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the numbers game


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the numbers game

  1. 1. Nethia a/p Ponusamy 4092007251
  2. 2.  A widespread , but too little changed custom is discussed.  Earnings management has evolved over the years into what can best be characterized as a game among participants.  Too many corporate managers, auditors, and analysts are participants in a game of nods and winks
  3. 3.  While earning management is not new, it had swelled in a market that is unforgiving of companies that miss their estimates  Trickery is employed to obscure actual financial volatility.
  4. 4.  Big bath charges  Revenue Recognition  Miscellaneous “ cookie Jar Reserves”
  5. 5. Improving the accounting framework  instructed the SEC staff to require well detailed disclosures about the impact of changes in accounting assumptions.  We are challenging the profession through the AICPA to clarify the ground rules for auditing of purchased R&D.  I reject the notion that the concept of materiality can be used to excuse deliberate misstatements of performance.
  6. 6. Improved outside auditing in the financial reporting process  The integrity of that information must take priority over a desire for cost efficiencies or competitive advantage in the audit process.  Public oversight board form a group of all the major constituencies to review the way audits are performed and assess the impact of recent trends on the public interest
  7. 7. Need for a cultural change  Challenge corporate management and Wall Street to reexamine our current environment  For Wall Street, look beyond the latest quarter. Punish those who rely on deception rather than the practice of openness and transparency.
  8. 8.  Numbers in the abstract are just that numbers. But relying on the numbers in a financial report are livelihoods  I ask that we join together to reinforce the values that have guided our capital markets to unparalleled supremacy.
  9. 9. THANK YOU