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Manukau matters issue 12 2006


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Manukau City council city-wide newspaper

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Manukau matters issue 12 2006

  1. 1. – TE KAEAEA HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL 17 DECEMBER 2006 ISSUE 12 PROPOSED NEW LIQUOR BANS IN MANUKAU CITY KEEPING LEISURE PRICES New liquor bans will come into force in fi ve MANUKAU FIRST INCREASES areas of Manukau just before Christmas. FOR MORE THAN The bans, which begin on 22 December, make it an offence to consume or possess MOVING FOUR YEARS alcohol within certain areas, but won’t impact on people carrying alcohol to and A large investment in roading and making public transport a viable alternative to In its fi rst review of leisure pricing policy from private or commercial premises. the car are the priorities for Manukau’s since 2002, Manukau City Council plans to The aim of the alcohol bans is to deal transport system over the next 10 years. introduce slightly higher prices to some with people drinking in public places, which The priorities are in Manukau City specialist programmes and classes offered can disturb residents and cause other Council’s draft Manukau Transport Strategy at the city’s pools, recreation, leisure, and problems. Police have the power to search 2006–2016 which shows what the council’s fi tness centres. for and seize alcohol, and to arrest people transport priorities are and how they are The increases were adopted by Council breaking the ban. Anyone convicted faces a being addressed. in June this year, and come into effect in fi ne of up to $20,000. The draft strategy recognises that the January 2007. For details of the new bans, see the car will remain the major way for people to Programmes affected include childcare, advertisement on Page 2 of this issue. get around, but it also aims to make public out of school care, holiday programmes, transport a viable alternative. swimming lessons and gymnastics. SEARCH ON FOR Another priority is to ensure that Access to swimming pools remains free. that the facilities and programmes they run CCO DIRECTORS planning of the city’s land use and The new pricing policy, which sets cost money. Manukau City Council is beginning the transportation are integrated; making a minimum and maximum price for “To be accountable to our ratepayers, search for directors for its council- sure growth centres such as Flat Bush are programmes, refl ects the cost of providing we need to make sure that we recoup some controlled organisations. developed in way that encourages use of the services, increases in utility costs and of those costs by charging a little bit more Advertising will begin in January for public transport, walking and cycling. a 9.5 per cent increase in inflation since for specialist courses and programmes, candidates for the Boards of Manukau To read the draft Manukau Transport 2002. Prices can move within the pricing where viable, without putting people off Leisure and Manukau Building Consultants. Strategy visit www.manukau.govt.nz or schedule but generally they remain lower taking part.” “We want to appoint directors who will phone the council call centre on 09 262 than current comparative market rates. Users of specialist services such as collectively provide high-level strategic, 5104 to request a copy. Cr John Walker, Chair of the Community Swimsation, Childcare and Before and analytical and business skills, as well as Development Committee, says: “The city’s After School Care have been advised of the expertise in the community, leisure and pools, recreation, leisure, and fi tness minor price changes. Pricing schedules for building industries,” Director, Strategy, centres provide an excellent service to our recreation programmes will be available at Grant Taylor says. residents, but it must be acknowledged the centres where the programmes are run. While it is important for a good number of the appointees to have had previous board experience, it is not essential for them CAMPAIGN TARGETS BURGLARY PREVENTION all to have been directors before, as long as Last year in Manukau 69 per cent of “Pacifi c people are open and hospitable, they have the other skills and experience burglaries were of private homes and a but that also makes them vulnerable. It is the council is looking for. campaign is under way to reduce the high vital that they change security habits — what “This is an exciting opportunity to take percentage of Pacifi c people fi guring in is acceptable ‘at home’ doesn’t work in our building consent and leisure services to those statistics. New Zealand. We urge them to make sure a new level, and we are hoping that people Prominent Pasifi ka community leaders windows, doors and garages are locked with a strong interest in the Manukau will help promote the message that Pacifi c securely, even if they are just popping out community will be amongst the candidates,” people can take steps to reduce the high for a short time.” Mr Taylor says. level of burglaries in their homes. The campaign will include information A director will also be sought for Manukau City Council’s Safe Communities on what to do if a burglary occurs, how to Tomorrow’s Manukau Properties Limited, to Team Leader Anqelique Otene says Pacifi c report it, and how to prevent becoming a fi ll the vacancy which will be left when the people are over-represented among victims repeat victim. For more information please Chairman, Peter Taylor, retires for health PROJECTS LIKE THE EAST TAMAKI of burglary, yet they are less likely to have call one of the following: Angelique Otene at reasons in February. CONNECTION, WHICH OPENS IN APRIL security measures in place or report it to Safer Communities on 09 262 8959; Enquiries can be directed to Chief 2007, ARE PART OF PLANS TO IMPROVE the police. Faama Viliamu on 09 262 8900 ext 8469. Executive Offi cer Leigh Auton on 262 8900. MANUKAU’S TRANSPORT SYSTEM. NEWS, VIEWS, INTERVIEWS, ENTERTAINMENT, PUBLIC NOTICES, EVENTS, JOBS... ALL INSIDE YOUR MANUKAU MATTERS
  2. 2. – TE KAEAEA PUBLIC NOTICES Subdivision Resource Restrictions on Selling Food Consent From Home MANUKAU MATTERS New liquor ban areas Notifi cation of an Application – Manukau Matters/Te Ka eaea is Manukau City Council advises residents for Resource Consent under published twice a month by the Manukau City Council gives notice of the of the rules relating to the sale of food Section 93(2) Manukau City Council and delivered to following decisions on fi ve proposed new from private homes. more than 100,000 households, rural liquor ban areas made at it’s full meeting Manukau City Council has received an All food for sale must be made at delivery addresses, and other locations on 23 November 2006. application for resource consent from food premises registered under the within the city boundaries. (Minute No. CL/NOV/1965/06): B and C Newberry. Location: 19 and 121 Food Hygiene Regulations 1974 and – Manukau Matters/Te Ka eaea helps 1. To adopt new liquor bans 24 hours a McNicol Road, Clevedon being lot 1 and the Health (Registration of Premises) council inform residents and ratepayers day, seven days a week in lot 3 DP 133464 (CT NA 78C/462) Regulations, 1966. about council decisions, activities, (i) Mangere Bridge town centre and Subdivision Resource Consent is Residents cannot make food for sale projects and events. It is a cost- Swanson Park sought to subdivide an existing 19.7390 in their existing domestic kitchens, effective way of providing important (ii) Jack Conway Place, Manukau city ha site, comprising two parcels of land in even if it is only done once in a while. statutory information such as public centre the one certifi cate of title held together Council may prosecute people caught notices concerning planning and (iii) Papatoetoe Recreation Ground and by way of a compulsory amalgamation selling food made at unregistered and resource consent issues. Kingswood Reserves and accessways. condition, to create two non-complying unapproved premises. – Manukau Matters/Te Ka eaea also 2. To adopt new liquor bans from 7.00pm allotments comprising 7.2510 ha and In order for a food premises to be contains articles of interest to Manukau to 7.00am seven days a week in: 12.4880 ha at 19 and 21 McNicol Road, registered, a separate kitchen and residents, promoting the city’s (i) Marine Parade and Marine Parade Clevedon. The subject site is zoned Rural food storage area must be constructed resources, attractions, facilities and Reserve 1 under the Manukau Operative District and fi tted out in accordance with the community events. (ii) Muir Avenue Reserve, Plan 2002 whereby the application First Schedule of the Food Hygiene Mangere Bridge. requires consent as a non-complying Regulations 1974. A building consent will CONTACT US AT In a liquor ban area, it is prohibited activity. Address for Service: Hollier be needed for approval to build, and the EMAIL manukaumatters@ to consume or possess liquor, or to Greig Ltd., PO Box 99 396, Newmarket, proposal must comply with the Rules for manukau.govt.nz consume or possess liquor within a Att: John Greig Home Enterprises under the council’s EDITORIAL 09 262 5223 vehicle. Liquor bans do not affect the Submissions to this application must District Plan. EVENT LISTINGS www.manukau.govt.nz ability of people to transport liquor to or be received by Monday 5 February For further information on how you and select ‘calendar of events’ under from home or business premises within 2007. If you wish to make a submission can enjoy the benefi ts of operating a the ‘most popular’ banner. or adjoining a liquor ban area, or BYO on the above application, you may do legitimate food business from home, DISTRIBUTION 09 262 5104 patrons to take liquor to a restaurant. so by sending a written submission to please contact, or visit, council’s Citizen POST Manukau City Council, The new liquor bans will come into the council addressed to the Manager and Customer Centre for an information Pvt Bag 76917, Manukau City operation on Friday 22 December 2006. — Resource Consents, Manukau City pack. Or call council to speak to an (attention Manukau Matters) The liquor control bylaw and liquor Council, Private Bag 76917, Manukau Environmental Health Offi cer or visit DESIGNED BY ban areas (including maps) can be city — Attention: Otara Botany Clevedon council’s website www.manukau.govt.nz Scenario Communications Limited inspected at the Manukau City Council Resource Consents Team, Level 4, EDITOR Jenna Moore Customer Services Centre, Kotuku Kotuku House, to arrive not later than CHIEF WRITER Vienna Richards House, Manukau Square; any Manukau City Council library through their the date given in the notice above. The submission must be dated, signed by you, EMPLOYMENT WOULD YOU LIKE A DIGITAL internet service; and council’s website and include the following information: OPPORTUNITIES VERSION OF MANUKAU MATTERS? In addition to your printed copy, we can www.manukau.govt.nz. Copies can be downloaded from council’s website; 1 Your name, postal address and phone number/fax number. AT COUNCIL send you a PDF version. Email us at or obtained on payment of applicable 2 Details of the application in respect of For these and other employment manukaumatters@manukau.govt.nz photocopy or printing charges from which you are making the submission, opportunities at council visit: Kotuku House or any Manukau City including location. www.manukau.govt.nz and select ‘Jobs at Council library. 3 Whether you support or oppose the council’ under the ‘most popular’ banner. WANT TO CONTACT application. COUNCIL, OR YOUR 4 Your submission with reasons. Recreation Programmer ELECTED COUNCILLOR? Community Board 5 The decision you wish the Manukau Manurewa Leisure Centre Council’s main administration phone City Council to make. We are looking for an enthusiastic and Discretionary and School number is 09 263 7100 (business 6 Whether you wish to be heard in energetic person to develop and deliver Holiday Funding for hours). Use the Call Centre on 09 262 support of your submission. a variety of leisure programmes catering Community Groups 5104 (24 hours) for assistance with: The application(s) can be viewed and for a range of age groups. Applicants graffi ti, roading, signs, refuse disposal, Funding is now available to community copies of submission forms are available must have excellent communication traffi c, street lighting, environmental groups and organisations to enhance at the public counter, Kotuku Customer skills, relevant qualifi cations in the sport by-laws, noise complaints, dog control, community, economic and environmental Centre, Kotuku House, Manukau Square, and leisure industry, and hold a current statistical information, LIM reports, development of Manukau city and its Manukau city. A copy of your submission First Aid Certifi cate and a full driver’s land rates and kerbside recycling. residents. must be served as soon as reasonably licence. Administration, cash handling, The council’s website has contact Each of the city’s eight community practicable on the applicant and should reception and computer skills will be details for all elected Councillors and boards has funding to allocate to be sent to the relevant Address for an advantage. Community Board members, at: groups carrying out projects in their Service as detailed above. Applications close: 28 December 2006 www.manukau.govt.nz and click on communities. Vacancy Number: MM 3608 ‘Your Council’, then If your group is working on a project select ‘Mayor and or service that benefi ts the residents of accreditation). Please note that groups For more details on these vacancies, or to view Councillors’ for their one or two communities within Manukau are required to contribute at least one the full list of employment opportunities at contact details or city, you are welcome to apply to our third of the overall cost of the project. Manukau City Council, you can visit www.seek. ‘Community Boards’ Community Board Discretionary Fund. Applications to both funds close at co.nz/manukau; email a request for a position to see the lists of School Holiday Programme funding 4.00pm, Friday, 26 January 2007. For description to jobs@manukau.govt.nz; or community board is also available to assist community application forms or further information phone 09 262 8907. Please quote the vacancy members. organisations to provide holiday please phone the Funding Administrator number with all requests or inquiries and with programmes and activities during the on 09 262 8900, ext 8367. Information your application. Manukau City Council is a April 2007 school holidays. All providers and application forms may also be progressive organisation with a leading role in NEXT ISSUE Sunday 21 Jan 2007 must have OSCAR accreditation, (phone accessed via council’s website www. the Local Government sector ISSN 1177-522X 0800 559 009 for more information on manukau.govt.nz and a commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi.
  3. 3. MANUKAU CITY COUNCIL CHRISTMAS / NEW YEAR OPENING HOURS CIVIC CENTRE AND Sun 24 Dec 2006 KOTUKU HOUSE • Whitford Landfi ll CLOSED Council’s CIVIC CENTRE, Wiri Station Road, • East Tamaki Transfer Station OPEN and KOTUKU HOUSE, Manukau Square, closing at 2pm (excluding the Citizen and Customer Centre Mon 25 Dec 2006 NO COLLECTION — see below) will close from 3pm on Fri 22 • Whitford Landfi ll CLOSED COMMUNITY HOUSES Dec 2006 and re-open for full service on • East Tamaki Transfer Station CLOSED Please note Community Houses will Wed 3 Jan 2007. Tue 26 Dec 2006 still be open by prior arrangement for LEISURE SERVICES • Whitford Landfi ll OPEN confi rmed bookings. CHILDCARE CENTRES CITIZEN AND CUSTOMER • East Tamaki Transfer Station CLOSED Anchorage Park Nathan Homestead, Howick Recreation CENTRE Note: Collections will take place one day Closed Fri 22 Dec 2006 Centre, Clendon Community Centre, The Citizen and Customer Centre is located later than normal all week. Re-open Mon 8 Jan 2007 at 9am Allan Brewster Recreation Centre and on the ground fl oor of Kotuku House, Sun 31 Dec 2006 Clover Park Lloyd Elsmore Park Leisure Centre Manukau Square, at Manukau city centre. • Whitford Landfi ll CLOSED Close Mon 18 Dec 2006 Closed 22 Dec 2006 at end of normal day It will close at 3pm on Fri 22 Dec. It will • East Tamaki Transfer Station OPEN Re-open Mon 8 Jan 2007 Re-open 17 Jan 2007 (normal open hours open and provide full service on Wed 27 closing at 2pm Highland Park except for Lloyd Elsmore Pool Childcare Dec between 8.30am and 4.30pm, and on Mon 1 Jan 2007 NO COLLECTION Close 22 Dec 2006 at 3pm which re-opens 30 Jan 2007) Thu 28 and Fri 29 Dec between 8.30am and • Whitford Landfi ll CLOSED Re-open 8 Jan 2007 at 9am POOLS 5pm. It will be closed on statutory holidays • East Tamaki Transfer Station CLOSED Mangere Community House Closed 24 Dec 2006 at 5pm and weekends. Tue 2 Jan 2007 Close Fri 22 Dec 2006 Closed Christmas Day • Whitford Landfi ll OPEN Re-open Mon 8 Jan 2007 Open 26 Dec 2006 at 9am TELEPHONE CALL CENTRE • East Tamaki Transfer Station CLOSED Te Whare Awhina, Randwick Park Closed 31 Dec 2006 at 5pm Manukau City Council Telephone Call Note: Collection will take place one day later and Clendon Park Open 1 Jan 2007 at 11am Centre, Ph 09 262 5104, operates 24 hours than normal all week Close Wed 20 Dec 2006 RECREATION CENTRES a day, seven days a week, and can Re-open 22 Jan 2007 Closed 23 Dec 2006 be contacted at any time for information MANUKAU LIBRARIES Open 8 Jan 2007 at 8am and assistance with: Highland Park, Howick, Mangere Bridge, CITIZEN ADVICE BUREAUX FITNESS CENTRES • After hours emergency calls (including Mangere East, Mangere Town Centre, All CAB will be closed for statutory holidays. AT RECREATION CENTRES fl ooding, stormwater, noise, dog control) Manurewa, Otara, Papatoetoe, For personal emergencies call Lifeline: Allan Brewster Recreation Centre, Howick • Land rates Manukau Central Research, City Centre, 09 522 2999 Recreation Centre and Te Puru • Dog control Pakuranga, Tupu-Dawson Road Youth Mangere CAB Closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day • Roading, traffi c and road signs libraries Close Fri 22 Dec 2006 at 12noon Closed New Years Day and New Year Holiday • Graffi ti Sat 23, Sun 24 Dec normal hours Re-open Mon 8 Jan 2007 10am–2pm Open 27, 28, 29 Dec 2006 from 6am–7pm • Noise control Mon 25, Tue 26 Dec closed Resume normal hours FITNESS CENTRES AT POOLS • Land Information Memoranda Wed 27, Thu 28, Fri 29 Dec 9am–5pm 22 Jan 2007 9am-4pm Lloyd Elsmore Park Leisure Centre, Moana- • Kerbside rubbish collection and recycling Sat 30, Sun 31 Dec normal hours Manurewa CAB nui-a-Kiwa Leisure Centre and Manurewa • Refuse disposal Mon 1, Tue 2 Jan closed Close Fri 22 Dec 2006 at 4pm Aquatics Centre Ngaa Mahi a Rehia • Environmental nuisances Wed 3 Jan normal hours resume Re-open Mon 8 Jan 2007 10am–2pm Closed 24 Dec 2006 at 5pm • Statistical inquiries Te Matariki Clendon Library Resume normal hours 1 Feb 2007 9am–4pm Closed Christmas Day • Abandoned vehicles As above except for: Otara CAB Open 26 Dec 2006 at 9am • Parks inquiries Wed 27, Thu 28, Fri 29 Dec 9am–5.30pm Close 19 Dec 2006 at 4pm Closed 31 Dec at 5pm • Maintenance of council-owned properties Botany Library Re-open Sat 6 Jan 2007 9am–12pm Open 1 Jan 2007 at 11am (including Housing for the Elderly) Sat 23 Dec 9am–7pm Resume normal hours 8 Jan 2007 9am–4pm MANUKAU ON THE MOVE • Street lighting Sun 24 Dec 10am–6pm Pakuranga-Eastern Manukau CAB Closed 22 Dec 2006 at 3pm • Appointments to lodge resource Mon 25 Dec closed Close Fri 22 Dec 2006 at 12pm Re-open 15 Jan 2007 at 8.30am and building consents Tue 26 Dec 9am–7pm Open 3, 4 and 5 Jan 10am–1pm Wed 27, Thu 28, Fri 29 Dec 9am–5.30pm Resume normal hours Mon 8 Jan 2007 CREMATORIUM AND CEMETERY ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES Sat 30, Sun 31 Dec normal hours 9am–4pm Manukau Memorial Gardens, Puhinui Road, RESOURCE CONSENTS Mon 1, Tue 2 Jan closed Papatoetoe CAB Papatoetoe. The offi ce will be closed from Consent processing and inspections Wed 3 Jan 9am–5.30pm Close Fri 22 Dec 2006 at 12pm 5pm 22 Dec until 8.30am 27 Dec 2006, and continue, but no lodgement meetings will be Thu 4 Jan normal hours resume Re-open Mon 8 Jan 2007 10am–2pm again from 5pm 29 Dec 2006 until 8.30am available on 29, 30 and 31 Dec 2006. Mobile Library Resume normal hours Mon 15 Jan 2007 3 Jan 2007 Normal business hours will resume on Fri 22 Dec last day of service from 9am-4pm The emergency telephone number during Wed 3 Jan 2007. 23 Dec 2006 to 29 Jan 2007 no service Howick Information Service this period is 09 279 8232. BUILDING CONSENTS Tue 30 Jan 2007 normal hours resume Close on Sat 23 Dec at 12pm The gates to the Cemetery and Crematorium Full service for lodgements, consent Open 27, 28 and 29 Dec 2006 10am–4pm will be open every day from 8.30am–8pm as processing and inspections on 29, 30 COMMUNITY CENTRES Open Sat 30 Dec 10am-12pm normal, but will remain open for 24 hours on and 31 Dec. No inspections available TE MATARIKI — CLENDON COMMUNITY Normal hours: Wed 3 Jan 2006 10am Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. Mon 1 Jan 2007. CENTRE AND LIBRARY CUT OUT AND PLACE ON YOUR FRIDGE LIQUOR LICENSING, FOOD LICENSING Library See under Manukau Libraries ARTS CENTRES RURAL FIRE AND MANAGER AND PARKING ENFORCEMENT Childcare Nathan Homestead, RURAL PROGRAMMES Full service available on 27, 28 and 29 Dec. Close 22 Dec 2006 Otara Music Arts Centre Restricted Fire Season applies; no fi re For emergency matters outside normal Re-open 17 Jan 2007 Close 22 Dec 2006 at 3pm permits will be issued during the period business hours please contact the Recreation centre Re-open 8 Jan 2007 at 9am 16 Dec 2006 to 16 Jan 2007. For any fi re Call Centre on 09 262 5104. Close 22 Dec 2006 Mangere Community Arts emergency during this period dial 111 or for Re-open 8 Jan 2007 Outreach Services general enquiries contact 026 104 228. COLLECTIONS FOR HOUSEHOLD Youth Services Close 22 Dec 2006 at 3pm REFUSE AND RECYCLING Close 22 Dec 2006 Re-open 9 Jan 2007 at 9am CIVIL DEFENCE Rubbish and recycling collections will be Open 27, 28, 29 Dec 2006 9am–5pm Fresh Gallery Otara For all enquiries and emergencies, please completed one day later during the weeks Open 3, 4 and 5 Jan 2007 9am–5pm Close 23 Dec 2006 at 12noon contact the call centre (09 262 5104) for of 24 to 30 Dec 2006; and 31 Dec 2006 to Normal hours resume 8 Jan 2007 Re-open 9 Jan 2007 at 10am referral to the duty Civil Defence Offi cer. 6 Jan 2007.
  4. 4. MANUKAU CALENDAR Due to unforeseen demand on space, the instalment of the “Get Walking in This is just a sample of the many events happening in Manukau. Manukau” walkway series was unable For a full list please visit www.manukau.govt.nz and click on to be published in this issue. The series “Calendar of Events” in the “Most Popular” box at the top right of will resume from the page. Scroll down and click on “Find out what’s on in Manukau”. issue 13, Jan 21. Multi-day events One-day events To 23 December: 21 January 2007 The Under $100 Art Sale! Black Sticks v The Netherlands Venue: Fresh Gallery Otara Venue: Lloyd Elsmore Hockey Stadium Join ‘Manukau on the Move’ – Hours: Tue-Fri 10am-5pm; Sat 8am-2pm Hours: Gates Open Noon, Starts 3.00pm TEEN EXTREME outdoor adventure week Contact: Ema Tavola Phone: 09 274 6400 Price: Adult $15, Child $5 Monday 22 – Friday 26 January 2007 for: Email: etavola@manukau.govt.nz Website: www.manukau.govt.nz Contact: Leanne Knox A broad range of artworks by local artists, all costing less than Phone: 09 629 2932 SAILING CLIMBING & ABSEILING $100. Email: support@hockeynz.co.nz BEACH PARTY KAYAKING Website: www.hockeynz.co.nz SUITA GOAT ISLAND SNORKELING FOR A BLE GES To 5 January Catch the Black Sticks Men as they Villa Maria Cult-Couture 2006 Exhibition 12–16 take on international hockey legends BE QUICK, CALL 274 6904 YEA RS Venue: Mangere Arts Centre The Netherlands on home turf in an SUPERVISION RATIOS LIMIT PLACES Hours: Tues-Fri, 9am-5pm; exclusive summer test series. Parents: These programmes are provided by ‘Manukau on the Move’ – Saturday, 8.30am-3pm the Outreach Service of Manukau City Council, with professional, trained Contact: Chantelle Whaiapu 2 February 2007 recreation staff and well-maintained equipment. Phone: 09 275 0482 Pine Harbour Email: cwhaiapu@manukau.govt.nz Food & Wine Festival Website: www.manukau.govt.nz Venue: Pine Harbour Marina, Beachlands A display of winning garments and fashion Contact: Brent Coutts designs from this year’s spectacular Villa Phone: 09 536 6678 Maria Cult-Couture fashion and art event. A family-friendly food and wine festival, featuring many local producers — 19 December 2006 to 21 January 2007 with proceeds going to local schools/ community groups. Nathan Homestead Tutors & Students FREE SWIMMING LESSONS Venue: Nathan Homestead FOR FAMILIES Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm; Weekends 1pm-4pm Contact: Vic Leilua Phone: 09 267 0180 Email: vleilua@manukau.govt.nz Website: www.manukau.govt.nz A brilliant and varied display of original artworks from Nathan Homestead’s arts LEARN TO BE SAFE IN THE WATER tutors and students. Injury Free Counties Manukau in partnership with Manukau City Council To 20 February Leisure Services, WaterSafe Auckland, Seung Yul Oh “Bearing” Swimsation and Swimgym will be running Venue: te tuhi the mark free swimming lessons. Hours: 9.00am-8.30pm, Mon-Thurs, 8.30am-4.30pm Fri-Sun Contact: Emma Bugden Whanau Nui/Family Swim Lessons Programme runs from 22-26 January 2007 Phone: 09 577 0138 Part of ‘INTERACT! a series of projects. Contact your nearest pool and enrol now! To 25 February Manurewa Aquatic Centre — Ngaa Mahia a Rehia 09 269 0937 Rehearsal for Auckland International Cultural Festival Moana Nui a Kiwa, Mangere 09 275 8979 Venue: Pakuranga Intermediate, Reeves Road, Pakuranga Hours: from 2-4pm every Sunday Norman Kirk Memorial Pools, Otara 09 274 6917 Contact: Ronald Ma Phone: 09 307 4949 ext 8044 Papatoetoe Centennial Pool, Papatoetoe 09 279 0485 Email: SmoothStream@Gmail.com Website: www.smoothstream.co.nr Lloyd Elsmore Park Leisure Centre, Pakuranga 09 537 0025 Regular weekly band practice to participate in Auckland International Cultural Festival. We need singers, musicians and Massey Park Aquatics, Papakura 09 298 8522 volunteers to rehearse. All are welcome to participate regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, background, religious and political beliefs. Franklin Sport, Swim & Fitness, Pukekohe 09 238 8088 Participation is free. Free Event Listing Once a month Manukau City Council will publish an events diary in Manukau Matters, which will feature the highlights of the comprehensive events list on the council’s website. If you would like your event listed, please visit www.manukau.govt.nz and click on “Calendar of Events”. Follow the instructions to submit your event details. Your event will appear on the website and from these listings a range of key events will be selected for publication in Manukau Matters. Note: It is the responsibility of the event submitter to ensure the information provided is complete and accurate. The above events diary is published by the council in good faith from details provided to it by event organisers via the council website. The council makes no claim as to the accuracy or authenticity of the content of the web site events listing or its reproduction (in full or part) in Manukau Matters.