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Atulaa - open

  1. 1. CQC InformalsBy Atulaa Krishnamurthy 4th March, 2012
  2. 2. Hi!• 1st year, BA LLB (Hons.), NLSIU Bangalore.• Former School Co-ordinator of CQC :P• Will always be a school quizzer at heart.• This quiz will have 2 LVCs, 1 SVC, and 2 Infinite Pounce rounds.• Quizmaster’s decision will be final.• Guess away.
  3. 3. LVC 1• 13 slides.• Non exhaustive, but finite.• Points on respective slides.
  4. 4. +35/-30
  5. 5. +30/-25
  6. 6. +28/-22
  7. 7. +25/-20
  8. 8. +22/-18
  9. 9. +20/-15
  10. 10. +18/-12
  11. 11. +15/-10
  12. 12. +12/-7
  13. 13. +10/-5
  14. 14. +8/-2
  15. 15. +5
  16. 16. AnswerTitles based on Shakespearean works or phrases
  17. 17. Infinite Pounce- 1• +10 for every right answer• No negatives• +15/-10 on pounce
  18. 18. 1.This aspect of a certain entity is explained awaythrough many anecdotes, a few of which are asfollows.• As immediate replacement for a broken feather pen• As a result of being struck by an axe; an injury which was accepted as a mark of respect for the weapon• As a weapon to slash ____ in two, as punishment for laughing at the entity involved.What are these explanations for?
  19. 19. • Explanations for Ganesha’s broken tusk.
  20. 20. 2.• This cricketer’s middle name is Ignatius. He played for MCC in10 first class games. At Lord’s in 1899 , he took 7/61 against Cambridgeshire and two years later he carried his bat in an innings against Leceistershire for 32. Shown below is the picture of his statue standing in his birthplace Edinburgh. Name the person who could never achieve even a fraction of the fame in cricket that he achieved in another field?
  21. 21. Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle.
  22. 22. 3In the mid 19th Century, during a boxing match,sponges were a common ringside accessory.When a boxer was too beaten up to continuefighting, his manager would hand him a spongewith which to mop up his face and otherinjuries. Sponges soon gave way to somethingelse, and this gave rise to an idiom.What idiom?
  23. 23. “Throwing in the towel”
  24. 24. 4. Where and of whom?
  25. 25. 5.Gumnami Baba lived at Ram Bhavan in Faizabad,Uttar Pradesh, at around 1985. He was popularlyperceived to be an alias for someone else, who wasassumed dead. The Justice Mukherjee Commissionof Inquiry was formed to look into the matter, and itheld that the Baba was not the person peopleperceived him to be, for want of clinching evidence.However, it did not completely deny it either, sayingthere was a similarity in the handwriting. Who isthe person who was assumed to be dead?
  26. 26. Subhash Chandra Bose
  27. 27. 6.Kaspar Hauser was a German who lived foraround twenty years in the nineteenth century.He carried a letter in 1828, which said he had tobe educated in the basics of life, includingreligion. He is an example of a popular andfascinating phenomenon which has been oftrepeated in fiction, and has had claims of havinghappened in reality. What phenomenon?
  28. 28. A feral child, or a wild child
  29. 29. 7.2001- Otis2002- Tahti2003- Moses2004- All in Mondeville2005- Bruno2006- Mops2007- All in Mid Road Gang and Yuki2008- Lucy2009- Dug2010- Boss2011- ___________? And what is this a list of?
  30. 30. Palm Dog Awardees.The recipient for 2011 was Uggie from The Artist.
  31. 31. 8.The New Journal of Physics, in an editionpublished a year ago, had an article by Dr. DavidQuere and Dr. Clanet about a certain event in1997, which was supposed to have “defiedphysics”. The article said that the phenomenonwas perfectly in consonance with the laws ofphysics, explaining it, and saying that its “snailshelled trajectory” helped it, and that it could berepeated again. What am I talking about?
  32. 32. Roberto Carlos’ Free Kick Not my question, obviously.
  33. 33. 9. Connect
  34. 34. Rashomon Effect
  35. 35. 10.In 1996, Alan Sokal, a physics professor at NYU,submitted an article called "Transgressing theBoundaries: Towards a TransformativeHermeneutics of Quantum Gravity“ to an academicjournal called Social Text. This episode is now referredto as the Sokal affair. What did Alan Sokal do, thatreflected so badly on the journal?
  36. 36. Sokal’s article was a hoax.The whole thing was an experiment to test thepublications intellectual rigor and, specifically,to investigate whether such a journal would"publish an article liberally salted with nonsenseif it (a) sounded good and (b) flattered theeditors ideological preconceptions."
  37. 37. 11. Connect. Non exhaustive.
  38. 38. Countries with more than one capitalBenin, Bolivia, Chile, Cote d’Ivoire, Malaysia,South Africa, Sri Lanka, Swaziland, Tanzania, Western Sahara are the countries which currently have more than one capital.
  39. 39. 12.Initially when X-McConnell sponsored this, itwas commonly known as the X. In 2002, the YGroup became the title sponsor, but chose toretain X as part of the title. So this entity is nowknown as the YX.X and Y?
  40. 40. X- Booker, Y- Man
  41. 41. SVC• 7 Slides• Non exhaustive, finite.• Points on respective slides.
