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India quiz

  1. 1. Bharat Darshan INDIA QUIZ CQC
  2. 2. ABOUT ME • I am Anjan aka Anju, Toodles etc etc • Doing my penultimate year of a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering at Amrita • Also onto the final year of my Bachelors in English Literature. • Am a Janiac and a DOPPer m/ • Been quizzing since my 2nd standard.
  3. 3. ROUNDS Round 1…. Infy bounds 1 Round 2…. Return of the Infy Round 3…. Themee
  4. 4. If those who think to achieve, Have a firm and focused mind, They will realize what they thought of, And even as they have thought of. Thirukkural …… India Vision 2020
  5. 5. • INFY BOUNDS 1
  6. 6. 1 • The Bharat Mata temple at Varanasi is the only temple dedicated to Mother India. It is located in the Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth campus. The Bharat Mata temple was built by Babu Shiv Prasad Gupt and inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi in 1936. What is so peculiar about this temple?
  7. 7. • Instead of the customary Gods and Goddesses, it houses a relief map of India, carved out of marble.
  8. 8. 2. Connect
  9. 9. They have portrayed Ravi Varma on screen
  10. 10. 3 • Name: Ranjana Sonawane • Age: 40 years • Address: Tembhli village, Nandurbar district, Maharashtra • Education: Class IV (illiterate) • Marital status: Married, 3 children • Husband’s name: Sadashiv • Children: 3 (Umesh (11 years); Hitesh (5 years); Mangesh (toddler)) • Profession: Daily wage agricultural labourer • Income: Rs. 50 per day • House: kuchha • Claim to fame: ?
  11. 11. First person to be allotted a UID number • UID Number: 782474317884
  12. 12. 4 • Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple is a very ancient and internationally-known centre of pilgrimage for the devotees of serpent Gods.Women seeking fertility come to worship here, and upon the birth of their child come to hold thanksgiving ceremonies, often bringing new snake images as offerings. Why was it in the news recently?
  13. 13. Mallika Sherawat’s visit seeking blessings for the success of Hissss
  14. 14. 5 • On October 11, 1980, the Indian Express published a news item "10 undertrials blame police for losing sight." It concerned a habeas corpus petition moved in the Supreme Court on behalf of undertrial prisoners in Bhagalpur jail in Bihar who "alleged that the police deprived them of their eyesight by using acid". Which National award winning movie took inspiration from this incident?
  15. 15. 6 • A popular theory suggests that after founding the city,________ fell in love with and married a local nautch girl known as Bhagmathi or Bhagyavathi, and named the city Bhagyanagaram. Upon her conversion to Islam, she was given the title _______ Mahal and thus the city was named X. X?
  16. 16. HYDERABAD
  17. 17. 7 • The seventh son of a seventh son _______ seems to possess mystical powers (including snake charming, levitation, magic, and hypnotism) which may or may not be attributed to parlor trickery. He is voiced by Danny Bravo. Rarely depicted without his turban and Nehru jacket; he is proficient in judo, having learned it from an American Marine.
  18. 18. 8 • Shri Neem Karoli Baba was a Hindu guru and devotee of Hanuman. Among the most well known of Maharaj- ji's disciples were Ram Dass, the author of Be Here Now, teacher/performer Bhagavan Das, and the musicians Jai Uttal and Krishna Das. In recent times...X claims that X is his devotee and a picture of him inspired X towards Y.
  19. 19. Julia Roberts and Hinduism
  20. 20. 9 • This village was occupied by the Bhanjara (local community) of the Periya clan, which used to live in the houses made of mud and other raw materials available in the forest. This community made a wall or mound of yellow mud around their locality in order to secure their house from wild animals, as that area was a dense forest, and hence its name. Name please?
