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Main kartik 2

  1. 1. Infianticlock• Same rules
  2. 2. 16)• FITB• Men Who Hate Women• ___________________,• The Air Castle That Was Blown Up16/01/11
  3. 3. • Girl Who Played With Fire from The Millennuim Trilogy.• Only book whose title wasnt changed when translated to English
  4. 4. 17) Identify both of them?
  5. 5. • Mark Pincus playing poker with his dog Zynga
  6. 6. 18)• No one knows the age of _____, not even its creators who had an argument whether it should be 12 January 1997 or 12 January 1992 .• One wanted ____ to be young, and the other wanted _____ to be old. So, they decided that they’ll never mention _____’s age.• However, 30 years later, Roger Ebert held a birthday party for ______, inviting both the creators in Urbana, Illinois in 1997, the date and place of ____’s birth according to one of its creators.• One of the creators of ______ did not turn up saying that they missed the party in 1992.
  7. 7. Stanley Kubrick and Arthur. C. Clarke
  8. 8. 19) • This Dali artwork inspired the poster of which famous movie?
  9. 9. Silence of the Lambs • Some say that the 7 women symbolize the victim’s in the movie, which makes sense. The agency behind the movies poster is film ad agency Dazu and they got permission by director Jonathan Demme to use Dali’s “women- bodies” skull” in the movies artwork.
  10. 10. 20)• They missed the point. There’s no such thing as ______. What they thought was _______, because they didn’t know how to listen. The wind stirred outside. The raindrops began pattering the roof. The people made all kinds of interesting sounds as they talked or walked out. There’s nothing called _____.• Who is talking about what?
  11. 11. John Cage on 4’33” • 4′33″, which is performed in the absence of deliberate sound. Musicians who present the work do nothing aside from their presence for the duration specified by the title. • The content of the composition is not "four minutes and 33 seconds of silence," as is sometimes assumed, but rather the sounds of the environment heard by the audience during performance.
  12. 12. 21) • The first real groups of Juventus Football Club supporters came in the middle of the seventies. Later, the support groups dissolved and new fan groups were formed. • A lot of old members of another group called Fighters which was dissolved due to its violent name together with members formed other inspired by something that has nothing to do with football. I • It became the most important supporter group and had about 10,000 members between 1988 and 1996.
  13. 13. • The most loved and hated name of a supportergroup was "AranciaMeccanica" which means "Clockwork Orange" in Italian.• The name was really hated by the Juventus board and by the police because of the movies violence. The group was forced to change name to "Drughi” name given once again in connection to the movie.• Drughiwas the name of the gang Alex was head of in the movie.
  14. 14. • SheperdFaireyis a 22) contemporary artist, graphic designer and illustrator who is one of todays best known and most influential street artists.• He has also lent his distinctive style in designing covers and posters, such as Smashing Pumpkin’s Zeitgeist, the Led Zeppelin compilation Mothership. ID his most famous artwork.
  15. 15. 23) Lego model of what?
  16. 16. Recent lego feature.Mostly consists ofgrey blocks and alsofeatures a nicenumber of brownblocks, which keep itlooking appropriatelydrab while setting itapart from thethings that ______has designedand built.
  17. 17. Arkham Asylum
  18. 18. 24) • Bear-baiting is a blood sport which was popular in England until the nineteenth century. • A number of well-trained hunting dogs usually two would then be set on it, being replaced as they got tired or were wounded or killed. The dog at the top had better chance of survival than the dog at the bottom. This gave rise to a very clichéd sporting term. Give me the term.
  19. 19. Underdog• The use of the term is believed to have come from the blood-sport known as bear-baiting where the "top-dog" was trained to attack the bears throat and head, and the "underdog" was trained to attack the bears underside. The top-dog had a better chance of surviving and of beating the bear, whereas the underdog was more likely to die.
  20. 20. 25)• Hartley Rathawaywas born deaf, but was eventually cured thanks to research funded by his wealthy father. He became obsessed with sound, and pursued little else in life• Experimenting with sonic technology, Rathawayevent ually invented a technique of hypnotism through music, and a way to cause deadly vibrations.• Growing bored of his lifestyle, he changed his name to _____, turned to crime and frequently clashed with Flash.
  21. 21. Pied Piper• RAThAWAY became Pied Piper.
  22. 22. 26) Picture parodyingsomething. What?
  23. 23. At &T logo resembling Death Star
  24. 24. 27) • This car became a popular basis for a hot rod especially in Britain where both its lightweight structure.
  25. 25. Ford prefect
  26. 26. 28) X and Y• Percival Christopher X joined the Indian Education Service as headmaster of Karachi High School in 1903. While in India, he joined the Poona Volunteer Rifles with the rank of Captain, before his service was terminated in October 1915 after sick leave.• He lived out the remainder of his life in England concentrating on his literary career. He is remembered best for Beau Geste, a much-filmed book of 1924 involving the French Foreign Legion in North Africa, and its sequels, Beau Sabreurand Beau Ideal.• X is probably more well known in India due to a collaborative work of his with another writer Y.• Give me X & Y.
  27. 27. Wren & Martin
  28. 28. 29) Parodying?
  29. 29. Molaraam from Indiana Jones
  30. 30. There is something common to all these Football teams. And there is30) One more that can be added. Connect and Funda?
  31. 31. All are nicknamed the Red Devils
  32. 32. 31)• Mark Geoffrey Crossleyis a former English-born Wales international football goalkeeper, who played for Nottingham Forrest for most of his career.• He was not a successful goalkeeper, but he became the only person in the world of football to do something.• No other goalkeeper has done it.• He claims it as his proudest moment ever.
  33. 33. • He is the only goalkeeper to stop a Matt le Tissier penalty kick who had an immaculate record of scoring 47 goals from 48 penalty kicks. Le god indeed!
  34. 34. Thank you!