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Men as Partners in ending Gender based violence : Guyana review


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This presentation was made at a consultation hosted by UNIFEM (now UN Women) in October 2009 in St Lucia.
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Men as Partners in ending Gender based violence : Guyana review

  1. 1. ”she is a lady , she should expect that..” Men as Partners in ending GBV Guyana Vidyaratha Kissoon vidyak1@gmail.comHelp & Shelter
  2. 2. ”sit down and shut up.. you dont know what you are talking about..” Who are the men? What is the partnership? What has been happening? The future
  3. 3. ”we know him, he would never do such a thing..” Who are the men?  Young, old, feeling young,  Educated, not so educated, aware, not so aware  Straight, gay, have something to prove  Hindu, Muslim, Christian and convenient  PPP, PNC, Fed Up  Poor, rich, hustling  Respectable, not so respectable  Where is God in all of this?  TD Jakes, Myles Munroe
  4. 4. ”woman does mek man do ting.., dem aint easy” What is the partnership?  Have we a consensus on common concerns  Men /boys are , have been hurt by women  Men/boys are also victims of violence  Does the victim/perpetrator discourse help? Is there a guilty ”gender”?  Who are men partnering with?
  5. 5. ”Protecting our womenfolk..” Men Against Violence Against Women Help & Shelter membership and staff Men of Purpose (M OP) Men Emporment Network (M.E.N) Sophia Mens Forum (Pickney Project)
  6. 6. ”What yall gun do about....” Allegations of abuse against Caribbean PM Allegations of abuse by ”former” First Lady Women who are violent Poverty, racial inequality, unemployment, health, lack of education, violence Daggerin, killin batty man, Miss Teen Talent, Miss Splashmins, Miss Guyana, Miss Renaissance.. Miss dis, Miss dat Digi girls, Carib girls, Rum
  7. 7. Guyana needs more men like u..Ian .. extends Navratri greetings to all. This sacred period is dedicated to the that Supreme being in the feminine form. I pray that my Guyanese brothers recognize the value of women in our lives and STOP the abuse and murder of their spouses.