Changes after WWI Script


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Changes after WWI Script

  1. 1. Humanities Presentation script(Key: AY- Ah Young, S- Simon, MJ- Min Joon, JM- Jung Min, V- Vidisha)(One of us is going to have to speak the group question answer line because Simon hasa HUGE part. So someone has to take the line)Hello everyone.JM: Our topic for this assignment is Post-WWI (world war 1), which means after WorldWar 1. Necessary information presented in this map include political boundaries ofstates & administrative districts, political influence, control by outside powers andcapitals & other major cities. We will be explaining all the essential details about thismap and its formation.V: So how were the borders of the new countries decided? Generally, borders aremarked because conquests, imposition (force) and/or mutual agreement. For example,the Astro-Hungarian empire was broken apart into multiple different nations and thesame occurred in the Ottoman Empire, which could now be called the ‘Middle East.’ Asyou see below, the Ottoman empire has been broken off into many different countries.And as in fact, much of the Ottoman Empire was occupied by the British and Frenchforces, who mandated a few countries as shown below in green and blue. So what kindof government was established in these countries?AY: As you know that after World War 1, the Ottoman empire was defeated, so at Parispeace conference, they decided to help such defeated countries by setting up one ofthe major countries to mandate them. Countries such as Britain, France, USA or Japanwould be one of those who would help set up independent government. The Frenchwere mandating Syria and Lebanon while the British were mandating Palestine,Transjordan and Iraq. While the other countries set up independent government systemand had their own leaders. Anyways, after these countries were created, so how did theprevious boundaries change?MJ: Before the World War 1, during in seventeens and the eighteen hundreds, theOttoman empire was a vast and a powerful nation. But the British, French and theRussian forces wanted to conquer more land and capture more territories so they beganto interfere in Ottoman Empire and Egypt’s affairs. After that the British and the Frenchand the Imperial Russian mandates executed the Sykes-Picot Agreement- which is forthe dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire and then they divided the Arab world intonation-states. So the Ottoman Empire broke down into many different countries, whichthen they expanded or broke down. The problems that new boundaries created were:Simon: After world war one, some huge empire have broke up. For example, TheOttoman Empire, Astro-Hungary Empire and German lost a lot of land. These empirehad been split into many different and little counties. So after the war, nations such asYugoslavia, Iraq and Hungary started to get stronger and stronger.
  2. 2. Simon: There were some problems caused by the mandate system. For example, afterworld war 1, after the ottoman empire had been defeated, British took the control ofPalestine and create the "British mandate of Palestine". Then, because of the "BalfourDeclaration", the British started importing Zionists into Palestine, where Arabs weresettled. The Jews believed that they were originally originated from Palestine, hencethey had their right to go back and settle back, but the Arabs believed that Palestine istheir land, hence the conflict between two religions. The first time Arabs revolted wasagainst the Jews in 1920. As time went by, the conflict between Arabs and Jews finallybecame a war.(Anyone can speak this line) So as you see in our map, we have expanded andenlarged two nations, Palestine and Jordan. We decided to expand Palestine mainly tothe reason that there are two religions- Judaism and Islam. And because both of thembelieve that Palestine is their nation and Jerusalem is their city, we decided to expandthe country so both the religions can settle into the country and divide the land amongthemselves. As talking about Jordan, since Palestine was expanded, Jordan had tomove somewhere or combine with Palestine-but that would be over-crowded, sodecided that Jordan should take over some of Nejd’s land.