Sample Collection Of Sexually Assaulted Victims


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This is a presentation i did during my 4th year in the medical school as a medical undergraduate.

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Sample Collection Of Sexually Assaulted Victims

  1. 1. Sample Collection ofsexually assaulted victims
  2. 2. Overview• In which conditions ?• Why ?• What are collected ?• How ?• Type of sample Vs Significance
  3. 3. Sexual Assaults• Alleged rape• Childhood sexual abuse• Unnatural offences
  4. 4. Purpose• To find out whether sexual intercourse has taken place or not.• If it has, whether it was with consent or not.• Identification of possible assailant/s.• Estimation of age.• Examination for STDs.• Examination for pregnancy.• Examination for intoxication.
  5. 5. Samples collected (From whom?)• Victim• Suspected assailant/s• Scene (Locus)
  6. 6. Samples Collected from the Victim
  7. 7. Should be accompanied by a detailed history taking & followed by a thorough examination
  8. 8. Samples are collected from…?• Clothing• Perineum• Anus• Thighs• Pubic area• Bite injuries• Finger nails• ANY part of the victim’s body (appropriately)
  9. 9. Types of Samples• Seminal stains• Blood stains• Loose & matted pubic hair• Loose scalp hair• Saliva from bite marks• Nail scrapings
  10. 10. Types of Samples• Foreign material (e.g. Mud, Weeds)• Blood for alcohol or drugs• Blood (5 ml), few plucked pubic hair & scalp hair• Trace material from genital areas
  11. 11. How to collect
  12. 12. How to collectFrom Clothing;→ Depends on the sample If wet (blood or secretions)Air dry before sending to the serologist
  13. 13. How to collectVaginal swabs  From vulva  Low vaginal  Upper vaginal  Cervix Before Per vaginal examination or instrumentation (why?) Capillary pipette Smears prepared immediately & examined
  14. 14. How to collectOther swabs  From perineum  Anus & rectum  Thighs  Mouth  Any other area (appropriately) Mainly for semen Smears prepared immediately & examined
  15. 15. How to collectPubic area  Loose hair – From assailant  Dried & matted seminal fluid in pubic hairBite marks  May contain saliva - swabs Blood group Serological antigens studies Saliva Buccal DNA analysis mucosal cells
  16. 16. How to collectNail beds  Epidermal debris – From assailant  Nail clipping – Disposable sterile tooth picks  Nail scraping – Suitable scraper run under fingernailsBlood stains Usually dried Use a moistened swab* Nail scraping – Suitable scraper run under fingernailsDischarges From vagina – Swabs  Smears Microbiological studies
  17. 17. Medico legal Examination in acase of sexual assault would not be complete without examination & obtaining trace material from the suspected assailant/s & the Scene.
  18. 18. Thank You