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Nitric oxide and erectile dysfunction(1)


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Nitric oxide boosts your manhood, lowers blood pressure, boosts brain power, makes blood vessels more flexible.
The research into the health benefits of nitric oxide was done by Dr Ignario and his colleagues at UCLA That research won the Noble Prize in 1998!
Did you know the development of the drug Viagra was based on this research? But Viagra is a drug with serious side effects including heart attack and Cancer-according to the FDA
And in head to head tests, Nitric oxide beat Viagra to treat Erectile dysfunction!
And nitric oxide has no side effects.
Except that nitric oxide improves your health over all.
Nitric oxide helps get your manhood bac

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Nitric oxide and erectile dysfunction(1)

  1. 1. Nitric oxide and erectile dysfunction What if I told YOU that: About 18 million young men in their 20s and 30s suffer from Erectile Dysfunction!
  2. 2. The Wimpy Male Syndrome? AND.. That’s in the United States alone!
  3. 3. Why You can’t get hard High blood pressure Obesity Stress/Depression Some medications
  4. 4. Libido killers rob you of your manhood Excessive alcohol use Drug use Lack of sleep Poor nutrition Diabetes Cancer Smoking Grief etc.
  5. 5. High Blood Pressure a major cause of E.D High blood pressure is a major cause of erectile dysfunction
  6. 6. Risks of high blood pressure medication A friend of mine was on: 1 Blood pressure medications 2 Cholesterol medications
  7. 7. Nitric oxide & blood pressure pprepressurecccUntil she started having.. 1 dizzy spells 2 vision problems 3 muscle pain 4 fatigue etc.
  8. 8. Nitric oxide and Blood Pressure Nitric oxide normalizes blood pressure Blood pressure medications have serious side effects such as..
  9. 9. High blood Pressure causes ED AND.. Fatigue Kidney damage Strokes Erectile dysfunction Heart failure
  10. 10. Health benefits of nitric oxide How healthy are you.. Is nitric oxide the key to your health? What if nitric oxide is the key to your manhood and health?
  12. 12. How good is nitric oxide for erection How about this: Did you know.. In head to head tests, nitric oxide beat Viagra to treat erectile dysfunction!
  13. 13. Viagra can give you a heart attack! So says the FDA. But it gets worse..
  14. 14. Viagra can also cause Melanoma An aggressive, deadly form of skin cancer!
  15. 15. Your health.. how important is it to you? a.High blood pressure b.Low Energy c.Low Sex drive d.Constant infections..
  16. 16. Healthy at any Age I hope you do not think this is normal Or the result of getting older.. BECAUSE..
  17. 17. Vigorous at any age! IT IS NOT!
  18. 18. Nitric oxide to the rescue How does nitric oxide boost your libido..and health?
  19. 19. Nitric oxide health Lowers Blood Pressure Boosts Sex Drive [m/f] Boosts energy Kills disease causing bacteria Reduces risks of stroke/heart disease Boosts brain power
  20. 20. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator Nitric oxide increases the flexibility of blood vessels.
  21. 21. Nitric oxide a heart healthy molecule! These blood vessels easily dilate [increase in diameter] and carry more blood volume
  22. 22. Citrulline Arginine Nitric oxide This helps lower blood pressure. It also brings more blood to the penis to get it hard
  23. 23. Nitric oxide and Circulation ereerection Nitric oxide increases blood flow to every part of the body
  24. 24. More Blood Flow = More Energy
  25. 25. Nitric oxide improves circulation More blood flow to the penis makes for harder erection Nitric oxide boosts female libido too
  26. 26. Get your manhood back Nitric oxide-the natural way to increase sex drive and protect your heart. Get more information
  27. 27. Get Informed-Regain/Retain Your Manhood! For more information, visit Copy and paste into browser if link is not clickable Download FREE Book: “Male Impotence Cures- Overcoming erectile dysfunction without drugs”