  21. 21. Pilibhit ----Pili (yellow) and Bhit (wall or mound)
  22. 22. 10 • The popular Indian lore says that on pilgrimage to Mecca in the 16th century, Baba Budan, a revered Muslim holy man from India, discovered for himself the wonders of X. In his zeal to share what he’d found with his fellows at home, he smuggled seven _____out of the Yemeni port of Y, wrapped around his belly. On his return home, he settled himself on the slopes of the Chandragiri Hills in present day Karnataka.
  23. 23. • X- COFFEE • Y- MOCHA
  24. 24. 11 • X was born on June 16. His nickname is Tilu. By his own admission, Y had based X on Professor Challenger, by Arthur Conan Doyle. X is a polyglot who knows 69 languages. His pet cat 'Newton' is 24 years old. His inventions include • Evolutin - A drug that makes people evolve 10 thousand years in 5 minutes. • Snuff Gun - A gun that causes snuffing for thirty three hours
  25. 25. 12 • While Gordon Ramsay could only manage one before giving up, Anandita Dutta Tamuli went through 51 of them in a minute, disappointed that she could have done more. The occasion took place in Jorhat, Assam. What did she do? (precise answer only)
  26. 26. • She ate 51 Bhut Jolokia chillies in a minute, which measures 1,001,304 units on the scoville heat scale
  27. 27. 13 • This legendary steel gets its name from the Tamil word urukku, or the Kannada/Telugu word ukku, meaning steel. Aus Hajr, an Arab poet, wrote in admiration in AD 540 that “It has a water whose wavy streaks are glistening. It is like a pond over whose surface the wind is gliding. The smith has worked out in a grain as if it were the trail of small black ants that had trekked over it while it was still soft.” • Name this most famous product of medieval Indian metallurgy.
  28. 28. • Wootz steel
  29. 29. 14 • According to Atal Behari Vajpayee, he’s the most famous “Uncle” in India after Chacha Nehru.
  30. 30. • UNCLE Pai
  31. 31. 15 • What secret ingredient gives Bikaneri Bhujia it’s distinctive quality and flavour?
  32. 32. • DESERT SAND.
  33. 33. 16 • On June 3rd2009, she was ‘killed’ and this led to protests and pleas to bring her back • Dear X supporters. It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce that I will be shutting down the Save X campaign and everything associated with it," PuneetAgarwal, who earlier went by the pseudonym 'Deshmukh', said in a statement released on the Save X site.
  34. 34. • Savita bhabhi
  35. 35. 17 Rooplekha was an Indian movie released in 1962. The director of the movie was "Mohammed Hussain". Mahipal was the lead actor of the movie. This movie was the first Indian movie to have a certain feature which is extremely common in Indian film making these days. What?
  36. 36. • FLASHBACKS
  37. 37. 18 • She hails from a place called Tura in Meghalaya and is the youngest of 4 siblings. After doing her LLB from LS Law College, under Pune University, she joined the Delhi High Court as a lawyer and worked for the law firm - Fox Mandal Little & Co in Noida before getting into a job which can be safely called her family business and which ultimately made her famous because she was the youngest to do this. Who it is?
  38. 38. • AGATHA SANGMA
  39. 39. 19 • The ads featured a bunny made by Ramdas Padhye and Aparna Ramdas. The bunny was long eared and jumped on the screen extolling X, "eh he he". The voice over in the ad is that of Ramdas himself who is renowned as India’s leading ventriloquist and this ad made him a household name in India. Name the brand for which this ad was created?
  40. 40. • Lijjat Papad
  41. 41. 20 • What “in-the-news” word was popularized by Veer Savarkar in an ideological pamphlet written while imprisoned in Ratnagiri jail, smuggled out of the prison, and published in 1923 by his supporters under his alias “Mahratta”?
  42. 42. • Hindutva. The pamphlet was titled Hindutva: Who is a Hindu?
