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Business Proposal

  1. 1. BISSBeijing BISS International SchoolNo. 17, Area 4An Zhen Xi LiChaoyang District, Beijing 100029Peoples Republic of ChinaFriday, November 11, 2011Dr. ZilberHead of SchoolNo. 17, Area 4An Zhen Xi LiChaoyang District, Beijing 100029Peoples Republic of ChinaDear Dr. Zilber and Mr. Wang,As a student in the BISS community, I appreciate the facilities and luxuries that have beenprovided to the BISS society. However, we would like to propose some ideas to improve ourenvironment that has been established by the BISS community. This project consists of installinghand sanitizer around and have additional features in the bathroom.OBJECTIVETo enhance the hygiene levels in our community, we propose the installation of hand sanitizerand other necessary sanitary equipment throughout the school.By the end of the year, we would like to install twenty hand sanitizer altogether around the entirecampus. We would also like to include additional toiletries in the bathrooms in our attempt toboost hygiene levels of our community.Scope of Service1. The BathroomWe request that the bathroom should be supplied with the additional features that we mentionedin the supplement sheet. We appeal this request due to the reason of better bathroom plus betterhygiene. Moreover we would prefer if the bathroom was clear at all time, with an acceptableodor.2. Around the schoolWe also request that there be twenty hand sanitizer installed around the school, for it to be easierfor students to have access to hand sanitizer all around the school. This way it would encourage
  2. 2. students to use the hand sanitizer around, which means boosting the hygiene level of the studentsand a healthier community.YOUR RESPONSIBILITYThis project demands significant involvement the facility department as well as the approval ofthe Principal and then Head of School. To help achieve a smooth and successful implementation,it will be your responsibility to:1. Propose this idea to the BISS community and the board in order to gain their approval.2. Agree on a budget to fund for the implementation of this project.3. Contact the vendor or supplier to agree on the deal of getting as many supplies as we can using the money we have been provided.4. Include a copy of the financial statements formats desired by the organization for financial reports.BENEFITSWhen this project is complete, our society would have tremendously improved hygiene levelswhich would give off a better impression of our community to parents and other visitors.Moreover, it would benefit the BISS community as a whole since it would not be as easy as itwas previously for students to pass over infections etc since we are able to work in a muchcleaner environment now.CLOSINGWe appreciate the opportunity to be in this society and improve our surroundings in the BISScommunity. We hope you will consider our business proposal and take action as soon as possible.Thank you for your time.Sincerely,Ah Young Cho, Manisha Jaswinder Sidhu and Vidisha Singh.BISS Students
  3. 3. BISS Beijing BISS International School No. 17, Area 4 An Zhen Xi Li Chaoyang District, Beijing 100029 HYGIENE LEVEL IN THE BATHROOMDr. Zilber and the Facility DepartmentNovember 11, 2011
  4. 4. Adapted Final DesignA. In Bathroom, additional features such as:o Deodorant supply (limited) Additional Features:o Air freshener• Bigger and wider stalls• Changing room• Colorful tiles o Because gets dirtier easily• Environmental toilet bowls: • Because it is environmental and reduces use of unnecessary water being flushed.• Proper anti-bacterial soap• Paper towel in the bathroomB. Whole school in general:o Hand sanitizers around the schoolC. Cleanliness• The cleanliness throughout the whole day• Ensuring the toilet bowl seats are clean at all times (especially first two floors). Refer to the additional page for the pictures.