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Manukau matters issue 20 2007

  1. 1. – TE KAEAEA MANUKAU OSCAR KIGHTLEY AT ART SOURCE PAGE 3 MATTERS M S 6 MAY 2007 ISSUE 20 ENJOY VIEWS ACROSS TAMAKI RIVER Sea views, birdlife, and 12 kilometres which is developing the park, was set up to of walking and cycle tracks through 40 establish and maintain the park to improve hectares of land are features of the new the conditions of life for the residents of Highbrook recreation reserve in East Manukau and the public at large. Tamaki, located alongside the south side of Highbrook Park Trust Chairman David the Tamaki River. Hosking says a further objective was to Developed after seven years of planning protect environmentally sensitive and and planting, the park offers a range of geologically important areas within the recreational activities such as walking, park and to maintain the historic uses of picnicking, bird watching and kite-fl ying. the land. The park runs along the rim of the Inter-tidal areas on the Tamaki River provide Pukekiwiriki crater which is estimated to be an important feeding area for an abundant 50,000–100,000 years old. array of birdlife such as kingfi shers, pied The recreational reserve is administered shags, white-faced heron and pied stilts. and maintained by the trust, with fi nancial Renowned American landscape architect contribution from Manukau City Council for KEY Peter Walker created the detailed design for landscaping. “The park is still to be fully Highbrook Recreation Reserve the park, which won the 2003 Analysis and developed and to date $1.5 million has been Walking/running track Planning Honour Award from the American committed to landscaping and planting and Seating area Society of Landscape Architects. this will exceed $3 million on completion,” The recreational park is part of Mr Hosking says. Highbrook Interchange Highbrook Business Park on the Waiouru The best access is currently off Peninsula, which had been in private Highbrook Drive (see map), however parking ownership since the 19th century and was is currently very limited. The trust plans to once the site of Sir Woolf Fisher’s Ra Ora create some parking spaces to connect with horse stud. The Highbrook Park Trust, the park in the near future. NEW ONLINE ACCESS TO THE NEW HIGHBROOK BUSINESS PARK INCLUDED BUILDING A NEW PROPERTY BRIDGE ACROSS THE MOUTH OF OTARA CREEK (WHERE IT JOINS THE TAMAKI INFORMATION RIVER). THIS IS ONE OF THE VIEWS FROM THE NEW HIGHBROOK RECREATION PARK DEVELOPED ALONGSIDE THE BUSINESS AREA. SERVICE AVAILABLE SOON Soon Manukau ratepayers and prospective property owners will be able to look up property information online. Whether it be rates and valuations, sewer and water pipes or roads and rubbish days, you will be able to access it on the Manukau City Council website from 14 May 2007. The new system is at the forefront of available technology to provide the property information and, using our GIS system, to provide cadastral and aerial maps. NEWS, VIEWS, INTERVIEWS, ENTERTAINMENT, PUBLIC NOTICES, EVENTS, JOBS... ALL INSIDE YOUR MANUKAU MATTERS All issues of Manukau Matters are available online at
  2. 2. – COUNCIL’S CIVIC BUILDING GETS COUNCIL MAKES TE KAEAEA MANUKAU MATTERS UPGRADE AFTER 30 YEARS SUBMISSION TO – Manukau Matters/Te Ka eaea is GOVERNMENT published twice a month by the MANUKAU CITY COUNCIL’S CIVIC BUILDING HAS BEEN RATES INQUIRY Manukau City Council and delivered to A LANDMARK IN MANUKAU FOR MORE THAN 30 YEARS. more than 100,000 households, rural A national campaign to inform ratepayers delivery addresses, and other locations This month, work will start on the fi rst but the age of the building meant that if the about available help to pay their rates, within the city boundaries. major refurbishment since the building was council was going to remain located where it and alternative revenue sources are – Manukau Matters/Te Ka eaea helps completed in 1976. is then the work simply had to be done. among suggestions in Manukau City the council inform residents and As Manukau Matters went to print a “The refurbishment will mean more Council’s submission to the government’s ratepayers about council decisions, contract for $10.4 million for the refi t of the staff are located within the civic building, rates inquiry. activities, projects and events. 