  43. 43. • Anti clockwise
  44. 44. 1 • Bloopers from what? The Kashmiri boatman topples over. The tractor develops engine trouble. The Taj aerial view accidentally captures the Sand mafia stealing cartloads of sand from the Yamuna banks. Hirwani is stung by a jellyfish as he walks on the beach. The elephant with the mahout decides to sit down and roll in the mud. All of the Bengalis walking out of the metro are smoking Charminar cigarettes. One of the kids in the white coloured dress is wearing a “Che Guevara” shirt while running in to form the tricolour.
  46. 46. 2 • The 2001 Oscar winning movie “ Moulin Rouge” by Baz Luhrmann has got a lot do with Bollywood. The idea for such a lavish musical came out during the director’s visit to India where he watched a Bollywood flick in a theatre in Rajasthan . It’s also got striking resemblance to the 1957 cult movie “Pyaasa” . Id the Hindi number that’s used in this 2001 musical under the title “Hindi Sad Diamonds” to pay tribute to Bollywood ?
  47. 47. “Chamma Chamma” from China Gate
  48. 48. 3 • Founded in 1977 by M V Shankar in Bihar, the famous business enterprise has travelled through all the states of the country. The name of the enterprise contains the name of a country.
  49. 49. • The Jumbo Russian Circus
  50. 50. 4 • A bird of prey, they are very common in Singapore and often referred to as the Singapore Bald Eagle. They are more scavengers than hunters. To the Iban of Malaysia it is the Bird-God of War. It's presence is an omen to guide them in major decisions such on warfare and house building.
  51. 51. • In America it has been applied to the old, upper crust New England families of British Protestant (usually English) origin that were extremely influential in the development and leadership of arts, culture, science, politics, trade, and academia. The term was certainly applied half in jest to characterize the often erudite nature of the New England gentry to outsiders. The term has never gained currency among the families themselves who would simply consider themselves to be a particular breed of Yankee.
  52. 52. • Brahminey Kites • Boston Brahmins
  53. 53. 5 • In the mid-19th century, India produced a large quantity of raw cotton. However, India was not the main supplier of cotton to British textile mills; most of their cotton came from the Deep South in North America. However, the failure of the American cotton crop in 1846 followed by the Civil War from 1861 to 1865 created an urgent need for an alternative supply. In India lay the answer. • Which famous organisation resulted thereof?
  54. 54. • The Indian Railways
  55. 55. 6 • An ancestor of this dynasty, while in his fort, witnessed a Muslim butcher driving a cattle herd for the purpose of slaughter. Being a devout Hindu, he opened a small side door to the stronghold for the cattle. Thereby, allowing the cows to escape their impending doom. Future generations took a great deal of pride in their roots that strongly displayed their predecessor’s religious fervour, and named the dynasty after the word for cow & door. • Also tell me who is the most famous person in entertainment from this dynasty who changed his named altogether.
  56. 56. • Gaekwad & Rajnikant ( Shivaji Rao Gaekwad)
  57. 57. 7 This town is the residence of one of the 52 Shakti Peethams or one of the 52 body parts of Goddess Shakti, each reincarnated as a seperate Goddess. The temple in this town is dedicated to the tooth of Goddess Shakti, thus giving this town its name. It is also rumoured to have given shelter to Lord Rama, and was known as Dandakaranya in mythology. This town today, however is famous for completely different reasons, nothing of which is auspicious. Id X?
  58. 58. • DHANTEWADA
  59. 59. 8 • A theory that became prevalent in the late nineteenth century is that the name of the islands derives from the Sanskrit language, by way of Malay, and refers to the monkey deity, Hanuman. The islands are prominently featured in Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes mystery, The Sign of the Four. Identify X.
  60. 60. • ANDAMANS
  61. 61. 9• It began in 1560 and ended only in 1814 after some tactful pressure from the British. It was originally targeted at nuevos, or European settlers of Muslim or Jewish origin who converted to Christianity but returned later to their original ways of worship. Its scope was later extended to include native practices such as using turmeric or tulsi , cooking rice without salt, wearing either a dhoti or a choli, practicing astrology, having more than one wife and 'other offences' such as sodomy, refusing to eat pork and selling arms to Muslims. The only known first-hand account of this moment in history is a book by French physician Charles Dellon. What are we talking about?
