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  1. 1. Quiz by Sharan Adka
  2. 2. About me I study in the eight in Stanes School I play basketball and a little bit of football. I have gone to many competitions and won prizes…..
  3. 3. • For every correct answer, you get 10 points. • If it is a Pass question, the value becomes 5 points. • Quiz Master’s decision is final • For the bumper question please raise your hand.
  4. 4. Bumper Questions Bumper questions are asked after every round that carry 20 points.
  5. 5. Round 1 General Knowledge Quiz Each correct answer gives you 10 points. No Negative Marking. Question passes to next team if they are not able to answer.
  6. 6. What is this invitation cardabout?
  7. 7. It was a April Fool‟s Day card in1698. The people were invitedto see the so called “washingthe lions”
  8. 8. Who is the person in the left?
  9. 9. Trevor Rees-Jones, the bodyguard of Dodi Al Fayed.This picture was taken before the car crash in France in 1997.The driver of the car is Henri Paul.
  10. 10. What is special about this?
  11. 11. This was the first copy madefrom a photocopier invented byChester Carlson.
  12. 12. What relating to planet Neptunehappened in the year 2011?
  13. 13. It completed its first revolutionafter its discovery in 1846.
  14. 14.  „It takes to long to play, there‟s no winning post, no finishing line, the rules are too complicated and players just keep going round and round.‟ Explain who said this to whom in a letter. What is referred here?
  15. 15. The Parker Brothers told this toCharles Darrow about his gamehe had created calledMonopoly.
  16. 16. This is a photograph of apartially completed building.Which building are we talkingabout?
  17. 17. The Washington Monument
  18. 18.  The second bestselling game of all time in Swahili (an African language) means „to build‟. What is the name of the game? Note: It is not a computer or handheld game.
  19. 19. Jenga
  20. 20. Which two action words(actions) were derived to theEnglish language after theseevents?
  21. 21. Thumbs up & Thumbs down
  22. 22.  What was so unique about the battle between Zanzibar and England in 1896?
  23. 23.  It was the shortest war that was finished by 38 minutes.
  24. 24.  In which game does one need to move 3.4 metres to win?
  25. 25.  Tug of War
  26. 26. Who was the first child ofDasharatha who never played arole in the Ramayana?
  27. 27. Shanta Dasharatha and Kaushalya had a baby girl long before the princes had been born. She was given in marriage to a sage named Rushya Srunga. Dasharatha and and his wives did the sacrifice for having a male child.
  28. 28. Who is the artist of thispainting?
  29. 29. Adolf Hitler
  30. 30. Bumper Question Which part of the tomato plant is poisonous?
  31. 31.  Everything except the fruit.
  32. 32. Round 2 Identify the following entity. The following slides will contain pictures that may be old or new. Each correct answer gives you 10 points. No Negative Marking. Question will pass.
  33. 33. Who is this?
  34. 34. Prince Charles
  35. 35. Who is this man in the left?
  36. 36. Charlie Chaplin
  37. 37. Who is this?
  38. 38. Mother Teresa
  39. 39. Who is this?
  40. 40. Bill Gates
  41. 41. Bumper Find what is common in the following slides:
  42. 42. +20/-15
  43. 43. +20/-12
  44. 44. +20/-10
  45. 45. +20/-8
  46. 46. +20/-5
  47. 47. +20
  48. 48. These are the pictures behindthe Rupee Notes.
  49. 49. Round 3 Topic Quiz: Each team gets a topic and they will have to answer three questions from each topic. Each correct answer will give you 10 points. No Negative Marking. Question does not pass.
  50. 50. Creation and Exploration
  51. 51. What was the significantdifference in the journeys byMarco Polo and ChristopherColumbus?
  52. 52. Marco Polo travelled by landwhereas Christopher Columbustravelled by sea.
  53. 53. This invention was built in the1970‟s by US intelligenceagencies. What is it?
  54. 54. Microbot
  55. 55. What did this person createwith Sergey Brin?
