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Using Video Throughout the Inbound Marketing Cycle


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A great content marketing plan doesn't have a set end date, and neither should your video marketing strategy. Check out our tips for using video assets from initial awareness through to post sale.

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Using Video Throughout the Inbound Marketing Cycle

  1. VIDYARD PRESENTS: Using Video in Every Stage of Inbound Marketing BY JENNIFER PEPPER
  2. IN THE OLD DAYS Marketers could rely on traditional ads to push their message upon customers.
  3. But customers have become ad-blocking ninjas and unsubscribe wizards. They don’t like in-your-face ad campaigns and they prefer to delay chatting with sales until they’ve performed their research. They just want brands to back off a bit.
  4. SO... Modern marketers are now in the business of earning brand interest with quality content marketing. We’re talkin’ ebooks, white papers, infographics, blog posts, video, and more.
  5. With the shift away from egocentric brand content we’re seeing a trend toward useful content that helps customers navigate their own way through the buying cycle. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take empowered customers on a useful content journey.
  6. It’s less complicated than you think though. ...There’s even a secret weapon.
  7. VIDEO Not only is video entertaining, but you can use it throughout the funnel. Yep, the whole inbound marketing funnel. �
  8. We know video content works to attract customers initially, but an Aberdeen brief surveying over 100 marketing professionals found that 60% of best-in-class companies now use video from initial awareness through to post sale. INITIAL AWARENESS POST SALE
  9. Here we’ll explore how to use video within each of Hubspot’s four stages of inbound marketing. Attract Strangers Convert Visitors Blog Social Media Keywords Pages Close Leads Calls-toAction Landing Pages Forms Contact Delight Customers Email Workflows Lead Scoring CRM Integrations Let’s take a look. Promoters Social Media Smart Calls-to-Action Email Workflows
  10. Attract the adblocking ninjas! When shaping the perception of your company in this stage, you can: Repurpose webinar content: Record and release weekly chapters of your webinar content so prospects can find helpful topics they’re searching for quickly. Develop helpful how-to video libraries: Dedicate a part of your website to a video hub for how-to content. You’ll boost your SEO and become a trusted expert in your industry. Produce thought-leadership videos: Comment on issues in your industry and capture video interviews with major influencers in your field. Create fun videos showcasing company culture: Tell us why you do what you do; it’s what people want to see.
  11. Remember! It’s not necessarily about your products in the Attract phase. It’s about sparking interest and getting prospects to follow through to your website. That’s where you’ll get a chance to…
  12. Convert! Once your leads are hanging out on your website, you’ll want to convert them with longer-form video content, which can include: Detailed product demos Client testimonials Video case studies Longer videos showcasing company attributes Tip: Add email-gates to select videos on your website to collect viewer contact info in this stage. PLEASE ENTER YOUR E-MAIL TO VIEW THIS VIDEO
  13. After you: Establish your credibility with great, helpful video content Collect contact information with email-gated videos and, Score your leads based on their video viewing history (data from your Video Marketing Platform) It’s time to move in and seal the deal in the Close stage (woot!)
  14. Close (with customized follow up) In the Close stage, use your video engagement data to create targeted nurture videos and send them to your highest scoring leads. For example, if you notice a lead has watched 3 videos on the same product, record a quick video (you can even use your phone!) and send it to them in a custom email. This personalized content goes a long way.
  15. Automate your follow up content Because video engagement data can be pushed into your marketing automation platform, you can automate custom follow up for various combinations of customer actions. Customers who watch more than one video about your product could be automatically sent your ebook, for example, or even another short video!
  16. But there’s still one more stage! All this personalized follow up is awesome, but you’ve got to go the extra mile and delight your customers. Post sale is all about going above and beyond with video.
  17. Delight This stage is where you can have a lot of fun with video and really stand out from your competitors. Create personalized thank you videos featuring members of your team. Send email follow up after 2 weeks of product use with links to helpful how-to video content. Answer FAQs and film short video responses about customer support questions that are asked on social channels and send them to new customers. Ultimately, make videos to inspire brand trust and loyalty.
  18. Now rinse & repeat the content journey Creating a narrative for customers to follow through the sales funnel has never been more important and customers will appreciate when content feels less like spam and more like real help. Video can help you earn attention through each stage of inbound marketing and, with some strategy, you can start to attach your video campaigns to revenue. Learn more on the Vidyard Blog or view more Vidyard SlideShares.
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