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Srs present

  1. 1. Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology Information Technology Project 2012 Web Site forZeenath Trading (PVT) Limited Software Requirement Specification Project ID: ITP2012 - 010
  2. 2. Contents Group Members and Supervisor Introduction Product Perspective  Product Functions  Users  Operating Environment  Software Requirements  Hardware Requirements  Assumptions &Dependencies  Software Interface System Architecture  System Overview  Use Case  Class Diagram ITP2012 - 010
  3. 3.  Functional Requirements Non Functional Requirements Performance Requirement Safety Requirement Security Requirement Software Quality Attributes Business Rules Summary References ITP2012 - 010
  4. 4. Project Members  IT 11 6072 74 – Rizwan M. N. M.  IT 11 6071 06 – Razeef Khan M. B.  IT 11 6078 92 – Razmi K. M.  IT 11 6086 46 – Vidyas G.  IT 11 6091 86 – Dinesh S.  IT 11 6107 62 – Fahry H. L. M.Supervisor  Mr. Iresh Bandara ITP2012 - 010
  5. 5. Introduction Zeenath Trading (PVT) Limited Company is one of the leading importers in Sri Lanka for three wheeler auto spares and also dealing in importing motor vehicles mainly from India, China, Taiwan, Singapore and Japan.About SRS…This Software Requirements Specification providesa complete description of all the functions andspecifications of the website for Zeenath TradingCompany. ITP2012 - 010
  6. 6. Product Perspective The website is to avoid the stress and work overload of regular buyers and customers. This website is a standalone system. It aims to ease the customers to order products by providing enhanced features. ITP2012 - 010
  7. 7. Product Functions  Administrator - Can get the information (payment report) of any customer. Add and edit products and specification. User - The member should be provided with the updated information. Can order products. ITP2012 - 010
  8. 8. Customers are given a provision to check their account’s information. Members have the ability to search through products by brand name, product name.Users Customers Administrator ITP2012 - 010
  9. 9. Operating Environment System Requirements - Hardware: CPU: at least Dual Core 3.6 MHz Space: Minimum of 500 MB Ram: Minimum of 1 gigabytes System Requirements - Software Web Service: XAAMP server Browser: Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or Apple’s Safari, or Mozilla’s Firefox etc. Other services: PHP 5.4.4 ITP2012 - 010
  10. 10. Assumptions & Dependencies Assumptions - Client/User has an active Internet Connection or has access to one to view the Website. Client/User runs an operating system which Supports Internet Browsing. Our website will not be violating any Internet Ethnic or Cultural Rules and won’t be blocked by the Telecom companies. ITP2012 - 010
  11. 11.  Dependencies - We are dependent on our hosting service to provide 24/7 on-line facilities. Website interface must be friendly and easy-to- use. The search mechanism should be simple and fast. ITP2012 - 010
  12. 12. Software InterfaceName Version PurposeAny Web Browser Any Version Used to view the websiteAdobe Photoshop CS5 Used to create the templatesAdobe Flash CS5 Used to designProfessional WebPagesAdobe Dreamweaver CS5 Used for codingAdobe Fireworks CS5 Used for design of tabsMySQL Version 5.1 Use for Database ITP2012 - Management 010
  13. 13. System Architecture System Overview ITP2012 - 010
  14. 14. Use caseDiagram ITP2012 - 010
  15. 15. Class Diagram ITP2012 - 010
  16. 16. Functional RequirementsFunctional requirement 1: User Registration Description: user registers with the application by providing all the necessary details. Input: The user or the customer will have to provide all the necessary details. Process: All the details entered in the customer registration database will be verified. Output: accept the details by the system and store ITP2012 - it in the database. 010
  17. 17. Functional requirement 2: Order Product. Description: the user order product. Input: the customer search for the product, product name or the brand name can be entered. Process: The system verifies the user details. Checks the available products. Output: displays information related to various products to the customer. ITP2012 - 010
  18. 18. Functional requirement 3: Check Account Description: the customer can check their payment details. Input: Username and Password. Process: Site validates and displays the account details. Output: display payment details with outstanding details. ITP2012 - 010
  19. 19. Functional requirement 4: Send Feedback Description: user or the customer can send feedback. Input: a registered user. Process: validates the user. Output: after sending a feedback user will get a confirmation alert. ITP2012 - 010
  20. 20. Nonfunctional Requirements There are requirements that are not functional in nature. Specifically, these are the constraints the system must work within. There are so many nonfunctional requirements, some of them are, Performance Requirements Safety Requirements Security Requirements Software Quality Attributes Business Rules ITP2012 - 010
  21. 21. Performance Requirements.  The system requires to be compatible with all kind of web browsers.Safety Requirements.  All transactions, logged information, updates, user activities are backup at the end of the each day automatically.Security Requirements.  Any modification (insert, delete and update) for the Database shall be synchronized and done only by the System administrator. ITP2012 - 010
  22. 22. Software Quality Attributes.  Reliability The system can be used by multiple users concurrently. Any user can access the system with using even a low performance PC.  Availability The system is available during 24 hours of the day.  Maintainability The system shall provide the capability to back-up the Data.  Portability user can log in to the system at any time.  Robustness The system will not be broken down easily and will not ITP2012 - wholly affect by a single application failure 010
  23. 23. Business Rules There are mainly two types of users using the system, such as user and an Administrator. Administrator has the full permission of controlling the system. ITP2012 - 010
  24. 24. Summary Main functions of the system and the main users. Architecture diagram of the system. Brief description of the both functional and non- functional requirements . ITP2012 - 010
  25. 25. References• “Website templates”, 2012. [Online]• “XAAMP server”,, 2012. [Online]• “Server side JavaScript”,, 2012. [Online] serverside-javascript-with-node-js/• “Server side validation”,, 2012. [Online] ITP2012 - 010 validation.aspx
  26. 26. Thank You.