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Videofyi case study doc


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Videofyi is a video content company. We make videos to support online marketing journey of brands and services. Our videos are designed with social media in mind and are optimised for search and share on internet and mobile. Connect with us. Drop us a line.

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Videofyi case study doc

  1. 1. Case Studies a social video company
  2. 2. Case Study - 01 Volume video production for extended social media engagement
  3. 3. BACKGROUND • JK Residency wants to attract trekkers and adventure tourists • They want to have videos to excite tour companies to make Kelakam part of their offerings Case Study
  4. 4. • Bulk video assets were created from a 6 day shoot schedule • to be used over a period of 3 months to promote via FB, Instagram and YouTube. 21 videos Case Study
  5. 5. 20 video postcards 1 Promo for exhibitions 1 Video for email marketing Videofyi is helping JK engage with adventure minded tourist and nature enthusiasts Case Study #JKTrails #DropAPin Click to see playlist
  6. 6. Case Study 02 Increase in community engagement though video
  7. 7. BACKGROUND • Sunny Diamonds is venturing in e-commerce with • Sunny Diamonds want to consistently engage with their loyal clientele • Share videos of new designs now available in store with them Case Study
  8. 8. • Volume sign off to maintain consistency • Content is created to a brief • Creatives are reviewed at monthly meetings • Video content is searchable and of perennial nature 72 videos Case Study
  9. 9. 12 Help Videos, 60 Product videos per year 65% increase in organic views and shares of video #diamondexpert Engagement increase on social media Case Study Click to see playlist
  10. 10. For more; follow us on Facebook | | Contact : Prakash Nair - +91 98196 00094 : or connect with Prakash on number below