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Manukau matters issue 2 2006

  1. 1. 23 JULY 2006 MANUKAU MANUKAU EVENT LISTINGS PAGE 8 MATTERS URBAN DESIGN BEARS FRUIT MANUKAU CITY COUNCIL’S ONGOING FOCUS ON BUILDING A CITY THAT PEOPLE CAN BE PROUD OF HAS RECENTLY BORNE FRUIT, WITH NINE OF THE CITY’S BUILDINGS RECEIVING TOP INDUSTRY RECOGNITION BY THE PROPERTY COUNCIL OF NEW ZEALAND. The buildings include the council’s own New Zealand Urban Design Protocol, facility, Te Matariki — Clendon Community the council has developed an action plan Centre and Library, which received a to achieve better urban design throughout prestigious merit award. Others recognised the city. include the Auckland Botanic Gardens “In its simplest form, urban design Visitor Centre and the TelstraClear Pacifi c is about building better communities, city, aligns Manukau with some of the top Events Centre. and doing that takes a whole bunch of developing cities in the world. ingredients. Things “They have those comfortable qualities “They all contribute to the overall quality of our like having a building of cities that we like: cafes, unique buildings, environment and help build communities that design that refl ects good architecture and good access to public work for the people who live there.” local culture. A building transport. Manukau is a young city with a lot in Mangere, going for it. With the airport nearby, lots of Manager of City Design and Planning for example, should refl ect the people park space, and easy access to the coast, Brigitte De Ronde says the industry who are there.” it’s no wonder there’s high levels of urban awards confi rm Manukau is heading in the Being a committed signatory to the growth and development taking place right direction. national protocol, and having an urban here in Manukau.” “The awards recognise that good design panel which will provide professional Copies of the council’s Urban Design Action architecture, urban design, urban planning, advice and expertise for a range of Plan are available from the council’s civic landscape design, and all those other built- development projects throughout the centre, Wiri Station Road, Manukau. in environment items are becoming more important,” she says. “They all contribute to the overall quality of our environment and help build communities that work for the HIP HOP KIDS people who live there. It’s also been shown PAGE 5 that better designed communities are safer and more attractive places to live.” Ms De Ronde says that as a signatory to the ARTS IN THE CITY PAGE 4 MAIN IMAGE TE MATARIKI — CLENDON LIBRARY AND COMMUNITY CENTRE TOP LEFT BOTANIC GARDENS VISITOR CENTRE TOP RIGHT TELSTRACLEAR PACIFIC EVENTS CENTRE NEWS, VIEWS, INTERVIEWS, EVENT LISTINGS, ENTERTAINMENT, PUBLIC NOTICES, JOBS... ALL INSIDE YOUR MANUKAU MATTERS
  2. 2. WHY PUBLIC TRANSPORT BENEFITS FROM TEN-YEAR PLAN MANUKAU NEW MANUREWA INTERCHANGE MORE THAN MATTERS GETTING AROUND MANUKAU AND INTO RATES AUCKLAND CENTRAL BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT Manukau Matters is published twice HAS BECOME MUCH EASIER WITH THE OPENING When Manukau City Council released its a month by the Manukau City Council OF THE MANUREWA INTERCHANGE. Long Term Council Community Plan, much and delivered to more than 100,000 of the debate centred on the form of rating households, rural delivery addresses, The new interchange opened on 16 July. “A real alternative now exists for as opposed to the services and facilities to and other locations within the The train station is now just behind people travelling to central Auckland be undertaken over the next 10 years. city boundaries. Southmall shopping centre and buses pull and other areas served by rail. We have The decision to opt for Annual Value Manukau Matters helps council up next to the station. With a 150-space a quality new facility, and improved for Manukau’s rating system dominated inform residents and ratepayers about park ‘n’ ride and drop-off spaces in the services offer time and cost savings,” newspaper editorial space and prompted council decisions, activities, projects same location, the new interchange Mr Dudley says. public meetings, with ratepayers concerned and events. It is a cost-effective way makes it easy for people all over For example, someone in Wattle about the effects of the move. of providing important statutory Manurewa to use public transport. Downs could catch the 456 bus to the While the level of rates, and the rating information such as public notices New and improved bus services interchange, transfer to a train and be system is extremely important, what the concerning planning and resource have also been introduced to coincide at the bottom of Queen Street, Auckland rates are funding is vital to the city’s consent issues. with the interchange opening. Weymouth, City in about an hour. This is probably development, Chief Executive Leigh Manukau Matters also contains Wattle Downs, Clendon and Manurewa similar to a car trip at peak time — Auton says. articles of interest to Manukau East all have better services