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Video seeding & social video advertisement

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Video seeding

  1. 1. Video seeding Social video advertisement
  2. 2. What is video seeding? • Video seeding is the process of announcing, distributing and promoting a video content - most often a viral video ad on web/mobile. • The first stage of video seeding is to upload & distribute the video on social video sharing platforms like YouTube, Vimeo & DailyMotion. • The second stage is to promote the uploaded video through paid or free placements and actions, and afterwards wait for sharing and viral effects. • Video seeding is an initial launching part of a viral video campaign and most part of global audience has to finally result from virality and sharing.
  3. 3. Techniques used for video seeding • • • • • Promoted videos on YouTube Embedded videos on blogs/websites/app/games Online communities & forums Email news letter marketing Sharing across social media like Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest
  4. 4. Why seeding? • Video seeding helps to generate organic traffic with a genuine interest in your video directly to your content, increasing the amount of YouTube views, shares, comments, and ratings. • It can give high level of engagement. • Video Seeding activity guarantees brands buzz and audience engagement by broadcasting videos with catchy and viral features on the targeted audience & platform • It gives you initial push up to grow organically & becomes viral
  5. 5. Video Seeding vs Video Ad Networks #Video Seeding • Social marketing for videos. • Highly engaged, user initiated views. • Strategies focus on earned placements for blogs, games, apps, social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Blog Forums) leveraging influencers, communities, and individuals. • End goal is brand sentiment, user-sharing, and viewer engagement. • Video with light and clever branding, entertaining hooks, leveraging a meme or online influencer/web personality. • Targeted, customized and measurable. # Video Ad Networks • Online banner ad of video in form of an auto-play, pre-roll, or post-roll for existing online content. • Not social or engaging. • Commercial/television feel, rich, promoted effort. • Shorter video format (average of 15 sec.) • Videos posted on proprietary players. • Views counted are not limited to the front-facing counters on video sites.
  6. 6. Why social video seeding?
  7. 7. Vidooly is a hybrid video advertising platform # combination of seeding & paid promotion check out
  8. 8. Thank You! # content credits: open source blogs & slides