Interact Club: Rotary Written Report


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Interact Club: Rotary Written Report

  1. 1. Interact Club: Rotary Your name: Vidisha Singh Your homeroom: 10R Your supervisor’s name: Ms. Krengel Your school: Beijing BISS International School Year: 2012 Word count: 2,418 words 1 1
  2. 2. Table of Contents1. My Goal page 32. Selection of Sources page 43. Application of Information page 54. Achieving my Goal page 65. Reflection on Learning page 76. Bibliography page 87. Appendix pages 2 2
  3. 3. My Goal Rotary is a service club that has been involved with helping people around theworld, since its earliest days. Rotary has been committed to help children and thecommunities in need. In 1960, the organisation had a new approach to youth services,the Rotary President Harold T. Thomas encouraged Rotary clubs around the world to findways to encourage service among youth and foster their active interest in community,especially to offer them such opportunities to develop leadership qualities. Interact is Rotary International’s service club aimed at young people ranging from 12 years to 18 years old. Interact is a short term for International + Action. The Interact clubs are indeed sponsored by individual Rotary clubs stationed in each country. These Rotary clubs stationing in each country only provide support and guidance, while the rest is placed on the student’s behalf to work out. Each year, the Interact clubs accomplish two Community& Service (C&S) projects, one which involves traveling away from their community, this enhances international understanding and goodwill.Through this, the Interactors develop a network of friends with both, local and overseasclubs and understand the significance of:• Developing leadership skills and personal integrity• Demonstrating helpfulness and respect for others• Understanding the value of individual responsibility and hard work• Advancing international understand and goodwill Gathering all this information, I had decided that I would partially introduce theidea of Rotary and start a club, by partially starting an Interact club I meant I would workin the Marketing area. By that means, I would make a recruiting video and poster toencourage people to join Interact Club. This way it would help me certify if students areactually interested and if idea should run by the Rotary stationed in Beijing and all thepaperwork should be done or not. This topic falls in the category of Community andService, because this whole topic is about serving to people in need and all I am doing iskind-of promoting it through a video and a brochure but it is still a project of helping thecommunities in need, hence the Area of Interaction is Community & Service. For moreinformation, my guiding question partially introduces the point of Rotary, and thequestion is, How can we interact with new faces while being helping hands for acommunity in need? So basically it says that Rotary helps you interact with people fromall over as well as help the people in need. My goal for this area is create a recruiting video that contains the plus points ofjoining this club as well as benefits of traveling to Kazakhstan every school year.Hopefully from this video, students would be motivated and would prefer 3 3
  4. 4. joining the club. Besides the video, I have also created a flyer that emphasizes the pluspoints and extra information if any students are interested. And to find out if the myproduct was successful or not I thought that during the exhibition I would ask somepeople to take a survey whether they would join the Interact Club, if BISS ever decides tostart one. So that way, my supervisor and I would know the exact measure of peopleinterested as well as find out if my product did have an impact on them or not. 4 4
  5. 5. Selection of Sources To answer my guiding question, I had to investigate the Rotary and understand it.To begin the process, the first step was to find enough and useful sources that wouldgive me an idea about the Rotary and if this service club meets my guiding question. So Ihad to do some research and I realized that the best website to look for informationabout the Rotary would be the Rotary official website. So I navigated through the wholeRotary website, until I came across the Interact section, which explained all about theInteract part of the Rotary, the requirements and about the official paperwork. So Idecided to explore more of the Rotary, so I wandered around and I found a RotaryHandbook, which has the documents and brief information about starting and operatinga Rotary club in a school. So those were some really helpful websites, as well as I foundsome with extra information with examples of service work done by other schools. One interesting fact I found out was that Dulwich has a Rotary too (first school inBeijing) and there’s a meeting every Tuesday in the Kempinski Hotel with contacts. Withthat information, we were able to visit their meeting for reference, from there I had a lot ofsupport from the Rotarians, especially from thepresident and the vice-president soon to bepresident of Rotary in Beijing. These sources werereally helpful as my research and visit to themeeting helped me understand a lot them. Lateron, the Dulwich Rotary supervisor came to our school for a talk (see the appendix for thenotes). They helped me with going through the process of starting a Rotary and provideda little background of Rotary and how the Interact club started in Dulwich. They wereenthusiastic and supportive about starting one in BISS, they even listed the benefits. These sources really helped me with my video as I knew about the background ofthe Rotary as well as the benefits, kindly given by the Dulwich Rotarysupervisor. To make sure my video would be useful, I had to think of the 5 5
