could provide a wardens service to the Otara community, Citywide Projects skills as well as a keen interest in books. and that might be interested in sharing space in the wardens’ offi ce known as Te Pupu Tahitanga Ki Otara. Does your organisation provide services to the Manukau Five separate offi ce areas are available, each approx 16 sq community but need to increase its ability to deliver services Vacancy Number: 3453 metres, located around a large central meeting room and foyer. more effectively? Manukau City Council is calling for applications Applications close: Shared kitchen facilities are located off the central area. to its Social Investment Fund for city-wide projects. Your project 10 August 2006, 12noon Priority will be given to organisations that provide wardens must benefi t residents of three or more wards in the city. services that contribute to the well-being of local communities. Council welcomes funding applications from groups seeking The rooms will be open between 4pm and 6.30pm on Monday more than $20,000 to help deliver their programmes. Librarian 7 August 2006, when a workshop will offer assistance with Of particular interest is support for initiatives targeting youth Part-time 10 hrs pw, Manurewa Library applications and provide further information on the services skills development. The grant can be awarded to a one-off ‘seed’ Manukau Libraries is looking for next- required by council. It is essential that all interested parties funding application for a new programme, or for an existing generation thinkers with a passion for attend. If you have a current application for premises with programme. library services tailored to children council, you should still attend to register your interest in this The other key focus is services and programmes for selected and young adults, and who wish to facility. disadvantaged communities. be part of a dynamic and innovative Please contact Maureen Sheldon, Community Tenancies Initiatives that are eligible for central government contract library network. Coordinator, 262 8900 ext 8827 for more information and to funding are not eligible for council funding. obtain an application form. To fi nd out more about this fund, please phone 262 8900, Vacancy Number: 3454 Closing date for applications: Friday 18 August 2006. ext 8367 or visit our website Applications close: Applications close at 4.00 pm Friday, 29 September 2006. 10 August 2006, 12noon PLAY A PART IN RESTORING THE Child Advocacy Coordinator Permanent Part-time 20hrs pw Community Advocacy & Funding PUHINUI STREAM — JOIN A PLANTING The coordinator communicates with schools, health promotion organisations, social DAY NEXT SATURDAY services and child support agencies to support collaboration in the area of child advocacy programmes. Up to 50,000 native trees, shrubs restoration plan for this part of the Puhinui An understanding of child poverty issues and local support agencies will be an and grasses will be planted Stream. It will eventually link up with areas advantage. Your background may be in social services, health promotion, education or alongside the Puhinui Stream, lower down the stream being planted by coordination. Negotiation skills and political acumen will also be required. between Kerrs Rd and the Great Manukau City Council’s Parks team and South Rd, near the Manukau volunteer groups. Vacancy Number: 3460 Applications close: 10 August 2006, 12noon Super Clinic. The planting day will take place on Known as the “Wildest Saturday 12 August between 10am and Place in Town” project, it is midday, followed by a BBQ. Park in the For more details on these vacancies, or to view the full list of employment opportunities at a joint venture between St David’s Church grounds on Great South Manukau City Council, you can visit; email a request for a position Manukau City Council’s Rd then follow the signs to the Wai Care description to; or phone (09) 262-8907. Wai Care programme and tent. Bring warm clothing, closed footwear Please quote the vacancy number with all requests or inquiries and with your application. Nestle. The work is the and a spade. Contact James Corbett at Manukau City Council is a progressive organisation with a leading role in the Local Government fi rst stage of a long-term Manukau City Council on 262 8900. sector and a commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi.