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Vidyuth portfolio

  1. 1. Design Process
  2. 2. Sample works
  3. 3. Complex transactional screen for a scientific calculator – Current design
  4. 4. Simplified transactional screen for a scientific calculator – Improvedversion
  5. 5. Complex table approach
  6. 6. Multi windows, overwhelming workflow. – Current design 2nd step 1st step This workflow uses multi window approach to let the user do his job. With multiple windows the user must switch back and forth to do various tasks
  7. 7. Multi windows, overwhelming workflow. – Improvised design Improved version with flyout windows allowing user to do his tasks much faster and efficient from one window. Progressive disclosure technique applied. Its more of a focus task flow than overwhelming multiple window approach.
  8. 8. Display Properties for various views 12
  9. 9. Design standards internal site – Current version This existing version uses the following – ColdFusion – Server side HTML Table structure MSQL database Problem areas on this site – • Bad Content organization • Bad backend code with reduced • Performance of the site. • Static Search • Huge list of menu items on the left with no filters, users are forced to click thru the main and sub menus, slow navigation • Low visual appeal • Changes to the entire site (around 700 pages) at once is not possible because each page is independently coded. • Database is not fully utilized.
  10. 10. Design standards internal site – WIP version 2.0 This is a newer version of the design standards website Base – XHTML JQuery PHP MSQL This new site is built on the technologies mentioned above and utilizes the CMS like structure in code to easily change the site at a later stage. My work includes the new visual design, XHTML cross browser code, JQuery, database connectivity.
  11. 11. Design standards internal site – WIP version 2.0 Fig 1: Upgraded navigation The navigation is built on JQuery. It is centralized to the whole site. Any changes that need to be applied to whole site can be done by editing the navigation page. The menu items shows the numbers of sub items within them. Fig 2: Search pattern The user can type into the textbox and quickly search the navigation. It will auto suggest results as the user types in. The user can click on the result to reach to the intended page.
  12. 12. Design standards internal site – WIP version 2.0 The contact us page uses a full page to show just two form elements. The user should leave the current page and go to the contact us page to write a mail to the team. The user has to put his email id and then the message. 16
  13. 13. Design standards internal site – WIP version 2.0 The new improved AJAXED contact is just a overlay and allows the user to stay on the current page and quickly type in their message. The user can press ESC or click anywhere on the page to discard this contact overlay.
  14. 14. Design standards internal site – WIP version 2.0 This page allows the user to subscribe to various sections of the site. It utilizes the whole screen and a entire page. Improvised subscribe page with similar approach to that of the contact section in the previous slides.
  15. 15. Charter phone web manager - Mockup
  16. 16. Charter phone web manager – Visual mockup
  17. 17. Charter LLC – Internal MPI application
  18. 18. Microsoft OEM
  19. 19. Schlumberger Prosource
  20. 20. Schlumberger Prosource
  21. 21. Schlumberger Prosource
  22. 22. Design management
  23. 23. My take on various components of UX Design
  24. 24. Thank you!