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Cell structure and function (8th class portions)


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it has a summary of the main organelles in the cell structure

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Cell structure and function (8th class portions)

  2. 2. VARIATION IN NUMBER: Organisms are of 2 types * Unicellular organisms *Multicellular organisms VARIATION IN SHAPE Organisms are of 3 types *Nerve cells *Muscle cells *Skin cells VARIATION IN SIZE: *Here, organisms can vary from a Micrometre to a few Centimeter.
  3. 3. Cell consists of one main part which is known as the ‘Brain of the cell’. Cell membrane ,cytoplasm ,nucleus.
  4. 4. CELL MEMBRANE: It acts as the outer covering of the cell. Which has a porous membrane to it. As the plasma membrane. CYTOPLASM: Many organelles are present in the cytoplasm. It is a jelly like fluid. NUCLEUS: It is known as the ‘brain of the cell’. It is surrounded by the nuclear membrane. It also contains the chromosomes, that carry genes, that are transferred during cell division.
  5. 5.  Golgi apparatus -> are small tubes, that are responsible for the secretion of chemical substance.  Vacuole -> they store excess water, useful minerals.
  6. 6. Lysosome -> they contain enzymes, at times of emergency they burst and destroy the cell, They are also called as ‘The suicidal bag of the cell’.
  7. 7. Endoplasmic reticulum -> They help in the transport and storage of cell products. Ribosome -> They are granulated substances present in the cytoplasm.
  8. 8. Mitocondria -> They are tiny rod-shaped bodies is know as ‘The power house of the cell’. They act as sites of energy.
  9. 9.  Centrosome -> They are present only in animal cells, their function is to initiate and regulate cell division.
  10. 10. Plastids -> they are only present in the plant cell, there are of three types of plastids. 1) chromoplast 2) chloroplast 3)leucoplast
  11. 11. ThankYou