  6. 6. marketing strategy to sell my idea, so in the video I placed points like, appreciation fromthe universities, job placements and well as CAS requirements, hopefully this charmwould work on students and encourage them sign into the Rotary. These sources helpedme fulfill my goal, as my video is successfully created and appreciated by my supervisoras well as some of my peers like the idea, so I really think that information retrieved fromthe sources were really helpful for my poster and thevideo. As well as next year, if any teachers areinterested in pursuing my idea of starting an InteractClub in BISS, then I could help them go through theprocess because now I understand the whole process. 6 6
  7. 7. Application of Information As I mentioned in the previous section that not only did I get my information fromwebsites, but I also got them from Rotary members/experts or Rotarians as they say it.The mentioned to me a lot about the benefits of Rotary Interact, so that’s the mainsource of my information, while the information from the websites were used as anbackground information, so I could get the main idea of Rotary and Rotary Interact. Formy exhibition, I will definitely use all the information I have extracted from the sources,as I’m sure not many people are aware of the Rotary, so during the exhibition I willintroduce the idea of Rotary Interact and the proceed on. Hence, all the information is/would be applied in significant situations, either in the product or the exhibition. Throughout the process, I had few complications as my previous goal was to createa booklet of starting a Rotary Interact in one’s school. But due to some legal documentsand applications, it was too complicated as those were copyright and it would be illegalto use them on my product. So then my supervisor recommended a recruiting video, sothat solved my problem. Another issue was that during my video was the backgroundmusic, at first I used a song called I’m Waiting by All American Rejects, as it fit thetiming, tempo and the lyrics kind-of matched the theme but then my supervisorremarked about the music and legal issues, so I was in a dilemma and skimmed throughthe legal soundtracks from Apple provided in iMovie and found a suitable song, henceproblem solved. From then on, I marked in my notes about using soundtracks fromApple for any movie I create (in the future), lesson learned. 7 7
  8. 8. Achieving my Goal Revisiting my final product, I really think that my video and the poster are quitesuccessful due to the fact that I am pleased with its quality, the background music andespecially the (convincing) message. I reviewed my video at least thrice before I had itchecked with my supervisor and some of my peers. The comments from my supervisorgave me a relief as she liked the presentation as a whole and slides placements. Shethought it was a good work overall. She also gave me the idea of creating a BISS logo forRotary (if there ever is one) to put into my video and the poster. So including that I reallythink that my product was an achievement. Still having some suspicions on my mind, Iasked some of my classmates for review, most of them liked the idea of recruiting videoand had great comments for the video and the poster, they also liked the idea of thelogo, as it was a creative task. While others commented on the idea overall, saying that itis a creative, new and an original idea. Overall, I must be proud of my work as I got manycheerful feedbacks, so I think I achieved my goal but I can test it out during theexhibition with the survey I hand out to my visitors. Originally for my specification I said, “My product would vary differently as I willprovide many evidence for my answer and present it all in the exhibition. By contactingthe Rotary Club: • Get pictures • Get videos (if possible) • Record one of their meetings • Go to the meetings and take pictures (for evidence) [FINAL]”Besides that I also said that, “... I do believe that when I go to the Rotary Interact Club, Iwill take my supervisor as well as some other witnesses with me, to prove that-yes I havebeen there and done my part of the investigation...” From my specification I stated thatone part would be done during the exhibition, while the other one would be done as ainvestigation. For the exhibition, I have the pictures and some videos ready to bepresented, while for the visiting to Rotary meetings in Beijing, Ms. Krengel (mysupervisor) and I went to their meeting and got ourselves familiar with the Rotarians andthe events occurring in the Rotary meetings, so I can say I have basically achieved myspecifications. So I have successfully accomplished my specifications. As well as I can saythat I have succeeded in carrying out my goal:To manage and handle this project, I must ensure that:1. I have enough information about the Rotary Interact Club2. Locate the Rotary Club and find the nearest or the biggest meeting setting3. Contact them via email or a phone call4. Make an appointment with them5. Head out on their day for one of their meetings (with Ms. Krengel)6. Have discussions and record their meeting7. If that not possible, then just email them and ask them kindly for any evidence they have such as pictures or even videos.8. And have discussion with DCB about their Rotary  8 8
  9. 9. 9. With the help of notes, make the video10. In the exhibition, present all the proofs and evidence.  9 9
  10. 10. Reflection on Learning Throughout the whole process of Personal Project, from Phase I till Phase IV, I haveindeed improved and learnt a lot. Starting from the beginning of the process, duringPhase II I learned the importance of planning, because before I truly believed in theprocess of ‘winging-it’ as we say it now, but being forced to go through these process, Ithink I finally learnt the point of planning because in the end I always came back to myplan and had a checklist from which I ticked off the events I handled and what was left.So in that way, it was easier to manage time and most importantly I got through theinvestigation section without any problem, especially with the meeting at the Kempinskias my lovely supervisor helped me and kept on reminding me through the process. Mostof all, I think I had this one problem of procrastination, but since the Personal Projectwas to be done by us only and there wasn’t really anyone (except for my supervisor) toremind me of the due dates and the submission