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Manukau matters issue 11 2006

  1. 1. – TE KAEAEA MANUKAU GET OUT AND ABOUT THIS SUMMER PAGE 3 MATTERS M S 3 DECEMBER 2006 ISSUE 1 1 SILVER ACCOLADES FOR PERFORMANCE GARDEN MANUKAU CITY COUNCIL’S CULTURAL PERFORMANCE GARDEN RECEIVED A SILVER AWARD IN THE EXHIBITION GARDEN CATEGORY AT THE ELLERSLIE FLOWER SHOW. THE HOLIDAYS KICK OFF WITH PLENTY OF ACTION AND FUN FOR FAMILIES AND CHILDREN IN MANUKAU CITY. Designed to celebrate the diversity of the the garden as a performance venue, and city, the garden featured more than 3000 Manukau as a city. THINGS TO DO THESE native and South Pacifi c plants including nikau palms, puka, kawakawa and different “The garden gave us a great opportunity to showcase some of Manukau’s hugely SUMMER HOLIDAYS varieties of lily, which formed a lush talented performance groups and to backdrop to the centrepiece of the garden celebrate the diversity of our city through — the performance stage. planting, artwork, song and dance. Man-made features, such as the concrete “I congratulate the designers and staff Manukau City Council’s Leisure 8 January to 2 February 2007 and stage and large sculptural drums, provided involved with bringing this stunning garden Services team has put together an exciting “Manukau on the Move” is offering a striking contrast to the planting, as did to fruition.” range of fun activities guaranteed to keep especially exciting programmes and day- three stunning sculptures inspired by the Now that the fl ower show is over, the children entertained. trips away for adventurous youngsters, ‘Moai’ of Easter Island, carved by Fatu Feu’u garden will be relocated to Fergusson Oaks There’s lots to choose from for all ages, including activities such as kayaking, and Isabelle Staron-Tutugoro. Reserve in Otara, where it will be used as from aquatic activities such as “Splash climbing and abseiling, snorkelling at Mayor of Manukau Sir Barry Curtis says a permanent performance space for years Spectacular” to games like “Dodgeball Goat Island, and a beach party. the award acknowledges the uniqueness of to come. Mania” and many cultural activities such For full details, check out the council’s as the “Nikki Nachos Fiesta”! website or phone ONE OF NEW ZEALAND’S HOTTEST Each recreation centre in Manukau the Call Centre on 09 262 5104 for contact CULTURAL GROUPS, SOIFUA, PERFORMING will have a holiday programme from details of the leisure centre nearest you. IN THE MANUKAU CITY COUNCIL’S CULTURAL PERFORMANCE GARDEN AT THE ELLERSLIE INTERNATIONAL FLOWER SHOW. KEEP THE NOISE DOWN! IF YOU’RE PLANNING A PARTY THIS SUMMER, SPARE A THOUGHT FOR YOUR NEIGHBOURS. Summer is “noisy neighbour” season. when the noise is happening and let the When the weather’s warm, people party operator know exactly where you want the outdoors or have their windows open, so Noise Control Offi cer to stand when he or sound travels further. There’s always going she arrives, to judge the level of noise. For to be some sound in a city, but it should example, do you want them to go onto your not interfere with people’s sleep. property or listen from the street? More than 80 per cent of noise If the noise is excessive, an Excessive complaints to Manukau City Council Noise Direction will be served. This means are about the bass boom from stereos. the person responsible has to reduce noise Residents should keep the volume down to a reasonable level. The notice remains at night and turn speakers inwards so that in force for 72 hours. If the direction is noise is not projected outside. Guests ignored, equipment can be seized or made should be encouraged to stay inside and inoperable and the owner can get an not slam doors when leaving. instant fi ne of $500. If you’re the neighbour and the noise is If you want to make a noise complaint, excessive, you can complain any time. phone Manukau City Council’s Call Centre All complaints are confi dential. Telephone on 262 5104 (24 hours). NEWS, VIEWS, INTERVIEWS, ENTERTAINMENT, PUBLIC NOTICES, JOBS... ALL INSIDE YOUR MANUKAU MATTERS
  2. 2. – MANUKAU SCORES HIGH AS A BEACH WATER QUALITY TE KAEAEA A CONSTANT SUMMER VIGIL MANUKAU MATTERS PLACE TO LIVE AND DO BUSINESS You’ve heard of Baywatch? Well Manukau’s – Manukau Matters/Te Ka eaea is beach water quality monitoring programme published twice a month by the THE GREAT MAJORITY OF MANUKAU RESIDENTS THINK THE could be called “Water Watch”. It’s all Manukau City Council and delivered to CITY IS A GOOD PLACE TO LIVE, WORK AND DO BUSINESS IN, about making sure that water in the city’s more than 100,000 households, rural ACCORDING TO THE AUGUST 2006 CITIZENS’ PERCEPTION many popular swimming beaches is safe delivery addresses, and other locations SURVEY CONDUCTED BY MANUKAU CITY COUNCIL. for people to swim in, and letting the public within the city boundaries. know the results of monitoring. – Manukau Matters/Te Ka eaea helps Run by the Manukau City Council, council inform residents and ratepayers the beach water quality monitoring about council decisions, activities, programme analyses bacteria levels to projects and events. It is a cost- ensure they aren’t high enough to pose effective way of providing important a risk to the public. Tests are conducted statutory information such as public each Wednesday, with results available notices concerning planning and on the Thursday. resource consent issues. Under normal circumstances the water – Manukau Matters/Te Ka eaea also quality in most Manukau beaches is good. contains articles of interest to Manukau However, heavy rain can wash pollutants residents, promoting the city’s into beaches so, after a rainstorm, people resources, attractions, facilities and Council conducts the survey to help Council’s performance are advised to avoid swimming or gathering community events. measure its performance on a number of The survey showed that of those who used shellfi sh near streams or stormwater objectives relating to issues such as the council facilities such as libraries, parks, outlets for a day or two. This allows any CONTACT US AT use of council facilities, service provision, sports fi elds and leisure/recreation centres, contaminants to be fl ushed off the coast. EMAIL manukaumatters@ community and business development, most were satisfi ed with their experience. Due to consistently high bacterial health, education and employment Libraries score best with 93 per cent of pollution there are a few beaches where EDITORIAL 09 262 5223 promotion, the environment, governance those who had an opinion saying they were recreational bathing and/or gathering EVENT LISTINGS and leadership, and economic management. satisfi ed with library services. shellfi sh is not recommended. These include and select ‘calendar of events’ under The August telephone survey obtained In areas of leadership, the survey showed Weymouth Beach and Kawakawa Bay. the ‘most popular’ banner. feedback from 515 residents across the city. room for improvement. Forty fi ve per cent If there is a need to close any beaches DISTRIBUTION 09 262 5104 Of those surveyed who had an opinion on of residents agreed council had shown due to contamination, health warning signs POST Manukau City Council, these questions: Just over 80 per cent said leadership on key city issues in the last year are erected at the affected locations. Pvt Bag 76917, Manukau City Manukau city was a good or excellent place and 43 per cent of those who expressed an To fi nd out beach water quality results, (attention Manukau Matters) to live; 80 per cent thought it was a good opinion said they were satisfi ed with the way go to, or phone the DESIGNED BY or excellent place to work and 79 per cent council involved the public in the decisions Call Centre on 262 5104. Scenario Communications Limited said it was a good or excellent place to it makes. EDITOR Jenna Moore do business. Nearly two thirds said they However, the council scored much RECYCLE AT THE CHIEF WRITER Vienna Richards were satisfi ed with the way the city looks higher with residents’ satisfaction of BEACH THIS SUMMER and feels. its infrastructure such as roads, water Recycling rubbish while spending a day at WOULD YOU LIKE A DIGITAL Diversity supply, waste and storm water, and rubbish the beach has been made easy with the VERSION OF MANUKAU MATTERS? Manukau is the most ethnically diverse city collection, where satisfaction ratings ranged introduction of 240 mobile recycling bins. In addition to your printed copy, we can in New Zealand. The survey showed just from 63 per cent to 91 per cent. Manukau City Council is providing the send you a PDF version. Email us at over half of the respondents thought its Council was also seen as an effective bins at Eastern, Bucklands and Maraetai increasing diversity made the city a better advocate of health, environment, education beaches during summer. The service began place to live. It also showed that the younger and employment initiatives. at Labour Weekend and will run until people are, the more likely they will think The key issues Easter 2007. WANT TO CONTACT diversity is a positive thing. Eighty per cent Overall, the survey showed that Manukau This means rubbish bins won’t be COUNCIL, OR YOUR of 15 to 19 year olds said diversity made the residents thought the key issues for the overfl owing with waste that could be ELECTED COUNCILLOR? city a better place, whereas of those aged city were: recycled instead of ending up in a landfi ll. Council’s main administration phone over 60, only a third thought diversity was a • Crime and safety In addition to the numbers 1 and 2 number is 09 263 7100 (business positive aspect. • Improvements to public transport plastics that people are already used to hours). Use the Call Centre on 09 262 Crime and safety • Traffi c congestion recycling, number 5 grade plastics — which 5104 (24 hours) for assistance with: In spite of the “South Auckland” reputation • The antisocial behaviour of youth include a number of drink bottles and ice graffi ti, roading, signs, refuse disposal, that attaches to the city whenever safety, • Cleanliness of the city cream containers — can also be put in the traffi c, street lighting, environmental violence and crime is discussed in the • City beautifi cation mobile bins following the expansion of by-laws, noise complaints, dog control, Auckland region, the survey found that • Stopping/removing graffi ti Manukau’s recycling collection. Glass, paper statistical information, LIM reports, most respondents felt safe at home, in their • The level of rates, council spending and cans are also collected. land rates and kerbside recycling. neighbourhoods and in their local town and fairer rates. The council wants to reduce the amount The council’s website has contact centre. Perceptions of safety were greatest Council’s Director of Strategy Grant Taylor of waste that is sent to landfi ll, so the more details for all elected Councillors and for daylight hours and declined at night. says the survey is an important tool to show that can be collected through recycling bins, Community Board members, at: Respondent’s perceptions of safety at home the council what it’s doing that is working the better. and click on and in their neighbourhood, night or day, well and what can be improved upon as it ‘Your Council’, then were much the same as last year’s survey, seeks to ensure it delivers on its promises of select ‘Mayor and but a feeling of being unsafe at night in their providing services to Manukau city. Councillors’ for their local town centre had slightly increased. “Overall,” he says, “the survey results contact details or Overall: 90 per cent of residents feel safe are pleasing, but we’ll make sure we ‘Community Boards’ at home during the day and 80 per cent continue to work alongside our communities to see the lists of at night; 88 per cent feel safe in their to address the issues residents identifi ed.” community board neighbourhoods in the day and 61 per cent The full report can be found on council’s members. at night; and 80 per cent feel safe in their website local town centre during the day but 37 per cent (up from 31 per cent last year) feel NEXT ISSUE Sunday 17 Dec 2006 unsafe at night. EASTERN BEACH IS ONE THAT WILL BE ISSN 1177-522X ABOVE: MANUKAU SQUARE — THE CITIZENS’ PERCEPTION SURVEY AUGUST 2006 SAYS MONITORED FOR WATER QUALITY AND WILL 80 PER CENT OF RESPONDENTS FEEL SAFE IN THEIR LOCAL TOWN CENTRE DURING THE DAY. HAVE A RECYCLING SCHEME.
  3. 3. MAKING MANUKAU BEAUTIFUL THE VALLEY VIEWED FROM THE INLAND END OF THE WALKWAY An inspiring project by the Manukau During the ‘mural-a-thon’, each school Beautifi cation Trust, with support from worked on its own rendition of the theme Transpower and Manukau City Council, “empowerment”, fi lling in a blank “window” brought together more than 150 children left in the recurring motif pattern along from 23 Manukau schools to paint New the wall designed by Manukau artist Zealand’s longest mural wall in a ‘mural-a- Jeff Lockhart, and painted by a group of thon’ on Monday 20 November. Natcoll students. The Transpower Community Mural — Prior to the mural painting, the wall measuring 165m by 3m — adorns a concrete had attracted a mass of tagging graffi ti. block wall surrounding Transpower’s Encouraging a wide range of the city’s substation on Hellaby’s Road in Otara. The young people, aged between 5 and 23, to Get out and about this summer! Manukau A special feature of Mangemangeroa is mural adds colour and life to what will soon be involved in the project offered a creative city has a wealth of beautiful and its wide variety of native birds. be a key access road to one of Australasia’s alternative to tagging and helped build a historical walkways. In the next four History: Mangemangeroa is steeped in largest business parks — Highbrook — which sense of community pride and ownership in issues of Manukau Matters we’ll highlight Maori and early European history. On is scheduled to open in April 2007. the artwork. one of these feature walks starting, this the land around the trig site near the The mural has already become a issue, with a popular coastal valley on the beginning of the track are remnants of popular visitor attraction with many people edge of Howick. a fortifi ed Maori site, and information commenting that its creation was a huge MANGEMANGEROA RESERVE about the use of the ridge as a traditional boost of positive energy in a city where Location: Main entrance is by a barn bird hunting area. The remains of young people have received more than their at 108 Somerville Road, Howick, where Maori middens are also marked. Other fair share of negative publicity of late. there is a car park and track information. information highlights the early settler The top layer of the mural is sealed with Time (times given are approximate and impact on the valley. “Microguard” — a high-tech product that allow for a slow walk to admire views, Map: Council libraries, public counters will protect the mural from tagging. The take photographs etc): From Somerville and information centres have pamphlets Manukau Beautifi cation Trust will maintain Road to Sandspit approx 1.5 hours one on the reserve, which include a map its condition. way. Shorter part-walks available. showing other entrances and more about Grade: Easy apart from a steep hill near the walkway’s attractions and history. the Somerville Road end and a steep set A website featuring Mangemangeroa of steps at the Sandspit exit. Reserve can be viewed at www.aerolink. Track conditions: A typical bush track, with some rough patches. It can be Take nothing but photos, leave nothing muddy in low lying areas and where but footprints: On occasion, parts of it crosses farmland. Board walks and Mangemangeroa Reserve have been bridges in wet areas and around the edge damaged by illegal clearances and of tidal fl ats. Footwear suitable for rough pruning. This seems to have been done ground recommended. by people wanting to improve views Special instructions: Walkers should plan or “tidy” the landscape, or has been a return trip (2-3 hours) unless they have a mistaken attempt to “protect” trees arranged transport at their planned exit. by cutting vines growing upon them. Find out how Manukau City Council has delivered on keeping Manukau moving ahead. Features: Mangemangeroa Reserve is Some very rare plants have been killed an area of dramatic estuarine landscape. by this ill-informed “landscaping”. The Annual Report is available from: Or ask for one to be sent to you by It is one of the region’s most accessible Mangemangeroa is a wild reserve, not a • Council libraries calling 262 5104. You can also fi nd the remnants of mature coastal forest. The park; it is left to grow in a natural way. • Customer Service Centre report and the summary online at at Kotuku House route from Somerville Road downstream It is illegal to remove or damage plants • Civic Centre Look out for the summary in your next to Sandspit Road offers a large variety of growing in the reserve. issue of Manukau Matters (17 December). rural, coastal forest and tidal landscapes. NEW RESERVE WILL TRANSFORM FORMER HOWICK POLICE STATION SITE Manukau City Council is welcoming feedback on concept designs for an exciting new reserve which is set to transform the Picton Street site previously occupied by Howick Police Station. Local architect Malcolm Smith has designed a tranquil court-yard and walkway to directly link the village to Howick Library. to hear what local residents think and if they The design incorporates a water have any other ideas they wish to include.” feature, a chess board in the paving, The designs for 108 Picton Street can be trellis screens and memorial plaques viewed at Howick Library, 25 Uxbridge Road, commemorating Howick’s fi rst European or Howick Information Service, 91 Picton settlers, The Fencibles. Street. Feedback forms are also available at Project Manager for the new reserve these venues. Kevin Kingston from Manukau Parks says, Alternatively, you can view the designs “Malcolm has done an incredible job of and download a feedback form via council’s drawing together elements of Howick’s website at (key historical past to create a pleasant, relaxing words: parks consultation). The council space in the heart of the village. welcomes your feedback until Wednesday, “However, council believes it’s important 28 February 2007.
  4. 4. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES AT COUNCIL Library Assistant — Part Time 20 hours For these and other employment opportunities at council visit: Manurewa Library and select ‘Jobs at council’ under the ‘most popular’ banner. We are seeking an enthusiastic and motivated person with a passion for library services and an interest in Team Leader — Fitness, Full time position (40 hrs per week) Funding Coordinator their local community. The ability to Moana-Nui-a-Kiwa Leisure Centre (40 hrs per week) provide excellent customer service and Moana-Nui-a-Kiwa Leisure Centre seeks a permanent fulltime Team Leader for our Community Advocacy and Funding to be able to work as part of a team is Fitness Centre. If you would like to be part of an innovative and dedicated team, and Do you consider yourself an organised essential. Applicants should be confi dent have the necessary fi tness qualifi cations, we would love to hear from you. As a team and effi cient person who works well with communicators and comfortable using a leader you will be responsible for a small team of professionals, including their ongoing others? We are looking for someone computer. Training will be provided. training and development. We are looking for an experienced person with sound with initiative, a self starter, with a Applications close: 8 December 2006 organisation and administrative experience and proven leadership skills. Manukau City proven high standard of oral, written Vacancy Number: MM 3600 Council as a progressive employer, will provide you with developmental opportunities and interpersonal communication skills and access to a range of benefi ts. This position provides an ideal opportunity for the who can promote and manage various person who enjoys working in a challenging and varied role. funding schemes. You will need to Recreation Programmer demonstrate knowledge of the diverse — Fitness Applications close: 8 December 2006, 12 noon communities of Manukau city. A current Lloyd Elsmore Park Leisure Centre Vacancy Number: MM 3606 driver’s license and fl exibility to work We have a full-time position available in after hours when required is essential. our Fitness Centre for an enthusiastic A start early in 2007 is required. person who has a relevant fi tness For more details on these vacancies, or to view the full list of employment qualifi cation or who is currently in opportunities at Manukau City Council, you can visit; Applications close: training. Applicants must have a current email a request for a position description to; or phone 15 December 2006, 12 noon fi rst aid certifi cate, be adaptable and 09 262 8907. Please quote the vacancy number with all requests or inquiries and with your Vacancy Number: MM 3607 enjoy working with people of all ages. application. Manukau City Council is a progressive organisation with a leading role in the Local Applications close: 8 December 2006 Government sector and a commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi. Vacancy Number: MM 3601 PUBLIC NOTICES Revocation of Notice of intent were appointed as the executors of the estate of the late William Thomas access reserve to acquire land Fairburn in 1859. The land was retained Between Liverpool and Atkinson The Late William Thomas Fairburn’s by the executors to provide access to Avenues, Papatoetoe Land, Flat Bush properties situated between Ormiston Community Board Pursuant to section 24 of the Reserves Pursuant to section 17 of the Public and Stancombe Roads. Ownership of Discretionary and School Act 1977, Manukau City Council gives Works Act 1981, Manukau City Council the land has never transferred to any Holiday Funding for notice of its intention to revoke the wishes to acquire a parcel of land other person. Would the descendents, Community Groups reserve status over the Access Reserve situated between Ormiston and Flat Bush benefi ciaries or persons who have power Funding is now available to community described in the schedule printed below. School Roads, Flat Bush, Manukau city, of attorney to act for the above-named groups and organisations to enhance The Access Reserve is surplus to council for the purpose of a road. The following persons, please write to Manukau City community, economic and environmental requirements and it is proposed that persons are the registered proprietors of Council, Private Bag 76 917, Manukau development of Manukau city and its the portions of the Access Reserve the land, more particularly described in City, Attention: Grant Sextone. residents. described in the schedule (below) be sold the Schedule opposite: Schedule Each of the city’s eight community to the respective adjoining landowners. Walter Ewen — deceased in 1881 9707 m 2 being part Allotment 122, Parish boards has funding to allocate to A plan of the reserve to be revoked Thomas Spencer Forsaith — of Pakuranga; shown as Section 1 on SO groups carrying out projects in their may be inspected at the main council deceased in 1899 Plan 374593 comprised in part Computer communities. administration building, Wiri Station Jane Fairburn — deceased in 1884 Freehold Register title NA970/36. If your group is working on a project Road, Manukau, Level 9, attention Tim John Fairburn — deceased in 1893 or service that benefi ts the residents of Nicholson, between 8.30am and 4.30pm Council is seeking the successors of one or two communities within Manukau weekdays. Any person wishing to object the above-named persons, who Redevelopment of Omana city, you are welcome to apply to our to the revocation of the reserve may do Beach Reserve Community Board Discretionary Fund. so in writing addressed to Manukau City School Holiday Programme funding Council, Private Bag 76 917, attention Interested parties are reminded that Pacific Island Advisory is also available to assist community Tim Nicholson, to be received not later feedback on concept plans for the Committee (PIAC) organisations to provide holiday than Wednesday 3 Jan, 2007. redevelopment of Omana Beach Reserve Notice of meeting programmes and activities during the Schedule closes Wednesday, 6 December. April 2007 school holidays. All providers 89 m 2 more or less being Part Lot 375 Times & dates: 14 December 2006 Concept drawings of the four options must have OSCAR accreditation, (phone DP 18037; shown as Section 1 on commencing at 6:00pm can be viewed and feedback forms 0800 559 009 for more information on SO Plan 379965. Location: Totara Room, level 3, Civic downloaded from Manukau City Council’s accreditation). Please note that groups 89 m 2 more or less being Part Lot 375 Centre, 31-33 Wiri Station Road, website are required to contribute at least 1/3 of DP 18037; shown as Section 2 on Manukau. Public welcome to attend Should you require any further the overall cost of the project. SO Plan 379965. Contact: For more information contact information contact council’s project Applications to both funds close at 178 m 2 more or less being Part Lot 375 Faama Viliamu, PIAC Co-ordinator, Ph 09 manager: Maisa Aldeen, Parks Technical 4.00pm Friday, 26 January 2007. DP 18037; shown as Section 3 on 262 8900 ext 8469 or Email fviliamu@ Offi cer. Email: maldeen@manukau.govt. For application forms or further SO Plan 379965. nz Phone: 09 262 8900 x 8669 information, please phone the Funding Administrator on 262 8900 extension 8367. The magnets are an initiative of the Botany Community Board, Botany fridge magnets community campaign Information and application forms as part of its “Know Your Community” campaign, which urges may also be accessed via council’s Botany residents should have received fridge magnets though residents to get more involved in crime prevention around their website the post that display important telephone numbers people might community. need in a hurry (such as Neighbourhood Support and council’s For more information about the campaign contact the Board Call Centre). on 262 5790.