  56. 56. Google This guy is Larry Page
  57. 57. Space
  58. 58. Who is this?
  59. 59. Buzz Aldrin Neil Armstrong‟s partner in space. Also second person to walk on moon.
  60. 60. What in space is called theGoldilocks Zone?
  61. 61. The area with the correctconditions for life to be in it. Earth is in the Goldilocks Zone
  62. 62. This is Venetia Burney. Whatdid she do in the history ofspace?
  63. 63. She was the one who gave thename „Pluto‟ to the dwarfplanet.
  64. 64. Novels & Authors
  65. 65. Mary Westmacott was the penname for an author for a fewbooks. Name the author.
  66. 66. Agatha Christie
  67. 67.  X is an incomplete book by Charles Dickens. He died before he could finish it. Since it was a murder case story, the murder was never revealed. Dickens never left any clue to who the murderer was or how the story ended. Finally the publishers had to publish the book without the ending. Till today many have tried to complete Dicklens‟ book but none have succeeded. Name X
  68. 68. The Mystery of Edwin Drood
  69. 69. Connect the following slides.
  70. 70. These are all entities in booksthat had or have been banned. Tropic of Cancer – Book banned in US because of too much vulgarity. Jinnah of Pakistan – Banned in Pakistan because of showing Jinnah‟s taste for pork and wine. A Spoon on Earth – Banned in South Korea because of showing military details. Frankenstein – Banned in South Africa for showing indecent material. Black Beauty – Banned in South Africa during the Apartheid era for using the word “black”.
  71. 71. Specialities in Countries
  72. 72. Switzerland, Vatican City andNepal are odd from the othercountries in something. What isthat?
  73. 73. They are the countries which donot have rectangle flags.
  74. 74. Which country has neverinvaded any other country inher last 10000 years of history?
  75. 75. India
  76. 76. What is being constructed?
  77. 77. The Sleeping Beauty Castle inDisneyLand. The man in front is Walt Disney.
  78. 78. Bumper Question
  79. 79. What song written in 1919 wasalso known as „The MorningSong of India‟ by its composer.
  80. 80. The National Anthem ofIndia
  81. 81. Round 4 A spicy round of questions for the teams. Each question gives 20 points. Pass Question, the value is 10 points.
  82. 82. What is so unique about this 24cent US Stamp?What is this uniqueness anexample of?
  83. 83. The picture of the Curtis JN-4was printed upside-down. Thistype of mistake is called a inverterror. It is also called the „Inverted Jenny‟.
  84. 84. Who is this person? Why did hemake news in 1951?
  85. 85. He is Len Hutton. He made newsbecause he was the first person toget out in Test Cricket by a methodcalled „Obstructing the field.‟ This is a unique of getting out in which if the batsman is out of the crease after hitting the ball and when the foe tries to give him a run- out, he hits the ball again.. Many others who have been made out this way. They are Rameez Raja in 1987, Mohinder Amarnath in 1989 and Inzamam- ul-Haq in 2006.
  86. 86. Find what is common in thefollowing slides:
  87. 87. These were all created for anentirely different purpose. Notthe purpose for what we use ittoday.  Bubble wrap was used a wallpaper.  Play – doh was used to clean and fill gaps in walls.  Cork screw was used to remove any bullet stuck inside the gun or rifle.  Coco-cola was used a medicine.  Lysol was used as a feminine hygiene product.
  88. 88.  X is a celebrity sports person. At the age of 15, X was diagnosed with a condition that might have forced him to give up the game. X‟s autobiography is titled “Moments” X owns a fashion boutique called „CR7‟ X launched a iPhone game called „Heads up‟ Madam Tussards London unveiled X‟s waxwork in year 2010 Who is X?
  89. 89. Christiano Ronaldo
  90. 90. Bumper Question
  91. 91. What is „Commonly OperatedMachine Programmed forUsage in Technical Educationand Research.‟?
  92. 92. Computer This is the unofficial full form of computer.
  93. 93. Thank You!!