and a new and certainly more predictable. “For example, transport — a huge residents, promoting the city’s route between Botany town centre, A return rail fare would cost $11.60 if issue for Auckland regionally — takes a resources, attractions, facilities Manukau city centre and the Manurewa a ten-ride pass was purchased, compared large chunk of our planned spending. and community events. Interchange. to at least $12 a day parking in the The Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport Manukau City Council Senior central city. This means public transport Initiative alone is $42.7 million for property CONTACT US AT Transport Planner Steve Dudley says would cost the same as parking, with a purchase, with the Whitford arterial road EMAIL manukaumatters@ the new interchange allows a smooth signifi cant amount of money saved on upgrade another $30.2 million and the transfer between bus and train or car fuel and other running costs. Manukau rail link $14.8 million.” EDITORIAL 262 5223 and train. Colour and local fl avour is added to The 10-year plan also provides for EVENT LISTINGS “It’s going to be much easier to use the interchange by Manurewa artist Terry redevelopment of Manukau’s Housing for public transport and we’re hoping to get Klavenes, who was commissioned by the Elderly — a project which will see the DISTRIBUTION 262 5104 a lot more people onto buses and trains. Manukau City Council to design banners majority of the units upgraded, and in some POST Manukau City Council, It’s a really important step forward for to hang on light poles. cases renewed, by 2012. Pvt Bag 76917, Manukau City Manukau’s public transport. Manukau Mayor Sir Barry Curtis says (attention Manukau Matters) the decisions contained in the 10-year DESIGNED BY plan were the result of trying to strike Scenario Communications Limited the balance between managing the EDITOR Jenna Moore pressures from growth on current funding CHIEF WRITER Vienna Richards and future investment. “Our planning is community driven, which has resulted in the adoption of Annual Value plus a $300 Uniform WANT TO Annual General Charge. This decision CONTACT COUNCIL, is a major step forward towards meeting OR YOUR ELECTED the challenges of providing for our COUNCILLOR? rapid growth. “Of course, it is not only the large Council’s main administration phone projects that have an impact on the city’s number is 263 7100 (business hours). ratepayers. It is also initiatives such as the Use the Call Centre on 262 5104 adoption of pay and display trials on Davies (24hours) for assistance with: graffi ti, Avenue and the Half Moon Bay boat ramp, roading, signs, refuse disposal, traffi c, and the introduction of mobile bins for street lighting, environmental by- GROWTH FORECAST the Norman Kirk pool will have a major recycling which impact people on a day-to- laws, noise complaints, dog control, DRIVES LONG-TERM PLAN refurbishment. To assist sporting clubs in day basis and we don’t want to lose sight of statistical information, LIM reports, A city investment of $1.4 billion is needed the Papatoetoe area, a new multi-use sports this,” he says. land rates and kerbside recycling. during the next 10 years for Manukau city to facility is planned, which council will fund to Other decisions in the 10-year plan The council’s website has contact meet the demands of growth. $1.5 million. include: details for all elected Councillors and The number of households in Manukau Community Board members, at: are expected to increase by 37 per cent • A Network Growth Charge of $1575 by 2016, in both urban and rural areas NEW RATES REBATE a year for each new water/wastewater including Flat Bush and Beachlands. As a SCHEME connection result, $690 million is earmarked for roads You could be entitled to a rates rebate. • Additional kerb and channel budget for and $380 million for community facilities. From 1 July 2006, changes to the Central Beachlands/Maraetai Development contributions will help fund a Government Rates Rebate Scheme came • Manukau Building Consultants to lot of this growth. into effect. become a Council Controlled Manukau’s new town of Flat Bush The maximum rebate goes up from Trading Organisation will be the major centre of growth with $200 to $500. The income threshold • Deferment of Leisure Services becoming a projected population of 40,000. This increases from $7400 to $20,000. a Council Controlled Organisation for requires signifi cant investment in roading, Allowances for dependents rise from $156 four months so that issues identifi ed stormwater, parks and facilities such as a to $500 per dependent. This means that if in submissions can be addressed and library, swimming pool and arts and cultural you earn more than $20,000, you might reported back to Council. centre between now and 2016. still be eligible for a rates rebate. NEXT ISSUE Sunday 6 August 2006 In 2008/09, $2 million will be spent on a Check out the website www.ratesrebates. More information will be in the next issue of new arts centre at Mangere, while in Otara for more information. Manukau Matters.
  3. 3. DRAFT RURAL GROWTH STRATEGY GROWTH IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST ISSUES FACING THE AUCKLAND REGION, AND FOR MANUKAU THE PRESSURE TO ACCOMMODATE MORE PEOPLE AND MORE HOUSES IS PARTICULARLY EVIDENT IN RURAL AREAS. Manukau is one of the fastest growing cities Council’s Manager of City Design and the draft Business Location Strategy and in New Zealand, and with approximately Planning Brigitte De Ronde says: “Think the draft Urban Growth Strategy will all be two-thirds of the city being rural, it is 20 years from now and let us know how aligned by 2007. an area that is under constant pressure much, where, when and what form of growth Public feedback is sought by Friday 1 from development. and development you think is right for September. Copies of the draft Rural Growth Over the past year, the council has Manukau’s rural areas. What is appropriate Strategy and feedback forms are available developed a draft Rural Growth Strategy — development to ensure that the special from local libraries and customer centres. a 20-year-plus plan to manage growth in qualities of the rural area, including food You can also view the draft strategy on the land that borders our coastline, and rural production, farming and more than 96 council website areas such as Whitford, Clevedon, Brookby kilometres of coastline, are protected?” The draft strategy is not a regulatory and Ness Valley and the Hunua Ranges. The draft Rural Growth Strategy is one of document, but all those who provide The council is now asking for public three documents that will contribute to the feedback will have a chance to present feedback on the strategy. Manukau Growth Strategy. This document, their views in person. KEY FEATURES OF THE DRAFT RURAL GROWTH STRATEGY: • Focus on accommodating growth • Retain the rural qualities of the • Prepare structure plans for Whitford, and development within existing rural area by looking at ways to Beachlands and Clevedon to guide villages and settlements support traditional rural activities the location, style, form and intensity • Provide greater protection of such as agriculture and horticulture of future development and ensure important coastal values, and provide • Provide for countryside living areas that the necessary infrastructure greater recreational opportunities in close proximity to the existing urban is provided orientated around the beach and coast limit to optimise the use of nearby • Promote the Clevedon/Maraetai hills as where appropriate urban services and facilities the main divide between the wider rural area and countryside living zones.
  4. 4. GIFTED KIDS — SAY NO TO FAMILY VIOLENCE CELEBRATING EXCELLENCE MANUKAU CITY COUNCIL HAS INITIATED ONE OF THE MANUKAU CITY IS HOST TO A LEADING EDUCATIONAL FIRST COLLABORATIVE PROGRAMME THAT IDENTIFIES, CHALLENGES AND PROJECTS IN THE FIGHT DEVELOPS GIFTED CHILDREN, AND THERE’S NO SHORTAGE AGAINST FAMILY VIOLENCE BY OF TALENT TO DRAW UPON. JOINING FORCES WITH OTHER ORGANISATIONS WORKING Since it opened a year ago in Otara, the next move and understand that certain WITH FAMILIES. Gifted Kids Programme unit at Sir Edmund actions have certain consequences. Hillary Collegiate has doubled in size, “They’re going to be the leaders Aimed at raising public awareness by with Maori and Pacifi c children making up of tomorrow so we’ve got to give them changing attitudes, the campaign is 91 percent of the roll. the tools and the strategies they need to called The Family Violence Awareness Te Whanau Rangimarie, Friendship House, Thought to be the fi rst school of its kind succeed and push ahead when it Collaborative Campaign. It hopes to Auckland Regional Public Health Service, in Manukau, it boasts 48 students who gets tough.” encourage a zero-tolerance among Pacifi c Island Women’s Project, Circuit attend a one-day-a-week programme of Gifted Kids Programme Principal Clive communities in Manukau. Breaker and hairdressing business DNT “excellence in gifted education”. Sharpe says the success of the school can Council Safer Communities Project Simply Cuts in Manukau. The students — 66 per cent Pasifi ka, be seen in the enthusiasm of the children’s Co-ordinator Chislane Theodore says the They are keen to hear from any 25 per cent Maori, four per cent sharing and the work they’ve produced. project came about because a lot of people community group, including schools, New Zealand European and fi ve per cent “The GKP students often have more are running campaigns “but they’re doing it which are planning family-violence others — come from 17 local primary, opportunity on the programme to develop in silos.” awareness activities. middle and high schools. their talents in their own areas of interest, “This is very much a collaborative project Activities already completed have Lead teacher Charlene Barnett says so they will spend hours and hours learning, owned by all the organisations involved,” included the Matariki Vigil on Mangere in addition to languages, media, learning beyond school hours and after school, she says. “And we’re working alongside Mountain where torches were lit and carried adventures and trips, the “differentiated because they have an intrinsic interest the community.” for every person killed by family violence. curriculum” focuses on thinking and or passion for it. That has enormous Joining council are Middlemore Campaign members are now planning questioning skills in the area of creative, benefi ts when the children return to their Hospital, Counties Manukau Child Youth a number of activities including developing critical thinking and caring. regular schools.” and Family Services, Police, Ministry of key messages and a teal ribbon project “For example,” she says, “they learn The Gifted Kids Programme was co- Social Development, Ministry of Justice, in November. chess, which is a key part of teaching critical founded in 2000 by Christine Fernyhough Counties Manukau District Health Board, If you would like to be a part of the thinking skills and strategy. The students and Craig Anderson. It now has seven day South Auckland Family Violence Prevention campaign, please call Chislane Theodore learn to problem solve, think ahead for their schools throughout the North Island. Network, Eastern Women’s Refuge, on (09) 262 8900 ext 8743. FOR THE LOVE OF ART DISCOVER YOUR CREATIVE SIDE It started as a dream to create a space for local artists and musicians to showcase their Manukau’s Arts in the City catalogue is a at Nathan Homestead or guitar, piano, drum works, but by early 2005 Otara’s fi rst Art Gallery, Artnet, closed after a few years of handy guide that tells you everything you and singing lessons at Otara Music Arts operating on the passion of volunteer labour. need to know about the Arts in Manukau. Centre. And much more! In May this year, the Gallery was reborn with a new name — Fresh Gallery Otara — The guide showcases an array of courses Enrolments for Term 3 are now open and thanks to a partnership between Manukau City Council and the Otara community, available for everyone — from preschoolers classes start as of 17 July. Contact one of including the Otara Business Development Trust. through to the more mature amongst us — our arts centres to enrol. Its fi rst exhibition is fi ttingly titled Launch and features the works of artists born and to discover the artist within, as well Copies of Arts in the City are available raised in Otara. as details of inspirational events and from all Manukau art centres, leisure “I don’t think you’ll fi nd these amazing art works anywhere else,” says council Arts exhibitions across the city. centres, libraries or by phoning Nathan Marketing Coordinator Naomi Singer. There’s something for everyone — Homestead — 267 0180, Otara Music Arts Already works are selling well, including those by Year 12 high school students from Sir courses in hip hop, abstract painting, comic Centre — 274 6400, Mangere Arts Centre Edmund Hillary Collegiate: Dwayne Walsh, Maria Jones and cartoon art, jewellery construction and 275 0482 or can be downloaded from and Sam Togiaua. design, digital photography and fl ax weaving council’s website Another work featured is South Auckland, a fi nalist in the 2005 Vodafone Digital Art Awards, by Jacob Sua. Inspired by the traditional tatau (Samoan tattoo), palm trees and ceremonial headdress, Jacob says his work is a digital tribute to his Samoan culture “as it evolves in a techno-driven society.” Curator and artist Ema Tavola, who also serves as council’s Pacifi c Arts Coordinator, says the gallery is providing important social commentary as a unique space in Manukau, in New Zealand and beyond. She says contemporary Pacifi c art is a developing artistic genre in New Zealand, and Fresh Gallery Otara will be a vibrant and thriving source for Pacifi c arts. The next exhibition at Fresh Gallery is entitled (Re)Locating Home which is currently touring Fiji. It consists of works from six contemporary Pacifi c artists based in Manukau whose work ranges from photography, painting and T-shirts to video installation. It will exhibit at the end of July.