  42. 42. +20/-15
  43. 43. +17/-12
  44. 44. +15/-10
  45. 45. +12/-8
  46. 46. +10/-5
  47. 47. +7/-2
  48. 48. +5
  49. 49. English words derived from Tamil.
  50. 50. Infinite Pounce II• Same rules as the last round.
  51. 51. 13.The nomenclature of this novel has more than oneexplanation according to fans. The titular characterin his childhood was said to have nearly drowned ina river, but was saved by a mysteriouswoman, believed to be the spirit of the river. Theepithet that arose after this incident is said to bethe reason behind the novel. Another explanation isthat the title of the novel refers to the authorhimself, as many instances in the work are inspiredby real life occurrences in his life. Name the novel.
  52. 52. Ponniyin Selvan.Meaning ‘The Son of Ponni’. The mysteriouswoman is said to be Kaveri/Ponni (a tributary ofthe river). Kalki Krishnamurthy’s father, amunsif, was called Ponni Iyer by those whoknew him.
  53. 53. 14.This was a popular riddle in the early 19thcentury, whose answer is so well known todaythat it is no longer asked as a riddle, but taughtto children as a rhyme. There are theories thatthe title character of the rhyme is slang for adrink of brandy, and that it refers to King RichardIII of England. However, the title character ismostly commonly portrayed as a/an ____, whichis mentioned nowhere in the rhyme, but is infact the answer to the riddle.
  54. 54. Humpty Dumpty
  55. 55. 15.• In mid-2010, San Francisco- based X hired Davis Elen Advertising to plan their marketing campaign. As part of this, the firm stuck fake $25,000 bills advertising X’s product ‘Y: Las Vegas’ on the sidewalks of San Francisco. This “guerilla marketing” attempt drew flak from the city attorney’s office, who deemed it an ‘illegal and actionable marketing technique’. The advertising company, however, took full responsibility for the campaign, and X’s online popularity remained intact.• X and Y?
  56. 56. X- Zynga, Y- Mafia Wars
  57. 57. 16.When this film released in 1972, numerous reallife acts of violence in Britain were attributed toit by perpetrators and their lawyers. Thus thefilm’s director asked the production house towithdraw the film from the country, and it wasnot shown in Britain legally for the next 27 years,until the director’s death. After his death, it cameto light that in addition to the negative publicity,the director’s family had received death threatsfollowing its release.Name the film and its director.
  58. 58. Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange
  59. 59. 17.X was an electrical engineer from IIT-Madras, hefirst worked for the civil aviation department ofThe GoI, before working with Bharat ElectronicsLimited, Bangalore as General Manager(Research and Development). During this stint,he was instrumental in the development ofElectronic Voting Machines in the country. He iswell known and respected in another fieldaltogether. X?
  60. 60. Sujatha Rangarajan
  61. 61. 18. Connect
  62. 62. These are the only five people to win acting Oscars for non-English speaking roles.
  63. 63. 19.This author has written over 30 plays, 4screenplays, numerous short story, Puncharticles and poem collections before oneparticular work of his in a different genrealtogether, overshadowed the rest of his oeuvre.Its roaring success was resented not only byhim, but by the person who served asinspiration for this work as well. His later workswere panned, as one critic mentioned, his leadcharacters were merely ‘_____ grown up’.
  64. 64. AA Milne. The work was ‘Winnie the Pooh’.
  65. 65. 20.Kamini Kaushal is an Indian actress who won theFilmfare Award for Best Actress in 1955 for herrole in Biraj Bahu. She is said to have madeanother contribution to the world of Hindicinema. What is this contribution?
  66. 66. She is said to have posed for the Filmfarestatuette, first designed by N.G. Phansare alongwith ToI’s Walter Langhammer.
  67. 67. 21. Connect
  68. 68. These are tactics against a hostile takeover ofone company by another. Will explain.
  69. 69. 22.The name of this band stems from a conversationamong its band members where they said that asupergroup containing themselves would go downlike a ‘____ balloon’, a British idiom for disastrousresults. The first word of the idiom dropped a letterto avoid mispronunciation, and the second wordwas changed to a synonym for a large balloon. Itsmembers felt the name struck the right balancebetween ‘heavy and light, combustibility and grace’.Name the band.
  70. 70. Led Zeppelin
  71. 71. 23.The caduceus is the staff of the Roman GodMercury, the messenger of the Gods and theprotector of merchants, gamblers, liars and thieves.Consequently, it has connotations involvingcommerce, negotiation and money-making. It isalso used as a symbol representing printing, as anoffshoot of Mercury’s skills in writing andeloquence. However, today the symbol is mostrecognized in another field, mistaken for anotherancient symbol, the rod of Asclepius. Which field dowe associate the caduceus with today?
  72. 72. The symbol for medicine
  73. 73. 24.
  74. 74. The White Man’s Burden
  75. 75. LVC 2• Same rules as last time.• 12 slides.• Non exhaustive.
  76. 76. +35/-30
  77. 77. +30/-25
  78. 78. +26/-22
  79. 79. +24/-20
  80. 80. +22/-18
  81. 81. +20/-15
  82. 82. +18/-12
  83. 83. +15/-10
  84. 84. +12/-7
  85. 85. +10/-5
  86. 86. +7/-3
  87. 87. +5
  88. 88. These are all movies of the ‘found footage’ genre, where is film is presented as being true, pieced together from purportedly discovered film and video recordings.