  62. 62. • The Goan Inquisition
  63. 63. 10 • This was possibly the first-ever India-specific marketing campaign. Put together in 1939 by Harvey Duncan of Lintas, the campaign ensured that the palm tree logo became familiar across the country. The campaign also featured innovative packaging - a square 10- pound tin, a round 5-pound tin and a special 1/4 pound tin for sampling, all in a distinctive green-and-yellow combination. For which venerable Indian product was this campaign launched?
  64. 64. • DALDA
  65. 65. 11 • Her real name is Nilanjana Sudeshna. A schoolteacher, who found her given name too long, used her nickname instead and it stuck. She wrote under that name; her first work has a character who was supposed to have a “good name” sent by his grandmother in India which gets lost in the mail. Who it is?
  66. 66. • JHUMPA LAHIRI
  67. 67. 12 • Collado Mediano is a town located in the Guadarrama mountains, 48 km north-west from Madrid. Which famous person lives here?
  68. 68. • Vishwanathan Anand
  69. 69. 13 • This bird is known as Maldhok in vernacular tongue. Spread across Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, this bird is now threatened by incessant loss of habitat. Name this bird, which Salim Ali had proposed to be the national bird of India.
  71. 71. 14 • The Indo-French production, Vaanaprastham, in which he played the role of a Kathakali dance artist with an identity crisis, won him the second National award for Best actor and was selected for the competitive section at the Cannes Film Festival. Kadhayattam was a presentation enacted by him, depicting 10 unforgettable characters and situations selected from Malayalam literature. He has said that it is his offering to his mother tongue.
  72. 72. 15. Id the sculptor and the sculpture
  74. 74. 16. Print ad for..
  75. 75. 17 • This place is Asia’s largest wholesale market. Built by a king for his favourite daughter in 1650 AD so that she could shop all she wanted to, this market place derives its name from the canals filled with water that sparkled like silver in the moonlight. Id the place?
  76. 76. • CHANDNI CHOWK
  77. 77. 18.ID THE PLACE
  78. 78. • The world's highest cricket ground in Chail, Himachal Pradesh. Built in 1893 after levelling a hilltop, this cricket pitch is 2444 meters above sea level.
  79. 79. 19 • During World War One, large reserves of a particular commodity accumulated in Karnataka because they could not be exported to Europe. On the advice of Sir M Visweshwariah, Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar, the Maharaja of Mysore established a factory in 1916 to manufacture what brand of products?
  81. 81. Theme round • 5* no of questions left for correct theme. • -5 constant negative for wrong theme • Each correct answer merits 10 points.
  82. 82. 1 • X derives its name from that of the Goddess Samaleswari, an incarnation of Shakti who is regarded as the reigning deity of the region. • Tendu leaf is one of the most important non- wood forest products of X and is also called as green gold of Orissa. • X had also been known as 'Hirakhand' meaning 'Land of Diamond'. In the past X was famous for diamond mining and trade. Even now, the adjoining areas yield a large volume and value of semi-precious stones.
  84. 84. 2 • X is a city in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan. • It boasts of Asia's largest fertilizer plant, a precision instrument unit and a nuclear power station. • X limestone is preferred for flooring and wall cladding, paving and facades of buildings. This is because they have the unique properties of limestones. • The city is very well known for the flourishing result oriented coaching institutes for IIT- JEE,AIEEE,AIPMT and state level engineering and medical entrance examinations.