  5. 5. EASING TRAFFIC CONGESTION GOOD NEWS FOR MOTORISTS AND PASSENGERS WHO REGULARLY DRIVE ON CONGESTED ROADS THROUGH MANUKAU AND TO THE AIRPORT. LEGEND Proposed SH20-SH1 Motorway works Liverpool-Nesdale Avenue works N Current Motorway designation boundary Existing Legal Boundaries Change is in the air with construction of the “This is a long-awaited project and a lot Manukau City Council has committed a third lane to be added to each side in the Manukau motorway extension and work on of effort has gone into getting to the point $40 million to the project, which also future, giving six lanes in total. the Manukau rail link beginning this month. we’re at today.” includes stormwater upgrades and local Within this span of motorway, two “This project will make a major difference Sir Barry says he is extremely gratifi ed roading improvements. interchanges at Nesdale Ave and Lambie and transform the Manukau city centre,” the Government has made the Manukau rail The 4.5 kilometre, four-lane motorway Drive will be included, as well as motorway- Manukau Mayor Sir Barry Curtis says. link a priority in its rail upgrade. extension will connect with State Highway to-motorway connections to SH20 and SH1 A sod turning ceremony marked the start Prime Minister Helen Clark says the 20 at its existing end at the Puhinui at Manukau city. of the project. It was attended by the Prime $210 million Manukau motorway extension interchange, to State Highway 1 next to It will include advanced environmental Minister Helen Clark, Sir Barry, Minister of is an example of the Government’s TelstraClear Events Centre. features, such as water quality ponds Transport Annette King and Transit New commitment to New Zealand’s largest ever Zealand Chief Executive Rick van Barneveld. land transport programme. “This project will make a major difference and transform the Iwi representatives of Puukaki Te Aakitai “This, along with investments in public Manukau city centre.” — Sir Barry Curtis. blessed the project. transport, will provide a world-class Sir Barry says the new motorway will transport network, which is critical for Preparatory work will also be included to collect run-off materials from the relieve congestion for those travelling to the New Zealand’s economic transformation.” for a rail link to the Manukau city centre motorway, extensive landscaping and urban airport, Wiri industrial area, Manukau city The Manukau rail link will be a 1.8km from the main North Island rail line. design elements. centre and beyond. connection between the existing main trunk There will be fi ve motorway crossings Construction will begin in July and will “The traffi c will be taken off Wiri line at Wiri and a station at Manukau city over local roads, streams and the main continue until December 2010. Station Rd and land freed up for more centre. Enabling earthworks will be done North Island rail line. businesses, apartments, shops and at the same time as the new motorway The new motorway link will comprise two entertainment,” he says. which will run parallel to it. lanes in each direction, with provision for HIP HOP DANCE ‘popping’ — and crew names like Urban from the streets of New York. More than 100 secondary students spent Action Figure and Aquaboogy — the class Break!’s Percussionist Shawn Kelly, their school holidays dancing their way was also a lesson in the world of hip hop. who has performed with multiple Grammy through a master hip hop class with New The Break! crew performed energetic award winner Alicia Keys, says performing York dance professionals. urban funk and street moves all the way at Manukau’s TelstraClear Pacifi c Events The master teachers, part of the New Centre has been “beautiful.” York Break! Dance hip hop crew, have “It’s great to see that people all the way performed with Madonna, Eminem, Janet on the other side of the planet appreciate Jackson, Black Eyed Peas, 50 Cent, Puff the hip hop culture ” he says. “It makes me Daddy and Will Smith. feel good to spend 20 hours on a plane to The specially arranged master class come somewhere where they take hip hop love to come back to New Zealand. attracted local schools as well as those as almost more seriously than we do at home.” They performed exclusively in Manukau, far away as Waihi College, Rutherford, “It’s a good vibe here, the food is good 4 and 5 July, at the TelstraClear Pacifi c St Cuthberts and St Pauls. and I’ve met some cool people.” Events Centre. With dance terms like ‘locking’ and And the Break! crew say they would
  6. 6. SITUATIONS VACANT PUBLIC NOTICES Recreation Programmer — Aquatics Youth Co-ordinator Manurewa Aquatic Centre — Ngaa Mahi A Rehia Te Matariki Clendon Centre & Library Resource Management Act 1991 Manukau Operative District Plan 2002 We are looking for a lifeguard to run aquatic based programmes We are seeking a Youth Co-ordinator to in addition to life-guarding duties at the Manurewa Aquatic co-ordinate and implement innovative Feedback on Draft Proposed Plan Change — Centre. You must have: and dynamic programmes for the young Public Open Space Rezoning and Corrections • excellent customer service skills people of the Clendon community. You • a current First Aid Certifi cate will have the ability to plan and develop Manukau City Council has prepared a draft proposed plan change • experience in aquatic programming appropriate programmes, as well as a to the Manukau Operative District Plan 2002. The purpose of • the National Lifeguard Award (Pools) or the ability to obtain it ‘hands on’ approach when promoting this plan change is to give Public Open Space zoning to a number and delivering services. As most of the of parcels of land throughout Manukau City that have been Vacancy Number: 3437 activities are likely to take place in the purchased by council or vested in Council on subdivision. The Applications close: 27 July 2006 