11 storey building was about to be awarded. therefore reducing the need to lease other The inquiry arose because of public It is a cost-effective way of providing Council’s Director Economic Rick Walden space in the city centre, and will result in an concern about the level of rates rises in important statutory information such says the refurbishment has been a improved environment for staff.” Long-term Council Community Plans. as public notices concerning planning long time coming and is driven The refi t is expected to take 19 months In its submission, the council and resource consent issues. by a number of factors, in particular to complete and will include changes to acknowledges ratepayers think their – Manukau Matters/Te Ka eaea also the need to upgrade the 30-year-old air maximise work space and natural light, more rates are too high in relation to the contains articles of interest to Manukau conditioning system. meeting rooms, improved fi ling and storage services they use. residents, promoting the city’s “Upgrading the old system alone would space, an improved Emergency Management “This user-pays view tends to overlook resources, attractions, facilities and have required signifi cant work to the Crisis Centre and the refurbishment of the public good component of many community events. building and for fl oors to be essentially the public committee and meeting rooms services and also that rates are in fact gutted, so we have decided to do all the (including the Council Chamber). a tax. In addition many services are not CONTACT US AT upgrade work at the same time.” The cost of the upgrade has been highly visible and are often overlooked, EMAIL manukau.matters@ Mr Walden says the council has not made budgeted for in the council’s Long-term for example, stormwater.” the decision to upgrade the building lightly, Council Community Plan. Local government needs to do a better EDITORIAL 262 5223 job of explaining the value ratepayers get EVENT LISTINGS www.manukau.govt. P for their money, the submission says. nz and select ‘calendar of events’ under Westfield The council also says the term ‘rates’ Japanese the ‘most popular’ banner. Garden Car park should be changed to ‘property tax’ DISTRIBUTION 262 5104 New service because rates are primarily a tax, not a and deliveries POST Manukau City Council, entrance charge for services. P Pvt Bag 76917, Manukau City A national campaign to better inform y MCC Visitor Wa (attention Manukau Matters) ratepayers of assistance available to Car park ey DESIGNED BY pay their rates is also needed. This year, l ter Scenario Communications Limited Public meeting council has processed about 4000 rates Os EDITOR Jenna Moore rooms rebates, far short of the anticipated Civic CHIEF WRITER Vienna Richards Building 12,000. In addition there are only 49 postponements on the grounds of hardship WOULD YOU LIKE A DIGITAL (out of more than 90,000 ratepayers). VERSION OF MANUKAU MATTERS? The government should also fully In addition to your printed copy, we can fund schools for utility charges including Loading bay send you a PDF version. Email us at closed wastewater. At the moment, funding for wastewater charges is $6.50 per pupil and in Manukau, the wastewater funding Wiri Station Road shortfall for schools is $840,000 a year. WANT TO CONTACT The council has also proposed a Real COUNCIL, OR YOUR Estate Transfer Tax as an alternative ELECTED COUNCILLOR? revenue source. This would be a The council’s main administration Wheelchair Service and Temporary path Construction Through road percentage of the sales price, or a set access deliveries to Reception hoarding closed to traffi c phone number is 263 7100 (business entrance and pedestrians dollar amount per $1000 of value of a hours). Use the Call Centre on 262 sold property. A minimum threshold 5104 (24 hours) for assistance with: CONSTRUCTION ALERT! could be applied so that low-income graffi ti, roading, signs, refuse disposal, With construction now underway on the homebuyers are not burdened, with the traffi c, street lighting, environmental civic centre, visitors to the council’s main tax applied to the purchase price above by-laws, noise complaints, dog control, administration building should be aware a nominated level. statistical information, LIM reports, of some major changes: land rates and kerbside recycling. • The main entrance has moved from The council’s website has contact the western to the eastern side of details for all elected Councillors and the building, closer to the Community Board members, at: Westfi eld carpark. and click on • The through-lane accessible from ‘Your Council’, then select ‘Mayor and Wiri Station Road is now closed to all Councillors’ for their contact details or traffi c. Visitor parking remains in the ‘Community Boards’ to see the lists of same place in the main council community board members. carpark off Osterley Way. • Wheelchair access to the new NEXT ISSUE Sunday 20 May 2007 entrance is available from the existing ISSN 1177-522X path from Wiri Station Road. • Deliveries to the building will need to go to either reception or through the northern entrance to level 1. • All changes are clearly signposted. PAGE 2 All issues of Manukau Matters are available online at