  85. 85. KOTA
  86. 86. 3 • X is a city and a municipality in Mahbubnagar district in the state of Andhra Pradesh. • One of X's most notable landmarks is the large dam currently under construction as the Priyadarshini Jurala Project, with almost 72 gates. It is expected to soon begin generating power. • X was once ruled by a king called Somashekar Ananda Reddy and there is a famous fort from his era.X also has a Sri Jamla Devi Temple, considered a divine place by many local residents.
  87. 87. •GADWAL
  88. 88. 4 • X is a region of the Sivaganga district of southern Tamil Nadu. • X is the homeland of the Nattukottai Chettiars a prosperous banking and business community, many of whose members migrated to South and Southeast Asia, particularly Ceylon and Burma, in the 19th and early 20th centuries. • X food is essentially spicy, with a standard full meal consisting of cooked dhal, eggplant curry, drumstick sambar, ghee for flavouring, and sweet meats like payasam and paal paniyaram. "Kara kolambu" is a highly regarded south Indian sambar.
  89. 89. CHETTINAD
  90. 90. 5 • X is a town of historical importance in Ashoknagar District of Madhya Pradesh . • X finds mention in Mahabharata. Shishupal was the king during Mahabharata period. • Dominating the skyline of this lovely old town is a vast Mughal fort known as X fort. Its main gate is known as the "Khooni Darwaza". • The British lost control of the city during the Revolt of 1857, and the city was recaptured by Sir Hugh Rose on 14 March 1858. Richard Harte Keatinge led the assault, for which he was awarded the Victoria Cross.
  91. 91. CHANDHERI
  92. 92. 6 • X is the distorted form of Bhagdatpuram (meaning city of good luck) as it was called during the flourishing of the Anga Kingdom and is located in Bihar. • X formed a part of the ancient Sanskrit kingdom of Anga said to be ruled by king Karna of Mahabharata who was well known for his charity. • Mount Mandara, situated 52 kilometres south from X, is believed to have been used as the churner during Samudra-Manthan (churning of the sea) by the Gods and Demons according to Hindu mythology.
  93. 93. BHAGALPUR
  94. 94. 7 • According to Hindu mythology, the area around X was known as Mahishūru and was ruled by a demon, Mahishasura. The demon was killed by the Goddess Chamundeshwari, whose temple is situated atop the Chamundi Hills. Mahishūru later became Mahisūru and finally came to be called Maisūru, its present name in the Kannada language.
  95. 95. MYSORE
  96. 96. 8 • It is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and probably the oldest of India. • The name X has its origin possibly from the names of the two rivers Varuna and Assi for it lies with the confluence of Varuna with the Ganges being to its north and that of Assi and the Ganges to its south.
  98. 98. 9 • X is also called as "City of 1000 Temples". • The city served as the Pallava capital, and many of the known temples were built during their reign. • The Ekambaranatha Temple which is one of the five forms of abodes of Lord Siva, (it is the earth abode here, other abodes include Chidambaram(Sky), Sri Kalahasti(air), Thiruvanaikaval (water) and Tiruvannamalai (fire)),is located here.
  99. 99. Kanchipuram
  100. 100. 10 • X is located in Nalgonda District in Andhra Pradesh and is popularily known as Silk City of India. • X weave is popularly known as ikkat or tie and dye weave. The uniqueness lies in the transfer of design and colouring onto warp and weft threads first and then weave them together. The fabric is cotton, silk and sico - a mix of silk and cotton. Increasingly, the colours themselves are from natural sources and their blends. • X has traditional looms, whose design is more than a century-old.
  101. 101. •Pochampalli
  102. 102. The connect is • The connect is
  103. 103. 1 Sambalpur saree
  104. 104. 2 Kota Doria saree
  105. 105. 3 GADWAL SAREE
  106. 106. 4 CHETTINAD SAREE
  107. 107. 5 CHANDERI SAREE
  109. 109. 7 MYSORE SILK SAREES
  110. 110. 8 BANARASI SAREE
  112. 112. 10 POCHAMPALLI SAREE
  114. 114. ADIOS AND JAI HO