afternoons and evenings, the hours of plan change also corrects some minor errors in the District Plan work will need to be fl exible. that relate to land zoned Public Open Space. At this stage the plan change is still a draft and council is Customer Services Representative Vacancy Number: 3435 seeking feedback before proceeding with the public notifi cation Parking Operations Unit Applications close: 27 July 2006 of the proposed plan change in accordance with the Resource An opportunity exists in the Parking Operations unit for an Management Act 1991. When the proposed plan change is publicly enthusiastic and focused Customer Services Representative. notifi ed there will be an opportunity to make formal submissions. Along with a proven record of customer contact you will need to Parking Officers x 2 A full copy of the draft proposed plan change can be have excellent communication and time management skills, and Parking Operations Unit inspected at Manukau City Council Libraries, the Citizen and the ability to use your initiative to be successful in this role. Are you confi dent, mature and great Customer Centre, Ground Floor Kotuku House, Manukau Square at dealing with all sorts of people? or on the council’s website at Vacancy Number: 3441 Applications close: 27 July 2006 This important role plays a huge part If you would like to provide Council with feedback on this in keeping our city on the go, and by plan change please send your comments to: Manukau City succeeding in it you will have every Council, Private Bag 76917, Manukau City. Attn: Alia Cederman. For more details on these vacancies, or to view the full list of chance to get your career moving too. Alternatively you can email comments to acederma@manukau. employment opportunities at Manukau City Council, you can visit We will provide full training before you or fax 262 5169 Attn: Alia Cederman. A feedback form is; email a request for a position description get out there and enjoy a varied job available to download on the council website. The closing date for to; or phone (09) 262-8907. where no two days are the same. comments is 23 August 2006. Please quote the vacancy number with all requests or inquiries and with your application. Manukau City Council is a progressive Vacancy Number: 3440 organisation with a leading role in the Local Government sector and a Applications close: 27 July 2006 commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi. ABOUT YOUR NEW accept and deliver mail that doesn’t have, PARENTING THE KIWI WAY POOL SAFETY STANDARDS POSTCODE or continues to use, an old postcode, but One of the challenges facing parents Now is the time to have your say on draft By now Manukau residents should have it’s in everyone’s best interests to start who move to New Zealand from other standards aimed at preventing children seen New Zealand Post mailers advising using their new code as soon as possible. countries is fi nding the support they from drowning in residential pools, spas them of their correct postal address and During the next few years more need. In recognition of this, Highland and hot tubs. new postcode. businesses and organisations — such as Park Community House is running an Public submissions are wanted to help In recent years getting mail to the power companies, internet shopping sites, eight-week parenting programme to help develop a standard that will provide clear right destination has become more of a insurance companies and household billers new residents. guidance for the design and construction challenge for posties, especially in rapidly — will ask for the code to be stipulated. of safety barriers to pools, and specify growing cities like Manukau where dozens Rural Delivery (RD) addresses and The FREE programme explores: requirements for surrounding fences, of new dwellings, subdivisions and streets PO Box or Private Bags also have new • What is unique about parenting in gates, retaining walls and doors. are being created. The New Zealand postcodes. For more information check New Zealand — roles and responsibilities Manukau City Council Senior Building Post response has been to create new out the Address and Postcode fi nder at • Why being a parent in your country Advisor Ian Godfrey is chairing a committee postcodes which, when combined with a, call 0800 736 355 might be different from being a parent of experts developing the standard to street number and street name, create a or visit your local PostShop. in New Zealand address the lack of clarity and other unique postal delivery address. • Information, knowledge and outstanding issues in the Fencing of New Zealand Post is not expecting understanding of the challenges ahead Swimming Pools Act 1987. The Act does not people to adopt new mailing DOG REGISTRATION • Where to fi nd help give clear guidelines around compliance habits overnight so REMINDER • Strategies to help you and your family issues or how a pool beside a home can use they’ll still Dog owners are reminded that there is settle in well. modern safety designs. just over a week left to pay to register Most drownings of one to four year their animals. Fees, due by 31 July, have The course starts on Monday 24 July 2006 olds in New Zealand occur in residential increased for the fi rst time in nine years at 10.00am until 12.15pm and runs for eight swimming pools. This country has the to cover additional costs associated with weeks every Monday morning. To enrol, call highest rate of youth drowning among new dog management databases and Sandy on: 534 5584. OECD countries. microchipping. You can comment on the draft Registration can be paid at any NZ standard online by clicking on Postshop, Books & More or the council’s ‘Enter Comments Online’ at Customer and Citizen Centre, Kotuku House in Manukau city centre. For more information visit www. or phone the call centre anytime on 09 262 5104.
