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Weite a zummarizing essay

  1. 1. Theme: Summarizing essay
  2. 2. • Is a shortened version of a text that focuses on the thesis or main idea. • It does not include many details or examples; • It does not include personal opinions. • Is to take larger selections of text and reduce them to their condensed parts referring to their main points. • It is to make a summary of what the book is about, using your own words.
  3. 3. Why to summarize? Toreduceinformationto essentialideasinorderto: Comprehension Understand and learn important information Communication Expand the breadth or depth of your writing
  4. 4. What is not to summarize • To write down everything • To write different ideas that the ones stated on the original writing • To write complete sentences • To write too little that the sense of the text is missing. • To copy word by word. • Take out the main ideas • Focus on the details • Use key words and phrases • Brake down the larger ideas • Write only enough to convey the gist • Take only enough to convey the gist • Take succinct but complete notes What do we expect from a summary?
  5. 5. The steps for summarizing MIDAS M Main idea: identify Topic sentence (if there is one) or use basic signal words I Identify supporting details D Disregard unimportant information A Analyze redundant information S Simplify, categorize, a nd label important information
  6. 6. The topic sentence It introduces the main idea and the controlling idea which is your idea or opinion about the main idea. It controls what you write in the rest of the paragraph. All the sentences in the paragraph must relate to, describe, or illustrate the controlling idea in the topic sentence. It may not always be so clearly stated, and it can come in the middle or end of a paragraph
  7. 7. Main Idea Supporting detail Supporting detail Supporting detail Supporting detail
  8. 8. How to plan your summary? Ask and answer Wh-questions Who? Subject What Action Where? Location When? Time Why? Reason How Process
  9. 9. Summarizing Let’s practice One paragraph at a time… Summarizing_ppoint.ppt
  10. 10. Example paragraphs… A tornado is a powerful, twisting windstorm. It begins high in the air, among the winds of a giant storm cloud. People who have watched a tornado’s howling winds reach down from the sky have said it’s the most frightening thing they have ever seen. In some parts of the United States, these windstorms are called twisters or cyclones.
  11. 11. Main idea and supporting details Tornado is powerful, twisting windstorm Part of giant storm cloud Frightening Also called twister or cyclone
  12. 12. Sentence Summary… Tornadoes are frightening, powerful, twisting windstorms sometimes called twisters or cyclones that start in giant storm clouds.
  13. 13. Tornadoes cont… Tornadoes are not the only whirling windstorms that move through the earth’s air. Dust devils, hurricanes and typhoons all have twisting winds. But these windstorms differ from tornadoes in important ways.
  14. 14. Main idea and supporting details Dust devils, hurricanes, and typhoons have twisting winds Whirling windstorms Differ from tornadoes
  15. 15. Sentence Summary… Dust devils, hurricanes and typhoons also have twisting winds, but they are different from tornadoes.
  16. 16. Thanks for attending the class! Have a nice day!