  3. 3. PARTNERSHIP HELPS FUND SEEKING ALL CREATIVE MEMORIAL TO THE PAST A long-held dream by Manurewa and ENTREPRENEURS Papatoetoe Returned Services Association Manukau City Council’s Community Imagine this: a programme that teaches Hinemoa Elder. “People need to picture members for a fi tting memorial to local Facilities Partnership Scheme was set up entrepreneurial skills to people in artistic themselves on the road to success, have returned service personnel is a step closer to support the development of multi-use professions such as singers, dancers, a vision for the future, and be ready to to reality. community facilities. songwriters, fashion designers, actors, get going!” The memorial has received grants from fi lmmakers, architects, artists, animators The programme will teach business Manukau City Council’s Community Facilities The ‘seeding grant’ is also intended to and writers. skills, know-how and support, networking, Partnership Scheme, which is allocated via support community groups to obtain Well, it’s happening and it’s called mentoring and strategy development. community boards. funds from other funding organisations. ART Source. ART Source will be launched in Otara Manurewa Community Board provided Developed by the Arts Regional Trust: in May. Speakers will include actor, writer the bulk of the funding ($401,630), and To be eligible projects must be located Te Taumata Toi-a-Iwi (ART) in partnership and co-creator of Bro’Town and Sione’s Papatoetoe Community Board contributed on a council reserve. with Manukau City Council, ART Source Wedding, Oscar Kightley, telling his own $122,070. The remainder came from is looking for individuals connected to story as a ‘creative entrepreneur’. World contributions from various RSA women’s Groups must demonstrate sound fi nancial Manukau who are talented, creative and hip-hop champions Dziah Dance Crew will sections, Manurewa and Papatoetoe RSA, management and contribute a minimum motivated and who want to make a living start the evening with a live performance. Veteran Affairs New Zealand and the of 10 per cent of the total project cost. out of their passion and talent. ASB Trust. “We all know someone who is bursting When: Thursday 10 May, 7pm The idea for the memorial was conceived Incorporated societies or trusts whose with ideas, but needs help taking the Where: Otara Music Arts Centre (OMAC), in 1980 by RSA members from across goals and objectives support one or next step with their creative projects Cnr Newbury Street and Bairds Road, Counties Manukau, some of whom went on more of the following criteria can apply: or businesses. These are the people we Otara Town Centre, Manukau city. to form the South Auckland Cemetery Trust cultural and ethnic identity, recreation, want to assist,” says ART Chairperson Dr Phone: 274 6400 to progress the project. provision of social services, sports, and Located within the Manukau Memorial performance of visual arts. Gardens, the memorial will provide a permanent reminder of those who gave For more information about the scheme their lives. contact your local community adviser Designed by landscape architects to discuss your project. Or go to www. Chow:Hill, the recently released concept key words ‘community plan has three key aspects: funding’ for an enquiry form. • An area for commemoration (gathering) • An area for remembrance (contemplation) • An area of education (learning). Construction will start later this year. THINKING OF STANDING FOR COUNCIL? Have you ever thought you might like to be a are debated after listening to reports and councillor but were put off because you felt recommendations from council offi cers. underqualifi ed or wouldn’t have the time? The outcome depends on the majority vote. Saturday 5 May Saturday 9 June Sunday 17 June The general assumption seems to be that With local authority elections coming 1pm, Tarata Stream 8am, Peninsula Park 10am, Kohuora Reserve to stand for council people have to have up in October this year, Cr Burnside Mangere Peninsula Road 26R Lendenfeld Drive a long list of academic qualifi cations. But, encourages people to participate. (meet at Elmdon Street Bridge) Mangere Papatoetoe as retiring Manukau City Councillor Noel “It is ground-breaking work as you’re (meet by playground) Saturday 19 May Saturday 16 June Burnside says, a passion for the community given a position of considerable infl uence,” 9am, Clydesdale Reserve (Rain day, 9am, 23 June) Sunday 12 Aug and a little bit of time fl exibility are he says. “Councillors decide policy and 16 Clydesdale Avenue 