  7. 7. Schedule of Meeting for August 2006 Notice of Community Manukau City Council Workshop Bylaw Review Pursuant to Section 46 Part 7 of Local Government Offi cial Information and Beachlands Study Have Your Say! Meetings Act 1987 public notice is hereby given of the meeting times and dates of the Manukau City Council and its Standing Committees for the month of August 2006. Property owners, residents and anyone Council is asking Manukau’s residents The following Standing Committee meetings will be held in the Totara Room, interested in the future of Beachlands are and ratepayers for their feedback on its Manukau Civic Centre on the date specifi ed. invited to attend a community workshop review of the following bylaws: to help develop a picture or ‘Master Plan’ • Chapter 4 Billiard Rooms, Amusement Hearings Committee 1 August 9.30am for how the Beachlands Study Area might Galleries and Shooting Galleries Economic Development Committee 2 August 5.00pm look if it were to be developed. • Chapter 22 Signs Community Safety Committee 3 August 9.30am The Beachlands Study is examining The Council is proposing to: Transport Committee 3 August 5.00pm whether Beachlands should expand. 1. Replace the existing signs bylaw with Corporate Governance Committee 8 August 5.00pm It is looking in particular at land the Draft Temporary Signs Bylaw 2006 Community Development Committee 9 August 5.00pm currently within the Rural 1 Special and associated provisions Environment and Urban Design Committee 10 August 5.00pm Policy Zone to the south of Beachlands, 2. Revoke the Chapter 4 Billiard Rooms, Papatoetoe Resource Consents Hearing Committee 14 August 9.30am bounded by Whitford-Maraetai Road, Amusement Galleries and Shooting Clevedon Resource Consents Hearing Committee 14 August 10.30am Beachlands Road, Karaka Road and Jack Galleries. Council is proposing to make Te Tiriti o Waitangi Committee (Council Chambers) 15 August 3.00pm Lachlan Drive. these changes as a result of its review Strategic Directions Committee Technical work and consultation for process, which to date has determined (Manukau Room, Civic Centre) 15 August 6.00pm the Beachlands Study has identifi ed that: Botany Resource Consents Hearings Committee 22 August 9.30am that further work is needed before • A bylaw is the most appropriate Botany Resource Consents Hearings Committee 29 August 9.30am council proceeds to decide whether mechanism to provide for the effective Council Plan Committee (Manukau Room, Civic Centre) 29 August 5.00pm expansion of Beachlands happens in the management of Temporary Signs Study Area. The Master Plan will help • The District Plan is the most The Council meeting will be held in the Council Chambers inform the council decision on a growth appropriate mechanism to provide on 24 August 2006 commencing at 5.00pm. management strategy. It will enable us for the effective management of to get a better idea of what growth in the Permanent Signs Community Board meetings will be held as follows: Study Area might look like and will aid • A bylaw is not the most appropriate Mangere Community Board the assessment of the impacts of mechanism to provide for the effective Nga Tapuwae Community Centre, 253 Buckland Road, Mangere 7 August 5.00pm any growth. management of Billiard Rooms, Botany Community Board The Master Plan will be prepared Amusement Galleries and Panasonic Performing Arts Centre based on a scenario where the Study Shooting Galleries Botany Downs Secondary College, 575 Chapel Road, Howick 7 August 6.30pm Area is developed for residential • That existing powers available to Clevedon Community Board purposes subject to topography, stream, the Council, the New Zealand Police, Clevedon Hall, Clevedon 14 August 7.30pm gully and visual constraints. the Department of Labour, and the Pakuranga Community Board The Workshop will be a full day session Department of Internal Affairs are the Community Room, Pakuranga Library Complex, and will be followed by a second shorter most appropriate mechanism to provide Aylesbury Street, Pakuranga 14 August 7.30pm session. Workshop participants will work for the effective management of Billiard Otara Community Board in groups to develop their vision for the Rooms, Amusement Galleries and Otara Music Arts Centre, Otara Town Centre, Otara 21 August 5.00pm Study Area. Following the workshop Shooting Galleries. Manurewa Community Board the council’s design team will take the Totara Room, Level 3, Manukau Civic Centre 21 August 6.30pm concepts produced at the workshop Where to get more information Howick Community Board and put these together to produce a A copy of the Statement of Proposal, Howick Range Trust, 80 Wellington Street, Howick 28 August 7.00pm Master Plan which will be presented at including Summary of Information, Papatoetoe Community Board the follow-up session a week later for draft bylaw and associated provisions Papatoetoe Chambers, 31-33 St George Street, Papatoetoe 28 August 7.00pm comment and discussion. are available on the Council’s website The workshop will be held in, Beachlands on Saturday 12 August from Manukau City Council libraries, Schedule of Meeting for August 2006 9am to 5pm with a follow-up session or council’s Customer Service Centre, on Monday 21 August 7pm to 9pm. Kotuku House, Manukau Square, Public notice is hereby given in terms of Local Government Offi cial Information and Places to attend the workshop are Manukau City or by contacting council’s Meetings Act 1987 of an amendment to the Schedule of Meetings previously notifi ed. limited to 100 and registration for the Call Centre on 09 262 5104 from A meeting of the Hearings Sub- Committee — Liquor Licensing, is scheduled to be workshop is essential. If you would like 26 June 2006. held on 25 July 2006 commencing at 9:30am. to attend please contact Alia Cederman at with Where to send your submission your name, mailing address, and phone Post your completed submission to: GET ON BOARD number or call 09 262 8900 ext 5828 Manukau City Council HAVE YOUR SAY ON MOBILE LIBRARY SERVICE before Friday 28 July. Private Bag 76917 Manukau City Council is to update its mobile Questionnaires have been sent to Manukau library. The new bus will be a ‘low rider’ resthomes, retirement villages and schools Attention Mohammed Hassan — which is easier for people to access. currently using the service. They are also Manager Clean Environment Library and Information Services available from all Manukau libraries, or can Submissions on the bylaws must be Planner, Dena Gilmore says: “The decision be downloaded from council’s website received by 4pm Friday 28 July 2006. to commission a new bus provides a great Completed opportunity to review the current mobile questionnaires should be returned to library service. We want to ensure the Manukau City Council by 28 July. mobile library reaches more of the people Previously published in the Pohutukawa Previously published in local community who need it and will be looking at the Coast Times on 7 and 14 July. papers on 10, 12, 13 and 14 July current timetable and route.”
