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Book Recipe

  1. 1. By: Vidisha Singh The Alchemyst: Secrets of Immortal Nicholas Flamel. Book RecipeIngredients:1x author who has the ability to soak the reader into his world full of adventures and mysteries through the use ofhis words and description. His words and their description drowns everyone into the book and the journey of thebook.1x dust-jacket that provides enough information to fill the reader’s brain with enough questions that fills them withcuriosity. That leads them to read the book, a very energetic jacket.1x introduction that introduces the extra ordinary characters that how their own mysteries and own problems toface.369x pages that fill the book with adventurous on-going escape journey from the immortals. Some being immortalthemselves show their unbelievable power through this book.41x chapters that describe all elements and event in pure details with excellent vocabulary words that just tellseverything.7x or more settings describes what the book is going at, with the scary and magical plots that the characters haveto face. The bookshop, the coffee shop, Hekate’s Shadowrealm, Scathach’s dojo, underground of a office building,Witch of Endor’s city Ojai, those are some of the settings that take place in the story.4x more characters that have magical powers, some use them to destroy the world and some use them to savethe world from the hands of evil powers. The twins in special are the kids of the prophecy, the real maincharacters. Going through a series of challenge is now their daily life and its how it starts off with. Having greatresponsibilities just gets them and their allies into a lot of trouble.Ingredients: 1. The first thing that you should do is read the title carefully and then read the Author’s note. This is because without the author’s note you would not be able to understand things about the character, Nicholas Flamel and his wife, Perenelle Flamel. 2. Be sure to keep up with the book. Keep in the same pace and don’t even ever try to jump ahead also read the details carefully so then you have the picture right in front of you. 3. This book has many different characters in it, so try to remember which character is trying to save the world and which is trying to destroy it. This way you would get the main idea of what this whole book is about. 4. This book is a open book. So it can be read anywhere at anytime. For a better result this book should be read in a quiet and a peaceful place where there is no conflict or a clash of noise. Also this book should be read either in the afternoon or at night before you sleep, because that’s when the image come to live in your imagination. 5. This book should be read by 12+, because they would be able to understand it much more clearly and with depth.
  2. 2. 6. This book could be used everyday in your life as an inspiration for your English Creative Writing or Journal Writing. This can give a lot of ideas. So it can be used as a school syllabus. 7. This book is writing by Michael Scott, who is Irish. This book has been published in many different languages and won many awards. 8. There are series of book after this too. The next book in line is The Magician, after that is The Sorceress and the other one is The Necromancer. There are two more book left to come out. They would release respectively in 2011 and 2012.UK Version of The Alchemyst(The Alychemyst, 2010) The_Alchemyst:_ The_Secrets_of_the_Immortal_Nicholas_Flamel#Plot_summary Michael Scott: The Author. (Lucy Newman, 2009)