9am, Mangemangeroa 1pm, Puhinui Stream attributes that are just as highly regarded. direction and their decisions affect Howick Reserve, Somerville Road Prices Road Cr Burnside, who is retiring from council residents’ daily lives.” Howick (off Puhinui Road), Wiri Sunday 20 May (meet by carpark by barn) after 15 years, says he’s had days with To be eligible to stand as a councillor 1pm, Puhinui Stream Saturday 8 Sep meetings back to back and other days where a person must be on a Parliamentary Prices Road Saturday 16 June 9am, Puhinui Stream he hasn’t had any “councillor” duties at all. Electoral Roll in New Zealand and be a (off Puhinui Road), Wiri 9am, Puhinui Stream Prices Road A typical day for a councillor can vary. New Zealand citizen. Prices Road (off Puhinui Road), Wiri Attending meetings, visiting constituents For information on becoming a candidate (off Puhinui Road), Wiri and perusing reading material about various in October’s council and community board local issues are all involved. elections contact Manukau City Council’s Contact the Call Centre on 262 5104 for more information. Meetings can last anywhere from one to Call Centre on 262 5104. Knowledge and Understanding Maatauranga me te moohiotanga Achievement Whaainga ki toona tutukitanga Accountability Whakatau tika four hours and during this time local issues Manukau Matters Issue 20 PAGE 3
  4. 4. PUBLIC NOTICES MANUKAU’S FIRST ANTI-TAGGING Manukau Parks ranger walk FORUM PROVES POPULAR and talk programmes 2007 Explore the beautiful THE MANUKAU BEAUTIFICATION CHARITABLE TRUST WILL HOLD ITS FIRST Clevedon Scenic Reserve ANTI-GRAFFITI FORUM IN MAY AND REGISTRATIONS HAVE ALREADY EXCEEDED CAPACITY. Vision: provide the general public This level of support underlines the more cooperatively.” One of the aims of the event is to with an educational and informative extent of the tagging problem which costs The forum workshops will cover gain information on who’s doing what, journey/experience of the natural and Manukau City Council more than $1 million protective applications, technical devices decide on a joint policy, share meaningful cultural heritage of Clevedon Scenic per year. to discourage taggers, chemical and information, draft a clear statement to Reserve. “The forum attracted a multitude of mechanical tag removal products, plus government about the severity of the Take a walk with our park ranger organisations and agencies working to try anti-tagging policy development, current problem and devise a way forward. through 100 hectares of native bush, and alleviate this type of vandalism,” says legislation and prosecution, and tag The trust uses some 30,000 litres of wetlands and waterfall habitat, rising trust General Manager Graeme Bakker. database systems. paint to remove more than 300,000 tags 225 metres above the Wairoa River. “It’s a meeting that is desperately needed A tour of problem areas within the city every year. Learn about (and how to identify) the so key organisations can strengthen anti- as well as successful intervention sites will For enquiries phone the trust on 269 native plants, birds and insects in the tagging efforts and work more also form part of the day. 4080or email reserve, while increasing your knowledge of the environmental issues the reserve faces. Note: Good level of fi tness and BUSINESS GROWTH RECORDED mobility required. Rising business confi dence and continued More than 2214ha of Manukau land is Manukau Central (6.2ha); and East Tamaki SPACES ARE LIMITED — commercial investment and expansion zoned for industrial use, of which 68.5 per (5.6ha). BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL. opportunities are features of our city cent is developed and 696ha is vacant. In Based on occupied fl oor space, the Date: 1 1 May 2007. according to Manukau City Council’s latest the 12 months to January 2007, industrial fastest developing industry in the city is Time/Location: 84R North Road, annual survey of commercial and industrial land areas were snapped up to a total of information and communication services, Clevedon. 9.30am–12 noon business areas. 