  8. 8. MANUKAU CALENDAR This is just a sample of the many events happening in Manukau. For a full list please visit Period events One-day events 21 July Until 3 August 11 August — 1 September FREE EVENT LISTING Once a month, Manukau City Council will publish an events diary in Manukau Matters, Enjoy a Poem Phantasmagoria Good Things Come which will feature the highlights of a Calling all poets, don’t delay. An AUT graduate students’ mid-year in Small Packages comprehensive events list available on the Come and join us on Poetry Day. show, supported by Toi o Manukau. Nathan Homestead is proud to host the council’s website. Venue: Uxbridge & Pakuranga Library Phantasmagoria is an amalgamation of inaugural Manukau City Council Childcare If you would like your event to be listed, Hours: 10.30am (preschoolers) paint, print, photography and video and Centres’ Under 5’s exhibition. This show please submit your event details online 6.30 (adults) the conceptual ideas generated through is sure to delight and is a must-see for at Click Price: FREE them. Each artist relates to the notion family members and public alike. “submit an event” and follow the prompts. Contact: Gaye Hemsley of random imagery, reality, imagination Venue: Nathan Homestead Your event will automatically appear on the Phone: 09 576 8803 and memory in their own unique way. Hours: Monday — Friday 9am — 5pm; website and key events will also appear in Email: Phantasmagoria is a collective of Weekends 1pm — 4pm Manukau Matters. Website: young artists. Price: FREE Venue: Mangere Arts Centre Contact: Chantelle Whaiapu Hours: Monday — Friday 9am — 5pm Phone: 09 267 0180 Price: FREE Email: 29 July — 19 August Contact: Chantelle Whaiapu Website: Phone: 09 275 0482 (Re)Locating Home Email: Venue: Fresh Gallery Otara Website: Until 8 August Hours: Tuesday — Friday 10am — 5pm, Saturday 8am — 2pm Price: FREE First Impressions 5 — 25 August Contact: Ema Tavola Each year, senior students and teachers 20 August Phone: 09 274 6400 from Manurewa High School’s Art Email: The Living Art Department curate an eclectic mix of Website: of Pacific Tattoo art works for public display. This year’s Victorian Crafts Live Day A group exhibition exploring the Venue: Mangere Arts Centre exhibition showcases young emerging Decorative, domestic, agricultural and links and relationships of Pacifi c Hours: Monday — Friday, 9am — 5pm Manukau artists from this local high refi ned crafts (pictured above). peoples in Manukau, and throughout Price: FREE school with artworks full of surprise Venue: Howick Historical Village Oceania. (Re)Locating Home features Contact: Chantelle Whaiapu and innovation. Hours: 10am to last admission at 4pm contemporary artwork by seven Pacifi c Phone: 09 275 0482 Venue: Nathan Homestead Price: Adult $12, Child $6, Snr/Stdnt $10, artists from Manukau. Email: Hours: Monday — Friday 9am — 5pm; Family $30 Website: Weekends 1pm — 4pm Contact: Tracey Mulgrew The Living Art of Pacifi c Tattoo focuses Price: FREE Phone: 09 576 9506 on the art of documenting ta moko, Contact: Chantelle Whaiapu Email: tatau, tatu and tattoo within communities Phone: 09 267 0180 Website: living in New Zealand and the Pacifi c. Email: AN IMAGE FROM PHANTASMAGORIA Website: AT MANGERE ARTS CENTRE