Meeting with dcb rotary


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Meeting with dcb rotary

  1. 1. Two types of club can be established:Community based clubAnd school based clubNot recognized by the governmentAnd only foreigners joining the groupSo they only set up the Community based clubHistory of the Rotary:No religious affiliations and no politicalStrictly community101 years oldDesigned for: Networking club for professions who make differenceBuild a siteDulwich College of Beijing:7 years agoClubs were biggerExpand to young peopleStart because of daughter and access to the headmasterThe first school to agreeThe headmaster was interestedMade sure that interact is part of the curriculumOne teacher looking after, like C&S! -Has some time to look after the clubPaper clubCannot exist by sponsorshipRotary club/Interact club has to sponsorPaperworkApplicationName list of the foundering clubAge is limitedRI interested in studentsTook some timeAnd voila interact clubCost to school:70 members - 100 in DulwichDulwich Shanghai- a dozenSchool has to commitProfessional only! -senior only lead- someone to coach- Mentor and manage neededNeed strong staff member
  2. 2. And need good supportBudget:Need copying, access to school materialMeeting placesTransportationClub t-shirtsGet cash for budgetSponsorship-financial contribution-mentorship! -adult- facultySize doesn’t matterSet up interact-make sure its successfulFor the sake of the name makes no senseMake sure its successfulNeed interact coordinatorNeeds commitmentCoordinator is the guideConstitution like lawsSay- heres what needs to havePaperworkGo throughMake executive boardShape it-Two service projectsINTERNATIONAL AND ACTION= InteractKids to learn it.Manage their own= kidsTwo requirement:-One international service-Build homes in Cambodia- 1st project (could do own)Opportunity for leadershipCould fundraisingRaise moneyAnd do work in CambodiaKIDS DO RESEARCH!-One local serviceGoing to homeClean upHelp the oldServe needy
  3. 3. Local orphanages-interact-clothing driveBeacons of hope:-work with migrant schoolsWho never had checkups (hospital)-help withTakes corporateTransportationGovernment organizationMONEY:-rotary helps-interact students has to raise at-least half-A lot of fundraising- Let them know where its going- the moneyDo projects together (with the whole community in BJ)-Ball-Christmas dinner with all students! -bring togetherRotary:Who rotary is? Need to know-Required to knowConnection with Rotary-Better college application-Get all the staff together- everyone’s together- Competing for activities- Teachers have to work together for this- Interdisciplinary UnitThere are interact manual-on the rotary sitePut a proposal to the head-get approval-get support from the Dulwich-provide students (interested ones)
  4. 4. Present to the boardBoard levelHave one or two interact coordinatorCONTACTS-need contacts-come together on Tuesday (the RIC in Beijing)Need rotarians to comeCONVINCE!Service has to be sustainable and worthwhile-needs A LOT OF RESEARCH, dig deepMARKETING strategy:Parents love itHas to be successfulBenefits for the childrenUniversities applicationsCould start own RIC MagazineStart early so then it digs with the schoolYoung generation like Grade 3-5 can get involved and help out.