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  • Customer service is a part of most sectors, exploring different sectors and importance of customer service in eachDOMAINS that entail customer service as prime importance
  • Few questions that I associated with each domains wrt customer service to become interesting projects
  • Importance of customer service in retail
  • Understanding indian market context, key point identified : organisedvsunorganised retail, problems surrounding it. How can CRM assist businesses that are unorganised but want to enter organised sectorHow can tools like zomato, bestdeals, assist in grouping of these unorganised sectors under one banner
  • One can differentiate these 2 sectors in more than just the traditional definitions : Persq feet selling space, methods of purchase and sale, interaction with goods, bargain and offers etc. I found scope in converting this into research topic and understanding more about it from consumer’s view point
  • Probe kit addressed a few general questions to understand customer experiences with respect to retail. It asked 4 questions : memorable spending experience and what made it so nice, bad spending experience, what is value for money and most liked and valued brands. Varied answers helped to come up with following observations:
  • Some general inferences. It also made me understand that customers do not necessarily care about organised or unorganised retail spaces, they look for their comfort based on various factors, any space that is tailor made to suit their requirements makes it to their list of memorable experiences.
  • Collage technique, custom designing research kits to help people express themselves
  • Helped in understanding various touch points in customer journey, channels that customers use to reach out to company, their expectations and pain points. This also helped to map out a very initial opportunity map.
  • Working on building a research kit for further observations I found out a few key elements that can be used as parameters to understand consumers. These pivot points are characteristic decision making aspects for each consumer and I believe they shall lead me to my character profiles.Time :  How much time I spend over deciding what I buy? How long do I use products? How much time will I invest when something goes wrong?Brand value : What is the value of a brand name? What makes a brand good for me?What is the relation of brand with product’s cost and quality?Knowledge Source : Who is my source of information? How do I gather data related to the product? Who’s word do I trust and why?Sharing : Do I like to tell others regarding my purchases and function problems? Who do I inform, how much? What motivates sharing?Cost : How are my purchases influenced by the cost of product? How do I compare    cost to value?Location : How do I like to reach out to my product, which channels? How much and to what extent does this influence buying?Interaction : What are my touch points of interaction through the journey? 
  • Primary learning from the first phase was diversity of methods of consumer interactionVideo: object 6:07 1:22
  • customer journey touchpoints

    1. 1. Future of Customer Service Project for CRM Dynamics
    2. 2. Every time you ship a package, withdraw cash from the ATM, or call your healthinsurance provider, you’re experiencing a service system. Service design ischoreographing the dynamic interactions between companies and people, this cannotonly transform a company’s image but also it can improve people’s lives.And today companies talk in terms of an even more holistic approach : customerexperience“Customer experience is bigger than customer service in that it is full, end to endexperience. It starts when you first hear about Amazon from a friend, and ends when youget the package in the mail and open it.”– Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO
    3. 3. Government Health CareRetail Finance
    4. 4. Voting experience Chronic ailmentsTax payment Geriatric careEmployment interface Maternal health care Patient centered hospitals Positive behavior change DIY health careGovernment Health CareUnorganized retailing ATM, self servicesOnline/ Remote retail Savings, micro insuranceSelf service outletsInformation and choiceexplosionCrowd fundingCheckout experienceRetail Finance
    5. 5. Retail sector is dominated by customer experience. There are multiplechoices for a customer today and multiple mediums to access these choicesas well, this makes customer interaction and engagement an important part ofthe strategy.
    6. 6. Unorganized Retail Organized Retail
    7. 7. Probe Kit
    8. 8. Personalization enhances experiences.I like occasional treats and surprises.My time and money is valuable.My friend’s viewpoint is important for decision making.Reputation is collateral.I see value when I can literally see it, a tangible result.
    9. 9. Journey Maps
    10. 10. Time Brand Information Sharing CostLocation Interaction Factors
    11. 11. Consumers use multiple channels to research, browse and shop. Therewill be two main drivers for future disruption in retail commerce and bothof them are closely tied to more mobile adoption:a) The payments process andb) Capturing data of the consumer at the time of the purchase intent.The biggest advantage of mobile channel is that it includes the timedimension; it allows a two way interaction between company andconsumer at the right time.
    12. 12. Direction :Understand inter-relationship between consumer’s retail experience andtheir mobile interaction.And use these findings to explore solutions for companies using CRMtechnologies that improves customer satisfaction and enhance customerexperience at various touch-points with the company.