Vidisha Singh                                      Art Analysis        England’s secretive graffiti artist, Banksy decorat...
Vidisha Singhthe soldier whom might be from the other side or he might have tried to describe the inequalityof freedom giv...
Vidisha Singhbecause of the strong light illuminating both of the characters it is to be believed that the scene istaking ...
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Critical Essay of Girl in Pink Dress


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Critical Essay of Girl in Pink Dress

  1. 1. Vidisha Singh Art Analysis England’s secretive graffiti artist, Banksy decorated the West Bank on the Palestinian sidewith satirical graffitis portraying ongoing distress between Palestine and Israel. On the 425-milelong Barrier, Banksy produced a graffiti of a girl frisking a solider for any weapons. He createdthis graffiti in 2005 in Palestine on the West Bank Barrier, which was meant to protect Israelfrom Palestinians and draw boundary line between those countries, which cuts into Palestine.This painting possibly shows innocence/avenge but it’s hard to aver the clear message as it’s rareto stumble across a girl inspecting a soldier, but most definitely it’s an ironical and satirical pieceof work, whose significance is hard to grasp. Interested by the conflict between Palestine and Israel, Banksy established his criticalgraffiti work on the conflict, showing irony as the friction between Palestine and Israel cannoteasily be resolved. Israelis count themselves safer as their territory has important establishments:schools, hospitals, offices, etc but the main point of Israel’s Barrier is to keep their civilians safefrom Palestinians, especially suicide bombers. Whereas for the Palestinians, the Barrier has cutinto their lands, separated them from their relatives, schools, workplaces, humanitarian services(water resources, hospitals etc), which complicates their lifestyle. Entering the other side requiresa permit, which must be obtained plus the gates are open 3 times/day for 20 minutes but it’sunpredictable. In Banksy’s graffiti artwork, he shows a bent girl searching the soldier as if she’s theinspector. He’s used satire to show the innocent trying to protect her surroundings by searching page 1
  2. 2. Vidisha Singhthe soldier whom might be from the other side or he might have tried to describe the inequalityof freedom given to the girl’s side, as it is shown in a satirical manner. The girl is shown wearinga pink dress, which gives the feeling of innocence and purity, as most commonly pink isassociated with a girl- she could be described as girly and youthful. Despite that, the graffitishows that the girl searching through the soldier for any perilous equipment that might causechaos, which is not typical for any normal girl to pursue. However, on the other side thesoldier’s wearing his military uniform with bulletproof vest and a helmet. His stance is in asurrender position- with his hands up and legs inlined with his shoulders. The emotions or anyfacial expression doesn’t seem to be shown, this might have been done purposely for the viewersto create their own conclusion. From the ironic stance of these two symbolic figures, whichseems to be swapped- their places and their characteristics as it’s quite clear that this had beendone intentionally to get the viewer to create their own understanding and interpret the graffiti totheir logic. Using the same techniques he used to create his other artworks, Banksy used the samemethod and techniques to create this artwork. He uses stencils and spray paints to make graffitison the wall, it’s like his signature style to describe the conflict. Using various types of colors-varying from a color’s hues- tints to its shades, he was successfully able to show the textures ofthe military apparel the soldier was wearing, the pink dress the girl was wearing, the gun and etc.The textures shown in this graffiti painting were shown as corrugated and simulated as if 3D, thatmight have been the goal to make his painting 3-dimensional. According to the graffiti, the lightseems to be appearing from the left, which if it was east it’s sunrise but if west it’s sunset. But page 2
  3. 3. Vidisha Singhbecause of the strong light illuminating both of the characters it is to be believed that the scene istaking place in the morning. This painting has been done like a life-size figure by that meansalmost real with similar human qualities-especially height and size. Nothing about the charactersare exaggerated. He’s represented the two characters by the color they are wearing but theirideals are just swapped. For example, the girl’s wearing bright colors explaining her young andinnocent personality, while the soldier is wearing olive green color describing the darkatmosphere he’s been trained in and served to do, but its shown completely opposite. Banksy’s “Pink Dress” artwork shows the theme of irony and satire as the charactersoverall personality’s been switched around but their apparel remains similar to mock itself. Hisaspect might have been to show the torture and insufficient freedom the girl receives. This wholepainting seems to be based on the girl as she seems to play a vital role of retaliating. Overall, Banksy has successful shown his views on the conflict but wanted this paintingto be self-interpreted with his technique of using stencil and spray-paints. He centered the ironyof the conflict by switching the character’s personality and showing the idea of avenge andlimited freedom. He centered the girl to represent the population of Palestine but her doings wereof Israelis. The artwork expressed the life of Palestinians also showing the extreme security fromthe Israelis. page 3