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Vidushi Infotech's SEO and SEM services drive demand and build reputation through optimization. Its SEO Company offering high quality professional Internet marketing & SEO services to anyone looking to increase traffic to their website. Visit at

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  • Seo services is the best option for increasing online visibility of your business, but if you want to get success in your business within limited period of time then you can use professional seo services from a reliable resource. For more information visit:-
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Professional SEO Services

  1. 1. SEO & SEM VIDUSHI INFOTECH PVT. LTD Digital Marketing
  2. 2.  Search Engine Optimization  SEO Hierarchy  Why do I need SEO Service?  SEO vs SEM  Search Engine Statistics  SEO Algorithm  Website Strategy  Internet Marketing Strategies  SEO Framework  SEO Optimization Techniques  WhyVidushi for SEO?  Hire a Dedicated SEO Expert  Our Professional SEO Services  Questions
  3. 3.  SEO (Search EngineOptimization) is a methodology to optimize a website on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).  A best practice for internet marketers to enhance web ranking and visibility of the website by incorporating search engine friendly elements into a website.  SEO is divided into 2 phase; on-page and off-page optimization  On-page optimization includes different website elements including text, HTML code and images.  Off-page optimization includes creating back-links for generating leads or unique visitors.
  4. 4. Website Analysis Keyword Research Site Optimization Web Design Link Building
  5. 5.  SEO is an important part of Internet Marketing & Business  It increase your sales without proportionately rise in marketing costs, thus generating better ROI.  SEO leverages social sharing engaging Social Media Platform such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ andYouTube  It turns spotlight on multitasking effectively, handling thousands of prospects at one time  It helps to identify your prospective audience and monitor visitors use your website  It improves ranking, traffic and the level of relevant web visitors
  6. 6.  The terms “Search EngineOptimization” and “Search Engine Marketing” are often interchangeable.  SEO (Search EngineOptimization) is a strategy to obtain a high- ranking in the search result page whereas SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a broader term associated with researching and positioning of a website, including paid ads.  SEO is the most cost-effective solution to optimize a website for organic search engine listings whereas SEM is a costlier affair which uses search engine to advertise your business or website and target potential audience .  SEO can be time consuming whereas SEM relies on quick turn-over, ensuring desired result.
  7. 7.  93% of online activities begin with a search engine  95% of the unique visitors (internet traffic) to a website originate from search engine (Google,Yahoo, & Bing)  90% of the users choose the website listed on the first page of the search engine  65% of the users refer to the top three links for their queries  30% of the Google searches are for products and services  75% to 80% users focus on the free organic results
  8. 8. SEO ALGORITHM Content & On-Page Optimization AnchorText & Back-links Social Graph Metrics On-Page Keyword Use Traffic and CTR Data
  9. 9. Link Building Natural Search Paid Search Brand Promotion Affiliate Marketing Email Marketing Social Networking Content Marketing
  10. 10. Different Phase of Internet Marketing  Research the Niche Market  Prepare Analysis Report  Prepare a Marketing Strategy  CallTo Action  Monitor the Performance Key Steps in Internet Marketing  High Quality Content  Easy Navigation  Link Exchange Program  PPC Campaign  BannerAds  Content Management System
  11. 11. Benefits of Internet Marketing  Enhance the productivity of the company  Increase website visibility & brand awareness  Business Promotions through Social Networking Channels  Increase online presence &maximizing rate of interest (ROI)  Generate unique visitors through online marketing campaign  Reach the target audience in niche market  Offer personalize offers to customers across the globe  Ability to measure the performance of your campaign  Online analysis of competitor’s strategies  Build relationships with customers to increase customer retention levels
  12. 12. Report Generation Search Engine Ranking Link Building Activity Sitemap Analysis Content Analysis Page Optimization Website Analysis Keyword Research Identifying Competitors Requirement Analysis
  13. 13.  Define your goal/objective at the start of the project  Optimize your title tags including product & services related keywords (60-70 characters)  Create customized & compelling Meta-descriptions (150-160 characters)  Utilize keyword-rich headings targeting keyword phrase  Add ALT tags to your images inserted  Create a sitemap to analyze new website or new content of existing website  Build internal links to connect different piece of content/information  Update your site periodically through blogs, articles, and press release  Make SEO Friendly URL; use hyphens in URLs and file names  Don't Forget to Optimize for Social Media Channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn,YouTube and Pinterest
  14. 14. • Vidushi Infotech: A Premier Providers of WSI Digital Marketing • Our professional team of SEO expert in Pune focus on Internet Marketing, PPC Campaign, and Web Promotion within an affordable SEO Package to suit your marketing goals • Our expert follow "Adaptive SEO" (100% ethical and effective SEO methodology) to counteract Google's algorithm ensuring high quality content and consistent ranking in different search engine. • Adaptive SEO helps to prepare strategies against the upcoming Google update (Panda, Penguin, EMD, &Hummingbird) • We provide guaranteed professional SEO services with 100% client satisfaction. • Our recourse is available 24/7 via Phone, OnlineChat, and Skype
  15. 15. Hiring a Dedicated SEO Expert will offer:  White-Hat SEO techniques  Effective Content Marketing  Comprehensive competition analysis with Business Proposals  Best implementation of SEO techniques  Guaranteed result with 100% Client Satisfaction  Business Promotions through Social Channels  High conversion rate and better website visibility  Easy to target potential audience and boost sales & traffic  Reduced Customers AcquisitionCost & Improved ROI  Periodic (monthly) ranking reports  24/7/365 Customer Support
  16. 16.  Website Competitive Analysis  Keyword Optimization  Search Engines CompatibilityAnalysis  On Page Optimization  Link EarningActivities  E-MailCampaigns  Social Media Optimization  Mobile Site Optimization  Content Marketing  Back Link Strategy and Implementation  Link Popularity Monitoring & Reporting  Video Submissions  PPC Management
  17. 17. Want to customized your online marketing services to generate enquiries, leads & sales? Email : or Website :
  18. 18. ?