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Are we working


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Are we working

  1. 1. Are we really working hard?????
  2. 3. Answer this question to yourself at the end of this show…….
  3. 4. No words only pictures speak
  4. 17. Now answer to yourself Are we really working hard???
  5. 18. Ok now lets start thinking……… Can we do something for children who are working so hard just to fulfill basic needs??
  6. 20. Why these children had to work so hard while other children are studying and enjoying the life?
  7. 21. Reasons may be: They don’t have parents Their parents could not afford to educate them Only these children are bread earners in the family due to in capabilities of their parents They are not interested in studying They are habituated to earn income rather than studying They don’t have opportunities Harassment from the internal or external people Others
  8. 22. A small example: There are many children who are begging at railway station of Vijayawada a city in India . They are abused by the people over there. Inspite of facing all the problems they are willing to beg. Even if somebody encourages them to study they will not agree. Even if we say that we will provide the facilities for education also they wont listen. Because the reason differs from case to case Case 1:A 11 year old boy is responsible for taking care of his mother who is suffering from paralysis and his younger sister. So, his question is “if I come with you who will take care of them?” Case 2:12 year old girl is forced to beg. If she doesn’t beg her father will not allow her to get into home. So, she is not interested to leave her family. Case 3: A 15 year old boy he is habituated to beg and earn money. He is not interested in studying or working hard .
  9. 23. One boy who was grown up in that atmosphere. He was different from others . He studied well in spite of the harassments faced. He got a good employment opportunity but he left that because of the social cause. He understood the problem of the other children. So he provided a good opportunity to them. He created awareness in them. He started a school and a small scale business where very less physical effort is required. He educated the children as well as provided them the opportunity to earn income. This attracted all the children. Now they are able to study and also earn income for their family.
  10. 24. Any Solutions to make this children study ???