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Mail from Rotary and DCB


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Mail from Rotary and DCB

  1. 1. From: Terri Jessen <<>>Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2012 16:39:47 -0800To: BISS <<>>Cc: <<>>,<<>>, Carl Doerwald<<>>, Terri Jessen<<>>, Jens Drier<<>>,<<>>Subject: Rotary at BISS: Meeting ReviewHi Sheryl,Was a pleasure to meet you this last Thursday. It seems there is good possibilities for anInteract Club with BISS, and the Rotary Club of Beijing is looking forward to continuingour discussions with you.To summarize our meeting:On Thursday, 16 February 2012, Carl Doerwald, Priscilla Wong, David van Meerendonk,and I met with you and Vadisha (student) to introduce ourselves and begin discussionsabout the potential for a BISS Interact club. We shared what Interact is about, how aclub begins (at a high level), and the general expectations for having a club includingconducting two major projects each school year, one international and one for the localcommunity. We also shared the expectation of having by-laws and an executivecommittee board along with a dedicated faculty advisor. We provided examples of thekinds of projects Interact clubs have had and shared how the sponsoring Rotary clubwould work with the club to mentor and contribute to the fundraising efforts of theInteract club. You in turn shared the schools interest in growing the studentsexperience and skills in community service work, learning about fundraising and projectmanagement, and that your role at BISS was the Community and Service Coordinator inaddition to teaching design and technology. We were pleased to learn that you alreadyhad experience working in a similar role running a successful mentoring project,STRIVE, with a Rotary club in the US.Our next steps are to continue discussions and investigation about the fit for a newInteract club at BISS. So to support your continued investigations we will do thefollowing this coming week:
  2. 2. * I will contact the Faculty Advisor and executive committee at Dulwich College Beijingand invite them to meet with you and a few BISS students interested to discuss theirexperience.* Carl, David, and I will send you some information from Rotary International aboutmore specific expectations for clubs and processes for starting a club.We would also like to be supportive of Vidishas project to research/initiate a club, soplease let her know to ask if theres anything we can provide for her.I will continue to be your main point of contact, so feel free to email or call as ideas orquestions come up for you.We are sharing this positive experience with our Board and feel complimented that BISSis interested in Interact.Terri Jessen TennantRotary Club of Beijing, Interact Coordinator