70ha. This represents an 8.4 per cent outpacing all other industries with 85 per Contact: Park Ranger — Education: The survey shows that 99.5 per cent increase on last year. cent growth. This is followed by personal Anna Baine. Ph 027 270 8297 or 262 of the city’s 198 hectares of commercial The most substantial industrial and household goods wholesaling at 15.7 8900 ext 8224 for further information zoned land has been developed with its investments are: Massey Rd (26ha); per cent. Road and air transport together or to make a booking. main business-related centres holding Highbrook Business Park (18ha); James with transport-related services is on the rise approximately 820,654m 2 of fl oor space. Fletcher Drive (9ha); Airport Drive (6.7ha); between 10 and 15 per cent, machinery and motor vehicle wholesaling at 7.7 per cent Schedule of meetings for May and June 2007 and fi nance at 6 per cent. With approximately 160,000m 2 of Public notice is hereby given in terms of Local Government Howick, at 7.00 pm. fl oor space still under construction, more Offi cial Information and Meetings Act 1987 of an amendment to The meeting of Te Tiriti o Waitangi Committee for 23 May economic activity and progression is the Schedule of Meetings previously notifi ed. will now be held in the Manukau Room, Manukau Civic Centre, expected. The largest to date has been Meetings scheduled for the Howick Community Board for May Wiri Station Road, Manukau, not at Pukaki Marae as previously seen in Pakuranga, Manukau Central and and June 2007 will be held at the Nixon Park Centennial Hall, advertised. Highland Park. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES AT COUNCIL For these and other employment opportunities at council visit: and select ‘Jobs at council’ under the ‘most popular’ banner. Early Childhood Educator Multi-Skilled Building Offi cial Allan Brewster Recreation Centre Environment Directorate — Compliance and Enforcement Unit A full-time position is available at the Allan Brewster Recreation Centre for an Early Manukau is a rapidly growing and progressive city and Manukau City Council is Childhood Educator with a Diploma of Teaching, or currently in training. A current committed to delivering quality service and outcomes to the customer. fi rst aid certifi cate is also required. The person we seek will be enthusiastic, motivated To facilitate this, the Environment Directorate’s Compliance and Enforcement Unit and able to work in our team environment. An ability to provide stimulating, fun has been formed to provide a focus on customer and enforcement services. The council and innovative educational programmes is also required. This position provides an is seeking a highly motivated and skilled individual to join this team. If you have a ‘can ideal opportunity if you seek fl exibility in working hours to fi t in with study or other do’ attitude and are seeking a challenging career, this may be the job for you! commitments. Will consider job share. You will be responsible for investigating matters pertaining to the Building Act, Vacancy Number: MM 3765 Applications close: 14 May 2007, 12 noon including unauthorised works. You will liaise with all facets of the community to resolve outstanding building issues with the focus of detecting breaches, taking appropriate enforcement action, and gaining compliance through statutory processes. Recreation Programmer Aquatics/Lifeguard It is desirable that you have a recognised qualifi cation and/or relevant experience in Manurewa Aquatic Centre — Ngaa Mahi a Rehia — permanent, part-time (16 hours), building or similar fi eld and/or experience in investigation of breaches of legislation. MM3762 / Otara Recreation and Community Centre — permanent, full-time MM3763 In addition you will have knowledge of the Building Act 2004, Building Code 1992, We are looking for enthusiastic and energetic people to develop and deliver a variety of and related legislation. leisure programmes catering for a range of age groups. Applicants will be required to do Customer focus will be one of your many strong points combined with a desire regular life-guarding duties as well as running aquatic-based programmes. You will need to work in a multi-skilled team environment. Your positive attitude, excellent to have experience in aquatic programming, a current fi rst aid certifi cate, and have, or communication skills and ability to relate to a diverse group of cultures will be have the ability to obtain, the National Lifeguard Award (Pools). A high level of customer fundamental to this role. Working in this dynamic environment you will learn, develop service is essential. and utilise your investigation skills. Vacancy Numbers: MM 3762 & MM 3763 Applications close: 14 May 2007, 12 noon Vacancy Number: MM 3769 Applications close: 14 May 2007, 12 noon For more details on these vacancies, or to view the full list of employment opportunities at Manukau City Council, you can visit; email a request for a position description to; or phone 09 262 8907. Please quote the vacancy number with all requests or inquiries and with your application. Manukau City Council is a progressive organisation with a leading role in the Local Government sector and a commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi. PAGE 4 All issues of Manukau Matters are available online at