of each Phase, I had to gradually keepmyself on the track with the dates, so throughout the process I tried to finish my workbeforehand, so I could have suggestions and from that I can proudly say that I amgetting better at focusing on the work that’s pending. I think the Personal Project mainlyteaches us about the world outside as everything had to be done alone and the samehappens outside in the real world, so I suppose it was mainly getting us prepared for thework ahead in Diploma Program and in the ‘real world’ as the teachers say. “...To balance a child academic development with a development of socialresponsibility.” (BISS, 2012) My chosen Area of Interaction is Community and Service asit’s a service or activity that is performed by one or a group of people for the benefit ofthe public or its institution. Relating this to my topic, Interact club, which is aimed tohelping the communities in need, whether it is local or international. I learnt that my AOIhelps build references and contacts for future employment or for university applicationsby gaining experience, which definitely looks great on a résumé as well as this AOI helpsan organisation/s to achieve its goal. The best part about Community and Service is thesatisfaction of knowing that I am doing something helpful for people in need. Lastly, newopportunities comes from volunteering, so there’s always a benefit for oneself andothers, so its a two-sided benefit. As a learner I think I am socially more open with newpeople as I have learnt through this project that connections are really important in theworld ahead, as well as volunteering, because universities not only look for achievers butactive participants and volunteers, who do something in the community, whether its theirown or others. So basically, this project has taught me to be more adjustable with newpeople and try connecting with new people and especially to do volunteer work, as itbenefits the world and yourself. 10 10
  11. 11. Works Cited"12 to 18 Year Olds - Interact - RIBI." Home - RIBI. Web. 01 Dec. 2011. <>."About Interact." Interact. Rotary International. Web. 01 Dec. 2011.<>."AOI- Community and Service." MYP- AOI- Community and Service. BISS. Web. 25 Feb.2012. <>."Interact Handbook." Http:// RotaryInternational. Web. 30 Jan. 2012. <>.Tennant, Terri Jenson and Doerwald, Carl. "Interview with the Dulwich RotaryRepresentatives." Personal interview. 16 Feb. 2012."Rotary Interact Information Center." Rotary District 7150, NYS, USA, Award-winningRotary Website! Web. 01 Dec. 2011. <>."Students & Youth « Rotary Club of Beijing." Rotary Club of Beijing. Web. 8 Dec. 2011.<>."Weekly Meetings: Details « Rotary Club of Beijing." Rotary Club of Beijing. Web. 8 Dec.2011. <>. 11 11
  12. 12. Appendix[1] Interview with the Dulwich Rotary representatives:Two types of club can be established:Community based clubAnd school based clubNot recognized by the governmentAnd only foreigners joining the groupSo they only set up the Community based clubHistory of the Rotary:No religious affiliations and no politicalStrictly community101 years oldDesigned for: Networking club for professions who make differenceBuild a siteDulwich College of Beijing:7 years agoClubs were biggerExpand to young peopleStart because of daughter and access to the headmasterThe first school to agreeThe headmaster was interestedMade sure that interact is part of the curriculumOne teacher looking after, like C&S -Has some time to look after the clubPaper clubCannot exist by sponsorshipRotary club/Interact club has to sponsorPaperworkApplicationName list of the foundering clubAge is limitedRI interested in studentsTook some timeAnd voila interact clubCost to school:70 members - 100 in DulwichDulwich Shanghai- a dozenSchool has to commitProfessional only -senior only lead 12 12
  13. 13. -someone to coach -Mentor and manage needed Need strong staff member And need good support Budget: Need copying, access to school material Meeting places Transportation Club t-shirts (optional) or a club badge Get cash for budget Sponsorship -financial contribution -mentorship -adult- faculty Size of the club doesn’t matter Set up interact-make sure its successful 13
  14. 14. For the sake of the name makes no senseMake sure its successfulNeed interact coordinatorNeeds commitmentCoordinator is the guideConstitution like lawsSay- heres what needs to havePaperworkGo throughMake executive boardShape it-Two service projectsINTERNATIONAL AND ACTION= InteractKids to learn it.Manage their own= kidsTwo requirement:-One international service-Build homes in Cambodia- 1st project (could do own)Opportunity for leadershipCould fundraisingRaise moneyAnd do work in CambodiaKIDS DO RESEARCH!-One local serviceGoing to homeClean upHelp the oldServe needyLocal orphanages-interact-clothing driveBeacons of hope:-work with migrant schoolsWho never had checkups (hospital)-help withTakes corporateTransportationGovernment organizationMONEY:-rotary helps-interact students has to raise at-least half-A lot of fundraising-Let them know where its going- the money 14
  15. 15. Do projects together (with the whole community in BJ)-Ball-Christmas dinner with all students -bring togetherRotary:Who rotary is? Need to know-Required to knowConnection with Rotary-Better college application-Get all the staff together-everyone’s together-Competing for activities-Teachers have to work together for this-Interdisciplinary UnitThere are interact manual-on the rotary sitePut a proposal to the head-get approval-get support from the Dulwich-provide students (interested ones)Present to the boardBoard levelHave one or two interact coordinatorCONTACTS-need contacts-come together on Tuesday (the RIC in Beijing)Need rotarians to comeCONVINCE!Service has to be sustainable and worthwhile-needs A LOT OF RESEARCH, dig deepMARKETING strategy:Parents love itHas to be successfulBenefits for the childrenUniversities applicationsCould start own RIC Magazine 15
  16. 16. Start early so then it digs with the schoolYoung generation like Grade 3-5 can get involved and help out. 16
  17. 17. [2] Mail from the Dulwich Rotary Interact Coordinator: 17