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Storyboard for Aye finance for Animation


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Storyboard for Aye finance for Animation made by Video Tailor Team.

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Storyboard for Aye finance for Animation

  1. 1. Storyboard For Aye Finance For Animation
  2. 2. Lack of funds is in the top 3 reasons for micro enterprises failing to grow.
  3. 3. Even the best intended programs from the finance industry have failed because neither do enterprise owners maintain good business records nor do they have prior credit history. ( 1 picture shows the outisde of the back. In the soecond picture we will change the getup to a local person of the charcter who is holding the laptop and remove the laptop and other element close to it., the checlist we will put a cross instead tic to show rejection
  4. 4. At Aye finance, our innovative underwriting method is cutting through this challenge. ( On the wall we will write Aye Finance )
  5. 5. The amorphous mass of risk is being assessed and graded through a hybrid appraisal technique that uses data science that feeds off the ground insights of an industry cluster (The magnifiner will show the assement & graphs will symbolises data sciences. )
  6. 6. We first cluster the micro enterprise into an industry type (Manufacturing , Trading, Services) ( segregate the clusters into the given industries )
  7. 7. Next our experts use our ICE methodology (Industry Cluster Enablement) and document the salient features of each industry cluster – its profit margins, cash cycles, productivity levels, characteristics of the supply chain, etc.. (Best features will be replaced by ICE & in the Four slots graphics of these will be placed. )
  8. 8. This industry understanding is then programmed in our underwriting engine. We can hence triangulate this information with the loan application information using a variety of data science tools to estimate the customer’s ability to pay and their willingness to do so. ( The charcter will be replaced with suit wala character & check list will have some formalities. )
  9. 9. And voila! The veil is lifted from over the mystery of credit worthiness in micro enterprise businesses. ( We will show the red colour curtains raising and there will spotlight on the logo)
  10. 10. Micro enterprise owners with sound businesses no longer have to face disappointment on their loan applications to us.
  11. 11. Funds are disbursed through Bank NEFT transfers to customer’s bank accounts. Repayments too are directly debited to customer’s bank accounts through the bank ACH clearing. ( the globe will be replaced with bank picture and through arrows we will show the transition)
  12. 12. This limits our operating losses on the field and helps our loan officers at our local branches to focus on origination and deepening relationships in various industry clusters.
  13. 13. Our approach to lending is unconventional but it has evolved from good old credit underwriting principles. ( the element will be replaced with cash or a cheque)
  14. 14. This has helped Aye build a rapidly growing base of customers with levels of delinquency that is well below most industry peers who deal with more organized customer segments. ( In the middle we will write AYE and rest will be same as growing. )
  15. 15. With over 60 million such micro and small enterprises in India with an unmet funding need in trillions of rupees, Aye Finance is offering a solution that is helping the financial inclusion of a segment, which has so far been excluded from organized financial lending in India. ( there will be world map on which india will show many points tha will show the micro entrepriese represent with blue dots.)